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Independent Scientology Success Stories - Super Power

Independent Scientology Success Stories - Super Power

I have had so many amazing sessions, from my co-audit days to audited actions to Solo, but I just had the most profound win of my Scientology life thus far. (Yes, including OT III.) I have regained integrity as a being that I lost long ago. By addressing a “mere” out rudiment at session start, I eliminated a long-standing problem that had been caving me and all my efforts in repeatedly for…oh, a VERY long time.

The symptoms were so subtle…but this problem of mine had been affecting multiple dynamics adversely at a high cost to my own happiness. As I realized what had happened and exactly what I had done, I could perceive lightning-like charge dispersing along all my dynamics and into present time.

Great big “Thanks!!!” to Jonathan Burke at AOGP for his excellent TRs and metering, for making a totally safe auditing space in which to unload “this weird little thing that keeps bugging me,” and asking precisely the right questions at precisely the right time. Spot-on tech is how this win happened. I also want to thank LRH for developing the concepts, materials, training and processes that made this particular miracle possible.

This is the Scientology I was looking for. This is the Scientology that everyone can have. I wish everyone similar amazing wins.‌

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