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"I had always loved the English language but there was one big thing that always stood in my way both in studies and just ordinary reading: I would read a page ten times over before I sort of understood it, or I would leave it entirely alone. It was just further proof of what doctors said -that I had “ADHD.” It was so frustrating to want to read something that seemed interesting or something I needed to study, and having to repeat the paragraph or page. All that changed when I did the Basic Study Course – I learned about the misunderstood word phenomena and I no longer had to reread a page or paragraph over and over! I would just clear the word as per the course process, and my problems were gone!

This spilled over into other areas of my life too – where people would speak to me and I would “phase out” I now knew the moment it was happening and now make it a hobby to clear words after my conversation, or ask the person politely what they meant. Gone were three major symptoms of “ADHD” – my focus improved, my memory improved, and my communication skills improved!

What’s more is that I am learning more about the effects of PTSness and the effects the environment and people have over us with the PTS/SP course, and WOW, even more symptoms are going away because instead of introverting everything, I am extroverting and noticing more about the world around me, and this is improving my focus and recall SO much. Thank you AOGP and STOSA for giving me the opportunity to improve my ability to receive and give communication better, when I am done with the PTS/SP course I will be onto the TRs course that teaches one how to communicate better!  ~ Love, Lily"

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