Scientology Drug Rundown Completion - March 18th, 2022

Completing my Scientology Drug Rundown with Jonathan gave me a new understanding of my forty year problem with marijuana.

The major win was finding a long forgotten series of childhood events that I am certain was the source of my addiction. Knowing this, I can key-out the power these events have on me.

Other auditing wins led to greater understanding of my relationship to drugs. Freedom from the harmful effects of drugs was gained.

I found greater peace with the Scientology process than I had experienced in the past from 12-Step and other religiously oriented programs.



L 11 Completion - March 16th, 2022

Life seems like a maze when you give it a quick glance, and even more so when one gets into the mechanics of every day life; job, driving, family, cooking, cleaning, sleep, hobbies, dreams, likes and dislikes. So many things that tied together make us ,“us”, and we then add our own color to these things to make our special identities.

It is good, fun, colorful and shiny and bright.  But I tell you, there is more to this than meets the eye. I have uncovered a curtain of my own making and many more than one, that has occluded everything, everything, and I was unaware of this until this special, very, very special communication called L11!

There isn’t anything as simple or smooth and easy as this to increase knowingness and awareness as I have ever before experienced and on such an OT scale - absolutely dwarfs every and anything before it to such minuscule dimensions that is is unimaginable until the phenomenon is attained - which for me continues to keep expanding in the most causative manner.

This is an incredible level of doingness as a great tool toward OT.

I hope for you the best; keep pushing, keep reaching and keep attaining!

Much Love,


Grade II

As Grade II comes to an end, I really wonder how on earth I managed to go so long without it. The most beneficial ability one gains from doing this Grade is the ability to be back at Cause again over one’s own life. Since two months ago (going on three), I have completely changed my life for the better, doing things I NEVER thought were possible.

One of the biggest problems I had in life was that I just couldn’t stick to anything for very long before I got overwhelmed or bored or just entirely lost interest. Now, I have been more consistent than I have ever been - if someone said all I had to do was talk to someone a little each day and eventually I’d gain the ability to be consistent, I’d have laughed at them.

Now, I am even at cause over my consistency in any given subject as I KNOW what caused it. A second unexpected win is that I honestly feel like PTSness is a thing of the past and that simply won’t happen again with the data I have now.

These two things have seriously transformed my life: I’m losing weight, I’m exercising, I’m so much more peaceful, and where I once didn’t really care too much for my first dynamic, I now realize just how important taking care of oneself is and am doing everything possible to increase my statistics. I also quit smoking roughly three months ago too, even though I’m living with smokers!

Life has really become easy, enjoyable, and peaceful, and I can’t wait to see what Grade III brings!

Thank you, LRH, for your dedication to mankind and me, my life will never be the same again. Thank you to my wonderful husband for getting me through this grade, words are simply not quite enough. I have been given the greatest gift I could imagine: a second chance at life and all of its beauty.

-Much Love, LB (Scientologirl)

The Basic Study Course

"The course was very rewarding.I learned a lot of things that I had never really thought about to improve my learning skills.I wish I had this information many years ago when I was in high school and college.In the future,I will have a systemic guide to follow to continue learning through my life.” - GH

Conquering Life's Ups and Downs Course

“It’s sad to acknowledge that suppression is real as outlined in the course, and I realize I have had suppressive friends in the past.  Knowing about suppression puts me at cause to handle it." - HG

“Great course, very informative and I feel like I better understand SP's and how to handle them!”  - A

“My life really has been defined by a series of ups and downs. I’d make some changes to try to improve my conditions but I’d always end up back in it. It seemed that nothing I did mattered. This course, however, showed me that one consistent factor through all of this was suppression. A series of people in my life are SPs. I now have the tools to not only identify them; but also to handle them.

Thank you AOGP and thank you LRH!” -ED

Conquering Life's Ups and Downs Course

“I found the Ups and Downs course very informative as to the dealing with the problems we face in our everyday business and personal relationships.Particularly helpful is the role of suppresive people and how they affect our lives in  a negative way.I better understand how they create "roller coaster" situations by their behavior.This course will certainly be helpful to others in better recognizing these types and their negative effect on our lives.” - GH

The Original Dianetics Course

"I first studied Dianetics many years ago as a student in London and often used the Book One processes with success as a Volunteer Minister. In fact, these therapeutic sessions were so helpful I would eventually take them out into local church outreach and rehab facilities. Here they provided a workable and effective treatment springboard for seemingly hopeless addicts, or alcoholics, who would frequent these last chance drop-in centres. One to one processing really was a game changer. Traumatic emotional charge of years standing could be erased. With the Original Dianetics Auditor Course we are given a welcome refresher into the simplicity of the source materials and we are able to examine carefully curated evidence of L Ron Hubbard's pioneering research in this field. Truthfully, anyone can practice Dianetics and this course will show you how."

How to Communicate better in Life Course - (Basic TR’s Course)

I have gained new insight into communication in general.Not enough(actually vert little)is taught about the basics of communication in our society or educational system.A course like this should be a part of any education,and would benefit society a great deal. -GH

Class IX Course

All the clouds gone away and the sun shines through. Since doing this Class lX Auditor course, I can lay here and just watch the trees sway. As a being, I am & feel, military grade bullet proof. These are the biggest embracing moments of my life.

Choosing this path up the bridge is not a walk in the park. It takes discipline, true application of the study tech & the ability to confront anything...especially myself, which isn't always fun, but I  can laugh at it now. I confronted myself on this course. Now I understand why the Bridge is set up as a gradient.

The Class lX Auditor Course has given me answers to all my spiritual warrior questions. I have always been a truth seeker & protector of people & their rights.

Now, I know why.

I am telling you all this because we all have purpose for ourselves or others.In my humble opinion, the Bridge is the most rewarding endeavor anyone can choose to do.

On this planet in these "brief moments" I have learned to completely free beings on the Class lX Course. You can too. I have a smile in my soul. Now I am fully equipped to Audit.  I feel fully confident I will make it. How about this concept, imagine, with a shining Theta sword & the ability to free beings with or with out a body on all flows. This my friends, is true purpose.

I feel it necessary to give you my past on this path to help you understand how we all need to stand strong together & conquer. No matter where we are  on the Bridge. Every step is vital. Every being reading this is already OT.

LRH gave us  a hat write up, that Johnathan and Lisa at AOGP are keeping the Tech pure & safe for us. When I got into the COS, I knew LRH had the answers. I have always been a truth seeker, I made little progress up the bridge in the COS because of my self determination & questions, however the COS was not Standard Tech nor what LRH intended, for he is a true humanitarian. I saw the out tech. I was labeled critical & "rebel with out a cause" pushing me to get out of the church.

I was a broken being as I felt I had lost any chance of spiritual freedom. Condemned to a life of MEST. I was then guided by my son to the independent field, there I met a wonderful being named Russell who walked beside me, helped & guided me to OT lll..for he saw my truth, even as broken as I was, my purpose still shined through. For him I am eternally grateful, so grateful words cannot express.

Then I found AOGP, this still somewhat broken being, and they got me through New OT IV and V, and the Original OT IV, V,  & Vl.

Then guided & trained me up through this Class lX Auditor Course. Anton, my twin, I thank so you very much for twinning with me on theory & checkouts. You are a very valuable terminal to have support from on this path.

Johnathan, Lisa -AOGP is here, the beings in charge to give us the tech of what LRH intended.

I'm sharing this with you because it doesn't matter where you are on the bridge, if you take that next'll get your so-deserved wins. Push through those barriers, don't let anyone suppress you. Get hatted on The PTS Tech, The Ethics Tech and use it in life. AOGP will Standardly train you to what LRH intended. This is why I made it this far. The Class lX Auditor data now resides as a part of my being. Pure Standard Tech certainty & knowingness resides within me. I apply it every day in life. Getting on the OT levels & training to free beings is most vital here on planet earth than any other time in past eons.

The true path to ascention is at our finger tips. Embrace what LRH says that training is 50% of the gains. For me it is 80%, no one is able to knock me down. I come from a background of much suppression. Now I stand tall, beside you all present here, without fear to Free Beings.

I am truly honored to be a part of this path with you.

In true spirit.

😇💙🙏~ Jennie


L11 is different than anything I’ve ever done in session. I wish I could describe how easy this magic auditing cycle takes place - so simple to get such huge gains that I have had in such a short period of time! I can’t imagine all the work Ron put into figuring this all out, and then getting us onto the next step and so on: amazing!

The greatest gain is getting my true self back: who I am and cleared of others personality traits with the resultant here and now of full beingness going into the future. While I do this, I am on the Solo 1 course and loving that about as much! I hope things are good for you too!

“Scientology does not teach you. It only reminds you. For the information was yours in the first place.” ― L. Ron Hubbard, “Scientology, the Fundamentals of Thought”


L 11

It is/has been a continuous inflow of energy, firmly decisive choices made with never any considerations of doubt, many renewed conditions of creating, and a sea of love for my fellow man. The Tech delivered 100% correctly is what I am honored to have been receiving from the AOGP! Thank you Jonathan, and mostly thank you my Hero, LRH! Don’t take this time in life for granted my friends: - do - your - bridge 😃

  • M.

OT Setups Win

We all come from the same source, which means we are all created equally. Proving this, LRH says we’re ALL basically good beings, and that the SP is not inherently evil, he is simply in the wrong valence to who he really is.

Where problems come from, is when we view others as entirely different from ourselves - they’re brighter or more stupid, they’re bigger or better or smaller etc. It is also a component to the reactive mind.

We consider that these differences must mean the being is less than or more than in some way or another. If someone went to college and then became a very rich man, we consider he was more responsible, or he had more skill, or perhaps he was even lucky. And when we see a man who is struggling in life, where he has to beg for his meal everyday, we consider he is flawed, he didn’t work hard enough, he must have been a high school drop out.

Those two people are exactly the same. We are confusing a person’s spiritual reality with his physical reality. His physical reality is determined by what he has experienced in life. He makes choices based on the circumstances he is in, and this goes all the way down the time-track. If he is attractive but was not brought up with responsibility or self-care, he may find himself sleeping with a lot of people and then dying young from a disease.

If that same spirit were to grow up in a family with parents who compulsively took responsibility over him, he may be too afraid to ever actually talk to the gender he is interested in.

We are all spiritual beings. It is easy to hate the murderer, to hate the rapist, to hate Hitler - but even they are spiritual beings trapped in their own nightmare. If any of us were placed in the same life as they were, with the same experiences, same parents, same friends, we would have been exactly as they are. I know that can offend people, but our experiences determine our choices in life, this is a scientific fact.

It may seem like I am pardoning the evils of the world but I assure you, I despise the actions, not the being. The less we confuse the spiritual self with the physical self, the happier we will be and the happier others will be around us.

Knowing yourself means you know who YOU really are. You are not Jane the baker or Paul the guitarist - you have had many identities over this lifetime which are simply viewpoints, points to view from, you experiencing life from the viewpoint of your experiences, unique to you.

Who you really are can only be found out and experienced by you, and helped along by your auditor.

So many questions can arise if one truly accepts and takes on this viewpoint of who we really are, such as “well does that mean I can’t actually be proud of anything I do because I am just my experiences” or “how do I learn to not hate the guy who did me or my loved one in,” - when we are ready to accept this viewpoint as truth, that’s when all of that falls away.

You realise that when you understand who you are, you understand who others are, and you have some understanding with their circumstances. You also learn that pride and love are different things. You can love who you really are and love your creations, but pride is simply a construct designed for this physical reality to set us apart from one another.

This was my win with auditing, and I never thought it would be possible to get here. I don’t even know how much better things can get but I am excited, humbled, and grateful for this journey, so so grateful.

This win has helped me in so many ways. Firstly, I know who I really am, therefore anything anyone says to me that is not kind or helpful, is a projection of who they THINK they are and who they THINK I am, so I don’t hate them and I don’t hate myself either.

I am also more certain, and all of those people who I was PTS to in the past no longer affect me as much as they did, I can grant them and myself beingness on their actions and my roles in it.

I have also forgiven myself for my shortcomings in life - it is such a waste of time to hang on to guilt and self-loathing when I am HERE NOW and ready to just live this beautiful life, love unconditionally, and laugh uncontrollably. I don’t have a perfect life, but my viewpoint makes it perfect for me.

Lastly, I am not afraid anymore to be who I really am. There were always these two dominant valences around while going through life: one was my gentle, soft, and loving nature, the other was this cold, angry, resentful one that would come out whenever my loving side was invalidated. I have a superpower now, one that I have longed for since I was a little girl: to remain kind and loving without allowing anyone to ever invalidate it again. I always felt like I was exposed for being who I really am, so I hid under all those invalidating valences of others to protect myself. I am free to be ME now. I guess this actually resembles the CDEI scale if I think about it!

Final thoughts on this win, I just love all of you big and beautiful beings and my biggest wish is to have all of you experience this win too, so you can experience life without being controlled by the reactive mind. Hate, fear, anger, jealousy, grief, apathy, - they’re all unnecessary. They all serve to enslave us in a system where we THINK those are self-determined states of being. They are not.

You are not your case. You are not your tone level. You are not your circumstances. You are not your choices. You are YOU.

Thank you so much LRH, if I could hug you, I would, I hope my theta hugs reach you. Thank you to my wonderful auditor Jonathan Burke on your excellent work on being an auditor - I am so blessed and grateful to have found YOU to be my auditor. To everyone else: thank you for being a part of Lisa Kemsley’s book this lifetime, and my new chapter on the time track. All of you have provided me with an experience and a game to play, you’ve agreed in greater or lesser degree to be cause and/or effect and while it sometimes left me either speechless or in tears, it left me able to experience something nonetheless!

So thank you once again to all of you, for making life worthwhile and fun, I hope you all are living your best lives. ❤️

ML,   Lisa

OT Setups

I’m sorry, maybe ya’ll are getting tired of hearing about me and my wins lately, but I can’t help but express my affinity and gratitude for this incredible subject, and my very capable auditor, best friend, and fiancé, Jonathan Burke.

I am going to be making a video on my whole journey (I’m working on it still) but this will take a while. For now, I hope you can tolerate just how in awe I am of how absolutely wonderful life can be (and is).

When you’re REALLY interested in your own case and willing to talk to the auditor, that’s when the magic seriously happens. All that fear of what you did or who you THINK you are and all the bullshit in between, it’s all irrelevant. It’s irrelevant because when YOU make that choice to better YOUR life, that’s when amazing things happen. That’s you not just grabbing the cans and following commands, that’s you confronting some things you’d rather not experience. That’s you taking responsibility in the now. And most of all, that’s you saying “I deserve to be happy and free.”

It doesn’t matter WHERE you are on the Tone Scale, you can ALWAYS be happier and reach new highs of be, do and have. In my past PTS state being around suppressive influences, I considered that some of my independent Scientology friends just didn’t want to improve themselves because they were doing ok. I call bullshit, and I’m sorry for being so blunt.

The only people who shouldn’t or wouldn’t want to improve themselves are either wildly PTS or SPs. There should be no such thing as “I don’t need Scientology right now” because Scientology is life! It’s the equivalent of saying “I don’t need to know right now.”

We’re all constantly learning. We learn how to be better at work or as a student or a partner or businessman etc. Could we say to any of these, “I don’t need to know right now?” That would be crazy. That’s my whole point: Scientology is THE MOST IMPORTANT SUBJECT IN THIS UNIVERSE BECAUSE IT ENABLES US TO BE FREE. So why play MEST games so thoroughly and neglect Scientology? That’s exactly like ignoring the person with the tool you need in his hand while you endlessly search for it.

There is not a moment in my life that I can say Scientology doesn’t truly help me out in some way or another. I could be having a rough day and an independent posts something I really needed to see. I could be broke and remember ARC and come up with several solutions. But most importantly, is the unfathomably amazing way auditing just aligns things so perfectly, at the right time, and with the right purpose.

That said, I’m all fired up and ready for the next chapter of this incredible journey, and I understand many of you have not done much in a while. I’m not pointing fingers, I simply want to remind you of how good it felt being in that chair. Of how wonderful it was to WIN WIN WIN. I will always be postulating success for the independents, I’ll always be trying my hardest to promote the subject and who LRH really was. And lastly, I’ll always try to help. There isn’t a win I have that I don’t immediately want to share because I believe my stories make a difference to someone out there, even if they don’t say a word, even if they silently watch my videos or read my posts, I know I am helping people.

Ultimately, I always encourage people to seek out their auditor or AN auditor, but today, if you don’t have an auditor, I’ll loan you mine for some time. :) Jon is just an amazing being, an amazing auditor, and an amazing partner but sorry boys and gals, that last one is not an option :D

I really want to extend to all of you today that life ultimately doesn’t have to suck. It doesn’t have to be boring, and it doesn’t have to be miserable. You can learn to appreciate the barriers that come with the game of life, and learn to love every single moment, no matter where you’re from or what you’re doing. DON’T WAIT. Your happiness and RIGHT to it hangs in your decision to be all you can be, and do what YOU want to do, and HAVE your deepest desires. I hope you make that decision today.

“Never regret yesterday, life is in you today, and you make your tomorrow” ~L. Ron Hubbard

OT Setups

I know how the usual wins are expressed. There’s usually the order of first it’s the background, next is the win, and last is the thanks. This time, I feel it’s so important to give my gratitude first. I am so incredibly grateful to Mr. Hubbard, to independent Scientology, and to my wonderful auditor and fiancé, Jon. Life has become incredible and I owe it all to you.

Last night we reviewed older videos on my channel in comparison to recent ones and the difference in me is clearly visible! From dreading going on camera (being shy, even if some can’t tell) to now having that certainty like “I have something to say and I’m gonna say it!”

But, it’s not just with the channel. It’s everything. I’m so much more confident, more certain, and finally, NOT rollercoastering through life! I’ve even quit smoking thanks to auditing and other Scientology principles which I never thought could be possible, literally.

I must admit, earlier on I had my doubts about certain somatics disappearing after handlings in session but, things like palpitations and joint pain are just not there anymore.

But, all these things are nice, and they sure help make life a lot easier, but nothing compares to the consistent happiness I have. My life has truly changed - from waking up unenthusiastic about my days to being content to now being enthusiastic! And even session, I feel I used to withhold a bit and be nervous and now I absolutely love it and go in daily, consistently, because I’ve gone from being somewhat interested in my case to super interested in my case!

I don’t really know what else to say, other than I am so in love with this personal journey of self-discovery and personal growth. Happiness doesn’t really describe what L. Ron Hubbard, Scientology, or my auditor Jon, has given me. I feel lucky and blessed and more spiritually aware than I’ve ever been.

So once again, my eternal gratitude goes to the subject, LRH, and my wonderful fiancé and auditor for absolutely changing my life. This means the world and more to me. <3

Scientology Drug Rundown

I just finished my Scientology Drug Rundown with AOGP’s Jonathan Burke as my auditor. It was a very interesting, and at times, challenging, process but I’m very glad to have gotten it done.

One of the cognitions I received was that for me, non-medical drugs were mainly a social interaction tool. I’d do drugs, marijuana and some others, as a way to identify with a group and to make myself part of that group, the way some people use meals and gathering around a buffet table the same way. I realized that there were very few times that I used drugs when I was alone. I also realized that the results of most of the medically prescribed anti-depressants I have taken over years provided mainly a placebo effect for me. I was less depressed because I knew I was on a drug to prevent it, rather than the drug actually having an effect over me.

The big realization for me was that chemicals introduced into my system deter my ability to process what I’m experiencing as I experience it. Drugs slow down the mental processing and often freeze it and these frozen moments drain me of my life energy. Thanks, LRH, Jonathan and AOGP for the wins. I feel freer and more equipped to move further up the Bridge!


Objectives Completion

I just finished my objective processes with Jonathan Burke as my auditor. I had a bit of anxiousness going into this, all of my nervousness faded away. I found the processes all to be interesting and enlightening.

I especially gained a strong sense of being in present time and grounded in the space I occupy. Also, I had cognitions about how we as thetans create space and manipulate mass, and how we project our consciousness into things around us.

It was a fun process and Jonathan made it a great experience. It was certainly nothing to fear or dread. Thanks LRH and (AOGP) Jonathan for teaching me via the objectives.


The Basic Study Course

The Basic Study Course is a must for anyone just getting started with the AOGP courses. It will give you the tools and technology that is absolutely necessary to be able to study effectively. You’ll learn the most common problems that get in the way of studying and how to clear them up the right way. You’ll learn how to use demos with a demo kit, as well as clay demos, to demonstrate and reinforce anything you learn.

Most importantly, you’ll learn how to use conceptual thinking and understanding, which is necessary when studying any of the other courses. You get to practice coaching and checkouts, which are used in all of the other courses, as well. Johnathan is a great coach and course supervisor and makes sure you actually understand what you study - not simply by pointing out your mistakes but by helping you realize where and why you are getting stuck, and helps you quickly but effectively handle it and clear it up.

I highly recommend this course, and Jonathan as a course supervisor.


Ups and Downs Course

The “Up’s and Down’s” Course is a great introduction to PTS/SP’s, where you will learn the characteristics and differences between a positive, creative person and a suppressive toxic person - you will learn how to spot both of these kinds of people in your own life, and discover how to protect yourself and your loved ones from suppressive, toxic people. You will learn not only how to spot these suppressive people in your life, but how to properly handle them. If you have ever experienced mood swings, or “up’s and down’s” in your life, then it’s necessary to learn how to spot SP’s in your life, and know how to handle it.


Grade Zero Completion

I just finished up Grade Zero auditing. Hoorah for me! I know I am much improved because of it. Grade Zero is all about communication. My auditor, Jonathan Burke and I did a lot of communicating about communicating. It was a very thorough process. So thorough in fact, that at times it became extremely humorous. But maybe that was just bypassed charge coming off.

Jonathan assisted me in uncovering many of the blocks I had put up to prevent communication with others and spot those people and things I had decided that I was unable to communicate with. I feel free, uninhibited and no longer am afraid to say what’s on my mind, if I choose to do so. I feel better equipped, also, in my ability to hear others, duplicate what is being communicated to me and acknowledge them. I’m also remembering so much from this lifetime and prior ones.

It’s great to be growing into a higher state, to experience becoming something better, to have capabilities freed up and improved. I am being empowered to create new worlds for myself along all my dynamics Thanks, Jonathan Burke and L. Ron Hubbard for guiding me on this fantastic journey. I look forward to traveling much farther.


HACS - Class IX Course

This course was awesome! All there is to know about what a being is composed of is detailed in this course. The basic procedure to free a Thetan is fully described and the way the course is designed cannot but guarantee anyone to be proficient in its delivery.  

     This course really gave me all the confidence I needed to audit NOTS (on myself and others). I am pretty much ready to go onto SOLO NOTS. I have no doubt of the results I can get on myself. Doing this course there is no situation that comes up that I can’t handle. Jon has accompanied me all the way through the course, so I actually had the privilege to be supervised by a CLASS XII.

    It’s amazing the amount of TA (charge) I blow in each session. And I know that this is all due to the depth of this course. It really has all you need to make it to OT. I know I will make it, I have no doubt.

     I’d like to thank everyone at AOGP for giving me the chance to move all the way up this incredible bridge.


New OT V

For me this was the most spectacular step so far on the BRIDGE. I’ve seen many New OT V success stories and most of them speak about the calmness and ARC they feel for their fellow man and how they feel good.

    I definitely can attest that that is very true, I have calmed down so much that it is incredible. I used to worry all the time about being able to succeed. I continually stressed out on whatever I embarked upon. The funny thing is that I was very successful on whatever I undertook mostly because I was moving up the bridge all this time. Everything I did or do always ends up in a success. So why did I worry all the time. New OT V totally handled that. Now I am on a project and I don’t have that stress that I won’t make it. I am 100% sure of its success. And as for the relationship I have with people, I am no longer worried about their behaviours. I am actually in high ARC with them.  

    Just a couple of days before I completed New OT V, I was amazed on how I reacted on a person who decided to totally invalidate and degrade me in a status meeting. I was totally exterior, not being affected at all and actually seeing that the other members weren’t even really listening to him. I just gave him an acknowledgement and he sat down. And the meeting continued as if nothing happened. Normally this would have been dramatic and I wouldn’t sleep for days wondering what the others thought. Now, as a New OT V, I can attest that that event actually never happened; it just died and faded away. It is not part of any universe or any track. It is erased.

    Anyways, the point I would like to communicate, is that Scientology was developed by Ron to make a being more able. By removing all these charges that are burdening you, I guarantee you that all your endeavors will be successful and without undue stress. It cannot be otherwise. Ron gave us this tech to unburden ourselves of all these unwanted personalities so that we can become ourselves,   and that’s the whole goal is to get back to who you really are.  

    I encourage you all to step up to your full potential. It is not a question of hurrying up the bridge. Each step elevates you gradiently onto new heights never imagined before.  And the point here is the route is made to be applied to life as you go along. Reaching the end of the route without having applied it as you went along would be a total waste of your time. Applying it is probably more important than the knowledge itself. As Ron would say Knowledge was meant to be applied.  It is often stated that an OT is an educated CLEAR.

    So what would it boil down to if he did not use what he knew? Moving up the Bridge definitely means flourishing and prospering in life while you are going up the bridge. It’s incredible the magic that happens when you apply the tech. So please flourish and prosper and may the tech be with you.

    Thanks Ron. Thanks AOGP, and Jon for being there and being so competent.


The Conquering Life's Ups and Downs Course

Through taking the “Conquering Ups and Downs” course, I learned the reason why people can find themselves doing well for a time then suddenly not do well at all. This is called “Roller Coastering” and is the result of being suppressed. With this information I was able to look back on periods of my life and better understand why I had trouble at times. As I learned more, I had a few realizations that were like “A-Ha!” moments for me. Understanding why some things in my past happened the way they did made me feel like I was better equipped to move past them and prevent them from happening again.

Thankfully, through this course I was able to rule out suppression as a current factor in my life. I also learned how to deal with suppressive behavior when I am subjected to it. I had heard of suppressive people before, but I had no idea how wide-ranging suppressive behavior was. I learned many different characteristics an SP can have. So far there has been one instance where I was able to notice one of those characteristics in someone and know to be more cautious of them. This is something that could have saved me a lot of trouble in the past! I can now move forward in life more conscious and aware of the people around me and protect myself from anti-social people who could cause me to roller coaster. - M

The How to Communicate Better In Life Course

"The English often talk about the weather, the Japanese sometimes offer a quick bow of the head and maybe an American will greet you with a hearty "Howdy!" - we all communicate differently. However, for any communication to be successful or not will depend upon certain processes. This course outlines how to give and receive communication. It examines all the basic steps required, such as in-flows, out-flows, lines and cycles of communication and looks at the journey they take between terminals. From basic to advanced, if these simple rules are followed correctly, you will be able to communicate better in life." - D

The Personal Efficiency Course

The Personal Efficiency Course was one of the most practical and enjoyable courses that I’ve taken so far. The course offers not only useful instruction on how to approach organization and carrying out routine household and work duties, but also intriguingly (for me, at least) delves into the Scientology religious concept of being and operating as a Thetan in every unit.

Some of the practical points I learned were:

How to determine what is important and what to tackle first when facing several tasks at


  • Why projects are left unfinished or abandoned altogether
  • Why I procrastinate
  • How to set goals
  • What causes misunderstandings and arguments between co-workers
  • What competence is
  • How misunderstood words prevent communication
  • How investigate the reason attempted tasks fail or why individuals don’t do their work
  • Qualities of an effective organization
  • How to approach learning a new subject or job
  • The importance of confrontation
  • How best to contribute to work of a group
  • How to avoid failure and achieve success
  • How to gain confidence in a subject
  • What a professional is
  • Proper steps to rectify a failed situation

Some of the Religious concepts I enjoyed studying were:

  • The definition of an OT- Operating Thetan
  • The gradient scale of being an OT
  • Target attainment as an OT
  • The exploration of what Happiness really consists of
  • Cycles of Action (both a practical and religious subject)
  • Being at Cause
  • The supreme test of a Thetan
  • How a Thatan’s power is measured
  • What causes destruction?
  • What are good control and bad control?
  • What causes war?
  • What makes up good art?
  • and KRC (Knowledge, Responsibility, and Control)

I’d highly recommend this course if one is struggling with organization and setting or attaining goals as well as desiring more knowledge about Scientology concepts in depth. It was also a lot of fun!  - CK

The Data Evaluators Course

1- OMG. The Data Evaluators Course is MIND BLOWING. It started off rough, particularly because I had MUs that I thought I knew, but man, once you get into it and apply it, just... I mean LRH was really undervalued at times and even worse today. He was an absolute genius. If you're thinking about taking this course with me, please know that you need the CORRECT study tech under your belt as it has a lot of word clearing, demos, and drills, and you also need to establish firmly WHY you want to take this course so you don't lose purpose if you do have MUs you've gone over. Absolutely incredible course and more indies need it! - JK

2 - I had a big win today, I’m still trying to make sense of it all. I can’t post the Clear cog, but what I will say is that I had a limited view on being a Clear - kind of like knowing about cupcakes but not knowing about all of the flavours… Today we did some unrelated false data stripping and some service fac stuff, and it blew charge in places I didn’t know existed  

It’s really incredible when you use the tech to solve a problem and you end up solving more than just it. I feel amazing, and I’m ready to take on the world! Thank you to my fiancé and auditor, Jonathan Burke. You’re incredible. -JK

The Class IX Course

I have a win to share..
I have been observing postulates happening lately in a new unit of time.
I would like to mention that this is only my opinion ..but with 100 percent in present time observing life..all that is present in life IS
what I had agreed to or postulated on the track.
The incredible win here is, I notice if I have any counter intention on any dynamic the flows are less easy.
I have been practicing noticing when I have counter intention.
Then I take the counter intention off.
What has been happening is postulates happening are the ones that are very uptone and very pro survival.
Everything in my opinion happens because we have an agreement or postulate on wanting something to be a certain way.
I have practiced living by LRH technology, ethics, references to really assume the essence of what he wanted for us.
It's like staying on top of the mountain in a new until of time each time.
The awareness of what the intention is the part I dig the most..because it is super powerful.
It can make ones most wanted dreams a reality. - JD

This course really gave me all the confidence I needed to audit NOTS. I am pretty much ready to go onto SOLO NOTS. I have no doubt of the results I can get on myself.

Doing this course there is no situation that comes up that I can’t handle. Jonathan has accompanied me all the way through the course, so I actually had the privilege to be supervised by a CLASS XII. It’s amazing the amount of TA (charge) I blow in each session. And I know that this is all due to the depth of this course. It really has all you need to make it to OT. I know I will make it I have no doubt.

I’d like to thank everyone at AOGP for giving me the chance to move all the way up this incredible bridge. - A

ARC Straight-wire

Yesterday, I completed my ARC Straightwire Spiritual Counseling Service with Jonathan Burke of AOGP and STOSA.

First off, I want to say that I found the process itself very pleasant and beneficial. There’s a lot to be said about communication between two people where one is simply asking the question, “remember something regarding ‘blank.” It felt very freeing to me to have permission to simply go into my memory and relate an incident without having the constraints of having to wait until it applied to a certain point of conversation. It was like being given reign to simply remember and state MY memory without being criticized, judged, or evaluated. It was fantastically validating!

I believe Straightwire has also improved my ability to communicate in general. I’m no longer pausing as long to process questions when conversing with others. I think it had cleared my head of “clutter” that previously got in my way when I was in conversation with others. My ability to stay in the present time has also improved. I’m keeping up with my keys and phone much better than I did before. I simply feel more responsible for myself, my significant others, and the things I own. My interest in my physical health and taking care of my body has gone way up. I feel I’m in much better control of my mind and much more cognizant of how subtle decisions I made in the past affect my present and hence, my future. I’ve learned that by staying in reaction to things that happened long ago, or yesterday I hold myself back from moving forward.

I’m still processing a lot of this experience and "cognating" (my own word) many “aha!” moments as I reflect on my Straightwire auditing experience. However, I do know this - Straightwire has helped me “pin down” who I am and what I am, and I realize things are only going to get better from here.


Life Repair

My Life Repair Success Story - February 14, 2021.

I just finished my Life Repair Spiritual Counseling Service with Jonathan Burke of AOGP and STOSA.

I’m not sure where to start, because there were many processes we did. They all were very significant toward handling the major issues plaguing me emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. I have occasionally wondered about what Life Repair was through the years and had read that it was introductory auditing and never got the details. However, not having all of the details allowed me to experience it rather than over analyze beforehand. The Life Repair Process was was very beneficial. It helped me handle situations and relationships that I previously had trouble with or misunderstood, putting me in a state of pure “beingness” and feeling much less stress, nervousness, and worry. I would never have been able to do this without Jonathan’s help using the simple Scientology technology designed by L. Ron Hubbard.

We started by “getting my rudiments in.” The rudiments are the three other main conditions that can distract a person from getting the full benefit of the auditing processes and are handled before each auditing session. The three conditions are 1- ARC breaks are breaks or upsets the person has with other people regarding their affinity, reality (agreement), and communication. 2- Present Time Problems- problems a person is having right now in their life. 3- Overts and Withholds – Overts are actions the person believes they shouldn’t have done, and Withholds are those overts they are not willing to tell the auditor. Having withholds with the auditor prevents the person from getting in full communication with the auditor during the auditing session, which is necessary for the auditing session to be effective and successful. Getting the rudiments in each day handled many of my fundamental issues, including relationships with people and my present time problems. It also assisted with feelings of shame, regret, and guilt that just wouldn’t go away on their own without the auditor’s help.

The auditing’s main parts were terrific in regard to how helpful they were to me. Having read most of the Scientology introductory books and having listened to many basic lectures, there were many processes about which I had read or heard. It was exciting and thrilling to finally be able to run those processes and experience them myself. As beneficial as it was to read or hear about them in the preparatory works, I have to say that it cannot compare by a fraction to the benefits of actually doing them. It’s kind of like the difference between the pleasure of reading about someone eating a delicious meal in a beautiful gourmet restaurant versus going to the place and dining yourself.

An area that was greatly helped was in my Second Dynamic which deals with sex and family. I had so much emotional charge released, including grief, shame, and hopelessness around this dynamic. I’ve read that this is a very spiritually “aberrated” or degraded dynamic for people on earth, as there is a constant barrage of false data in the media about it. The history of man on earth is strewn with suppression, cruelty, slavery, and stupidity about the Second Dynamic. At the end of this step, I felt as if someone had lifted a tremendous weight from me.
There were processes that were a delightful surprise and amazing in helping me blow tons of grief and despair emotional “charge”. Also, There was a couple of times when I experienced moments of my being a spiritual being rather than feeling that I was just a body. Scientology calls this going “exterior” or the experience of being outside of the body I got enormous wins from this Life Repair experience.

There will never be a way for me to thank Jonathan enough for his expertise, understanding, and patience. Without his remarkable “beingness” and skills I’m not sure I would have had all the gains I did. I’m also very grateful to L. Ron Hubbard. Because of Jonathan and L. Ron, I am now much better equipped to deal with life going forward.


ARC Straight-Wire

This success story, like most of my stories, has a funny twist. Today I was feeling a little down, when I say a little, I mean a little by my old standards. I was down because of a few factors but mostly it was me looking at the global situation, and how much I’d rather have everyone be in enthusiasm or strong interest. Do you know what enthusiasm and strong interest looks like to us now? It looks foreign. It looks either fake or like someone is manic or on drugs. That’s how little we can “have” high toned people. I find this less and less true the more I go up the Bridge. It’s a beautiful thing seeing someone happy and thriving. One doesn’t need to watch video marketers to see these kinds of people, there are actually happy people still around.

But, I digress. Today was a low point for me, and I found myself questioning old habits. At one point I laughed at myself, because I was like “Lisa, where is the meltdown?” Where’s the wanting to stay in bed or take a day off or buy cake to fix everything? At that point, I knew something was very different with me, and we had done ARC Straight-wire the day before! I had not even looked at the EP before this evening and just like that, I knew today during my low moment that I’d never get worse. I’d never get to those low points again. So that’s my success story! The twist is that I got the EP and didn’t even realize it was that until the question was asked. Life is strange, but it’s strange and FUN as a Scientologist!

Much love,



When I started this, I did not know what I was getting into. As I went along, I literally saw MASS flying off. As a matter of fact, in one session, I felt a huge heavy load blow on the spot, as though an avalanche of burdens had discharged. I felt I was less and less impulsive and more and more self-determined in my daily actions. For some reason, that I later discovered, I was always in a hurry. And, that went for auditing also. That impulse vanished in the final sessions, and life took on and more relaxed and smooth attitude.

    Life and all that it is composed of has seemed to be less overwhelming. I feel more in control of its randomities. The nervousness that has inhabited me for so many years has receded. I feel more at peace with this body and its universe.

    I realized that we all came into Scientology for the same reason. We all sensed that there was something unknown inside of us, holding us back, acting like a parasite. And we all came into Scientology to find out what it was and blow it out.
But this thing is not so easy to shake off, so Ron developed a gradient approach (purify, grades, …) to scrape a little bit off at a time. I can now see why it is impossible to immediately confront the beast in its entirety and adopted a gradient approach.

All I can say now is that the beast is now into full view and ready to be attacked. And I know that Ron has developed the perfect tool to do the rest of the job, and I can’t wait to start using it.

Thanks, Ron, for your genius, and thanks to AOGP and Mr. Burke for being there to give us the chance to enter this final battle!

A. P.

The Basic Study Course

The Basic Study Course, through STOSA, exceeded my expectations. In a way that was understandable to a person new to studying basic Scientology principles, the course was laid out in a way that each section built on the next, demanding complete understanding before moving forward.

More than just learning the actual basics of study, this course provided me with tools that I could immediately take and apply in everyday life.

I found the most benefit in learning the importance of balancing significance and mass and have applied those basic ideas daily since I began my study. Additionally, understanding the danger that misunderstood words can pose to successful study I have found myself spending more time looking through a dictionary and making up sentences with the intention of clearing words (often times that I thought I knew the meaning of, but really didn’t) than I ever thought I would.  

My course supervisor, Michael E. Salihovich, was a tremendous help from the beginning to the end of the course. Michael has a deep knowledge of study tech and has a talent for being a tough but fair coach. He was willing to spend time answering questions, always going back to the tech to help me clear up misunderstood. Whether someone aims to progress in their Scientology studies or just gain a general understanding of how to better study any topic or subject, the Basic Study Course will be an invaluable tool to assisting them in their journey.
J. L.

The Basic Study Course

Thanks to the Study tech course I've become more confident in my learning. When learning new things I approach it with excitement instead of anxiety. I go into it knowing I can understand and apply what i'm learning. This has re-ignited me to pursue my goals and not shy away from learning new things to get to where I want to be.

This course has also helped me get into a management position at my job by me learning new things and just making me more competent overall. Everyone should take this course to enhance their ability to learn and understand life better.


Conquering Life’s Ups and Downs Course

The Ups and Downs course has helped me become more free in my everyday life. I learned about the ways certain people around me can cause me to go up and down in life instead of just progressing forward and upward. Im more free because I learned how to handle situations where I was being suppressed and was instead able to be more cause over the situation.

I also learned suppressive things I may do whether concious or unconsciously to others and stopped doing them to be a more postive force in my environment. I recommend this course to anyone on earth because we all deal with all sorts of people and sometimes we don't notice that the ups and downs going on in our lives from them and this course teaches you not only to identify but also handle it.

2021 has been great because of STOSA. I'm freely communicating with the people around me and feel more in charge of my life. I have no fear of anything or the challenges which will come to me because of the tech. I personally have no doubt that L Ron Hubbard would give Jon a big hug along with Lisa and Michael and thank them for what they're doing for Scientology

Conquering Life’s Ups and Downs Course

Conquering Life’s Ups and Downs was a real eye-opener for me. It was a great introduction and overview of Scientology’s concept of Suppressive Persons and how to protect my family and myself from toxicity and a dangerous environment. It also helped me feel better about myself and that’s what all this study is all about, right? - KY


Wow, Amazing. The last Item I ran on this level, I had a strange feeling of Déjà Vu. I knew something strange was happening.

    Then when my C/S  gave me My next C/S (a correction List), I remembered something that happened when I had to do 5 more intensives of NED when I was undeclared clear for a third time. I ran whole track for the whole 5 intensives. Near the middle of the intensives, the auditor started to get impatient with the time it took me to go through an incident. I kept telling her that I had trouble recreating the incident and that I had to create the images every time I had to go through the incident. I don’t know why these words came out of my mouth. She was more perplexed than I was.  Anyways, we finished the intensives and I successfully re-attested Clear again.

    Then Last year on my tenth year going through my daily chronological study of Ron’s books and lectures, I ran into this amazing data on an ACC which literally changed my whole life. Ron often comes up with such dramatic statements once in a while: ‘There are no Pictures in the Bank, just mental masses’.

   After some of his explanations on this,  I finally grasped what he was talking about, but did not experience it since I haven’t received any auditing until OT2.

    A parallel to this is our laptops or cell phones. There are no pictures in them, The CPU has to recreate them and send them to a display screen and somehow a picture pops up. But there are only masses in the computer banks, no pictures.

    Well this explained my NED sessions.

    And cleared what I just experienced on OT2. I just stopped creating them.  It’s actually easy to confront because of the way Ron set up OT 2.

    Thanks to AOGP and Jonathan for spotting it before I did. I think he was a sniper in a past life.

    Thanks To Ron for his brilliance.


Clear Certainty Rundown/Sunshine Rundown

I had always been wary of accepting others’ reality, and also of completely refuting anything but my own reality. I always keep a door open and I guess this is both rational and at times, confusing. It becomes confusing when you keep the door open so much that you don’t trust your own knowingness. Such was the case with my past-life Clear status, because when the words came out, I was like “that’s it?” I had expected to go exterior and have bells and whistles and chariots coming from the sky. Lol! But now I realise that there has been so much validation prior to this that I simply cannot invalidate the fact that I KNOW this to be the case.

I consider the cognitions I had early on to be memories. For example, when I started reading some books by LRH prior to doing courses, I just had cog after cog and it was almost too much! I asked myself, how does this stuff make so much sense and it was more than just the excitement of learning something new, these were memories coming back like someone opened the floodgates.

Secondly, I hadn’t really looked what was the next step on the Bridge after Clear (the Sunshine Rundown) and, it’s the funniest thing, I starting singing the song “I’m walking on sunshine” right after the end of my Clear process. Of course, this may just be coincidence but I find it a cute story to tell nonetheless.

The bigger part to this story is the stuff I will write next. Very early on in Scn I was in the process of reading Dianetics when something incredible happened. I had a MAJOR cog that would change the way I see life forever. I wrote a thesis paper worth 10 000 words and shared it with only a select few. It was both philosophical and scientific in nature about the universe, and recently I found out why: I discovered during recent auditing I was a well-known physicist who worked on these concepts, but there’s even more.

The last bit of validation came after doing the Sunshine Rundown. This basic rundown was exactly the stuff I was writing about in my original thesis paper! Everything simply feels as if it is coming together and while these simple words on a page cannot explain the depths into which this goes, take my word for it, LRH had it right.

Lastly, my abilities are increasing. Being Clear and Knowing feels like the difference between having a dump to clean, and just simply needing a dust every now and then. Things are seen clearer now and when your awareness increases, the good things one can pull in increases. One of the many joys of being Clear is this very thing, the ability to pull positive stuff and people toward you.

Much Love,


Life Repair

I’m not even sure where to start with my big win but, I’ll do my best to explain it. Growing up in conditions that weren’t pleasant, I had gotten used to the idea that life would be a struggle. My mind was so focused on survival that I never learned to “play.” When LRH said we play games, and life is a game, I resented it, I even challenged it. Eventually I got the concept on paper but I didn’t fully get it until now.

I had achieved much, I was able to finally have the things I wanted and yet, still, I was not happy. I looked around me and all I saw was people from every status, race and religion searching for something, something that seemed they thought they were lacking, and I saw that in myself. I then started to resent the things I worked for, and the things that made up “Lisa” - I resented being in this solid MEST world and even going into nature which always used to fix my down moods, didn’t help - it was as if I was there and could see everything but I couldn’t feel anything. Honestly, I felt trapped with no way out.

This week after the process that “veil” over my feelings finally lifted. I realized that there’s nothing wrong with the game, but that I just wasn’t playing, at all. I was trying so desperately to survive, even though I had so much already, that I forgot to play. A corny quote comes to mind: “it’s not the destination, it’s all about the journey” and I guess that’s how I feel. I wanted to be a Scientologist to have an end-goal, OT-whatever, and that was the problem. I was getting through my courses and auditing FOR my auditor and course supervisor. Eventually even every word I was clearing felt other-determined instead of self-determined. I wasn’t playing, I was trying to do what was expected, even though both my auditor and course supervisor never once insinuated such a thing. I was trying to survive, instead of playing the game.

So the gist of this is that after this repair, I don’t feel that trapped feeling, in fact, I feel free. I feel like the things I need to do are things worth doing, self-determinedly. Colours are brighter, laughing is easier, loving is natural, and for the first time in a really long time, the tears I cried were tears of pure happiness. Life is beautiful, despite what a percentage would want us to think.

Thank you to the biggest being I know, Jonathan Burke, for getting me through this, and thank you Michael, my course supervisor, for your incredible patience. Eddie, my dear friend who has gotten me through some pretty dark days, thank you as well. And lastly, my CS, Pat. You guys are amazing and make an awesome team.

Much love, Lisa

Wow, this was a tremendous joy ride. I was keyed out through the whole level. One of my biggest realizations was that I am not the ONLY ONE.

There are many thetans out there and I was amazed at the amount of ARC I have for every single one of them. Many are sad, many are lost, but we are all part of them. I was amazed that not one of the nearly a thousand people I saw had a smile on his face, … Really, not even one. Most had masks, but you could see through their expressions in their eyes that they were stressed. Even people talking to each other had no smiles.  It’s a serious world out there. My ARC for my family and groups just went out the top. I seemed to have regained my power to grant or imbue life. My surroundings are much more brighter and enthusiastic. The magic seems to have returned. I usually have success in whatever I undertake and I think it is all coming back.

I want to thank Jnathan and the AOGP Staff for being there as the terminals for OT. This is my third try to get onto the levels and thanks to him and his team I finally got there, and I know now that it was not my case stopping me from being there, but just a series of arbitraries after each of the two times I got through OT eligibility. (example:  having to redo student hat, having to do KTL, or having to do Life Orientation course). (I did not see me having to go through the whole series of Solo 1 to OT Eligibility for a third time).

Thanks again Jonathan and all the staff at AOGP. I see a bright future for you guys too.


Online TRs

“I was skeptical at first on whether TRs could be done online, but within the first few minutes those doubts went away. I have done TRs several times in person before and this felt like exactly the same process – even TR0 produced the same reactions and eventually the same wins as I have had before.

This course works perfectly well online and I fully intend to go further in my TRs journey online. Working with my partner was a delight and I had exactly the same wins as if we had been doing these drills together in person. Incredible value and a groundbreaking service from AOGP and I would recommend this to everyone.”

W. J.

The Basic Study Course

The Basic Study course was a real eye opener and a breath of fresh air to me. I didn't realize how many dynamic factors there were to studying correctly. I will never go passed a misunderstood word again!

Also, I loved the demos and clay demos tech...  They are a great resource when learning. I think everybody should take this course. I would recommend it for everyone studying in general. I feel now I could study almost any subject and improve myself.

Thanks to the AOGP team!
~ G

Original OT V

There is this pretty little cat I live with. Her name is Cat Benatar. She's named this because she meows like she's singing like Pat Benetar - a rock and roll singer in the 70s, 80s 90s. The cat also likes to run past me, but not let me pet her very much.
So today I'm doing these drills, and who shows up? That's right, Cat Benatar.

She stood in front of me, looked me straight in the eyes as she lay down beside me, proceeded to roll on her side, and said to me telepathically, "we can be pals now."
Then she licked her paws started purring, peacefully and patiently she stayed with me throughout the drills - she just sat there and waited. This level pervades all barriers and grants beingness.

We went back in the house, and the cat spoke with me for about 10 minutes and then took me to the door so I would open it, where she happily skipped out into the yard with a sense of oneness for us. It was a moment to moment experience intentionally created by both of us with no words between us, only the tranquility of sharing the same space.

Then when I spoke with my boyfriend on the phone after, we were simply present in a soft and quiet space of love and bliss. I then called my son, and the same effect occurred.

This level did so much in the areas of granting beingness, sharing space, and being present. It is actually mind-boggling at first, but it is true.

So much higher self-truth. Thank you, Jonathan Burke, for your continued support, purpose, and love. For your huge beingness of keeping the org here, along with all the AOGP staff, my boyfriend, kids, and humanity.

My deepest love,

Dianetic Auditors Course

This is the first course I’ve completed in over a decade (the first Independent Scientology Online course too) and that in itself is a win. Finally I can audit! The layout of the course was quite delightful and surprising as I was reading things I would otherwise have never found by myself but answered a lot of questions.

I am very happy to have a routine on Dianetics which I feel comfortable with applying and fits perfectly with my understanding of what is a standard application.

When I went into session I didn’t have to think too much or remember some drill as I had the knowledge to just apply it self determinedly.

I can genuinely say that I enjoyed the check outs and supervision I got on this course as it helped me to be able to do it for real. Thank you to AOGP for providing this service which I couldn’t have dreamed possible a few years ago.


Original OT VI

The original OT VI End Phenomena is:


"I feel incredibly different and playful.
I can write a whole bunch of words.
I just feel great.
This level is very powerful.
It wasn't easy for me, so much karma and situations I confronted.

I can use my perceptions quite good now with ARC and KRC.

It gets trippy cosmic up here.

Very much looking forward to the next Level.

Thank you Jonathan!
And LRH!

Lots of love, JD"

Life Repair

When I agreed to receive a Life Repair, I wasn't really sure what I was getting into. I have never done anything like that. I just knew that something needed to be addressed, something that Life itself begged me to face. I reached a point where I could no longer ignore this need.

Taking a leap of faith, I jumped, trusting that what was offered could only help me. It did so in a very unexpected way. With question after question, chain after chain, repetition after repetition, something "new" started to form in me. My awareness of Life was becoming gently, but surely—and over time, insistently—stronger. I don't think there has been one major blow of charges happening at a particular time, or anything spectacular; it all happened slowly and internally.

The very last sessions, however, were substantially different. I was listing words, and afterward, I realized they were all connected, and that's when my awareness became even stronger. I realized my perceptions were clearer and sharper. I could feel my thoughts, which now allowed me to "stand up" and reclaim the gift that Life is.

For example, I am able to see one of my major "holes" and am able to fill it up with determinism so that I can "walk over" and go to the other side. Nothing—not even what I felt it was incredibly painful or impossible to deal with—can keep me on that side of Life. Life is mine to live, and now I feel able to do it. -FSE

Basic Study Course

I started the course feeling enthusiastic and bright, ready to learn how to study.  However, my very first barrier came into play when I decided it was "too easy." I skipped through the first two units.Got to the first essay and realized that I had no clue as to what they were asking. I actually hit the blank of a misunderstood word!  I had my doubts regarding this concept initially so. I applied the word clearing, even although I really didn't know WHAT word tripped me up, but I cleared about six words, and began to understand things better.

Prior to this course, I would have reread the material until I found the CONCEPT I didn't get. Now I KNOW how to handle this scenario in future.  I LOVE researching, but now I can actually begin to absorb and apply the stuff I discover, and I have the key to unlocking understanding of the topics, whatever they may be!  (Just clear the misunderstoods!)

Aside from word clearing, having a clearer view of the processes used in courses,  is really going to help me build confidence for my future courses. The best thing I've noticed about this study, is that I can ACTUALLY see improvement in my approach to learning (and teaching) things. Thank you AOGP Team!"


Life Repair

I would like to attest, in the strongest possible terms, to the success I've had during my Life Repair. I am in no way implying that I'm completely better or anything of the sort. However, I am saying that I've pulled myself out of the abyss, and now I'm away from the edge. I will not teeter.

I handled my major present time problem, and for the first time since my—let's not mince words—would-be terminal drug addiction began, I feel like I have a chance. Better than that, I feel like if I continue to approach with an uptone attitude and keep trying very hard, I'm going to be alright; everything will soon be how I've made a postulate for it to be.

I'm on an exponentially improving route, which I haven't been able to say for years. I have gotten to the point where the things I rightfully believed could, and perhaps would, cause me to fall right back into the void from whence I came (despite my passion for the subject of Scientology), now have to request permission to put me at effect. Like I'm trapping the metaphorical demons and domesticating them.

Truly, I've been experiencing a substantial amount of improvement recently. It's almost hard to keep up with it all. I had an astronomical win the other day during a session at the end of my Life Repair and beginning of listing/nulling. In what couldn't have been more than a 10-minute session, I blew a whole lot--that is to say--90% of charge regarding my most inimical "trigger" (restimulator). This was the element that could essentially be the offramp back into active addiction, something I couldn't seem to let go of and was becoming painful and nearly impossible to deal with because everything reminded me of it.

I thought this constant restimulation would be my undoing and I would never be free of it. However, just as I have discovered through firsthand experience time and time again, dear reader, "it works if you work it." Everything finally blew away during this one astoundingly quick process. The finishing touches I suppose, but it was a 180. I describe the sensation as a duality: I think of the times I've tried to visibly prove myself macho despite my build and general attitude, by carrying something very, very heavy for quite a bit longer than is advisable. As soon as I get to a point where it's safe to drop the thing causing my body notable strain, it feels lighter, it is a relief, but the whole of me feels kind of heavy at the same time.

I went outside to have a cigarette, hear some music, and look at the winter sky, appreciating the beauty of the darkened dead trees against the pale and cloudy sky, and the duality therein. I had, up to that point, learned to avoid any music that reminded me of the element that was holding me back. But suddenly there was no problem. Whereas before, I could barely function surrounded by seemingly endless restimulators; now there was nothing there: no pain, no flashbacks, almost radio silence internally on the subject. Even when something caused a sadness inside, I could easily get it under my control at will. I realized what this was: the "major thing" had essentially been flattened.

I've still got a case. I've still got a drug case. I like sensations, but I don't want to live in psychological Haight-Ashbury forever, and I don't need to. I no longer feel like I'm "holding on for Dear Life" as much as I do "I'm defeating an Eldritch monster with laudable success." Anytime those rather foreign-feeling thoughts intrude my mind, locks, pictures of a past for which there should be no nostalgia, it's simple. I merely acknowledge it, and ultimately before calmly telling it to go away, I think at the graphic pictures of this kind of self-destruction on the track: "This is not an exit."

For as long as I can remember, I've wanted control over my own life and mind. I finally feel I have some. I'm on the correct path; what do you know! It happened to be the one less traveled. I will reiterate a sentiment I often express: I'm glad I became a Scientologist. The dominos fell into place the way they did for a reason, and despite all odds and significant pseudo-social pushback, I broke down the door and put out the destructive internal fire inside of me. I won't be tolerating any suppression from here on out, because dramatic as it may sound for me, it's life and death.

"Choose death?" Now, why would I want to do a thing like that? I chose something else. That's a wrap!

Case Supervisors and Auditors on this action: Jonathan Burke/John Nunez

Purification Rundown

This rundown was an excellent action for me to do. I needed to detoxify my body in a new unit of time and the purif does just that. I can feel the difference, both mentally and physically, as well as spiritually. My mind has a sharper clarity, less foggy and unclear. My body feels more energetic, healthy and I feel an overall greater sense of well-being. Spiritually, I feel more awake and here.
By sweating out the toxins, one is brought more into present-time and out of the past. It is palpable. I'm glad I did this rundown. I feel more at cause and less at effect. I also feel more in control of my future and the decisions I make.

Many thanks to Jonathan and AOGP for delivering this action to me. And thanks to LRH for developing the rundown.


OT I was a very fun, yet simple action. I feel so light and clean after doing this level! I have much more affinity for other people in this universe and I have gained the ability to sense the tone level of a space itself which is pretty interesting getting used to. I've been happy all day since I finished this level!

I've been having random cognitions about myself and about life in and outside of session and the level itself has really opened up my awareness to the theta universe itself. I am so eternally grateful to many terminals for even being able to make it up to this point on the Bridge: Jonathan at AOGP, all of the other people in the Student Union chat room at The Standard Tech Online Supervised Academy, and the man himself, LRH.

Thank you all! ~ DF

Dianetics - Book One

I thought Dianetics was old fashioned. That after the e-meter, it had become a kind of introduction only. How wrong I was!

A few days ago, a troubled dog broke the screen door and killed my most precious cat Kyō. That’s the straight, unemotional fact. The big mess after the struggle (cat and dog) and the fear of not finding my other beloved cat, while holding dying Kyō´s body in my arms; and the dog still unleashed; can give you an idea of the feeling.

I needed help!

I though I would be able to handle it by myself. After all, it won’t be the first time I had to do it. But I had just joined the Standard Tech Academy Student Union group on Telegram, and I felt compelled to share it there. I don’t think that’s the group’s purpose, still, I did it.

I’m so happy I did! The simple fact of doing it, and feeling the support of likeminded people, started making a difference.

Long story short, I ended up having two Dianetics sessions with Stan. Woooow! I am a different person now!

In the first one, we went trough the loss of Kyō; which was a big relief. Although, I knew that it had been the drop that made the cup run over. In the second session, I put on the table an old and repetitive issue that had been bothering me for about 8 years; a problem that showed up again after the loss. Honestly, I wasn’t expecting much.

If it hadn’t been solved before in auditing sessions (on an e-meter), I was prepared not to have it solved with Dianetics. Just having a terminal to handle the re-stimulation would have been good for me.

There is a long story full of details to understand the size and importance of this; but for the purpose of sharing my wins, it should be enough to know that once I ended up in a hospital with a severe hemorrhage and severe pain because of that.

IT WAS MINDBLOWING. To start, Stan’s presence is impeccable! His guidance couldn’t be better! I got to a point that started having cognition after cognition, to higher and higher levels that at the end, I didn’t have to wonder again if this was finally it. I knew it was it!

What a lesson it was to me! Of course, I’m aware that not having the support of my previous auditing sessions I may not had been ready to solve it now. But little had I imagined that it would be a Dianetics session where the last layer would be removed.



Solo One Course

Solo 1 is one of the smoothest courses I have done in my history of doing courses so far! It was a lot of fun and completely blew away my reservations of not being able to understand the materials of solo auditing. It's simply just a great course, and a lot of fun to do! Seeing my needle react to things was fun, and now I'm just that much closer to the state of OT.

Thanks to AOGP and Jonathan!

And thank you, LRH, for the tech! - DF

The State of Clear

You know, I previously had a major confusion on what the definition of Clear is for a very long time. Coming from a Class V auditor, I imagine that that sounds slightly alarming. I knew what it meant to be Clear, per the textbook definition, but I never quite knew if I was at that state or not. Doing the DCSI has really addressed the correct areas of bypassed charge on the area to really see it for what it is and I am happy to come to the conclusion that, yes, I have achieved that state. I've had some nice realizations about it and all I can say is that I can only hope that everyone can get to this point in their lives. It is a good day today and I can look onward in the future with a Clear mind. My ability to as-is things on the 1st dynamic is a lot easier, I'm even doing it right now as I type out this success story!

My eternal gratitude goes out to the crowd over at AOGP and to LRH for paving the pathway for beings to make it.  -DF

Original OT IV

I was having a few bumps on my Original OT IV Solo Auditing, though on many different levels I am winning. I could feel the case upon me that needed to be handled.

This is a very subtle straight A-B communication seperating "I"-Theta from the composite 'case,' something I had not experienced prior. (Two differnet sources one needing attention, the other not.)

It is a definite JOY that I can acknowledge the composite 'case' and grant beingness while also winning!

Jonathan, my C/S, knew exactly what I needed to handle it and gave me the exact C/S needed I am more in present time!

Much, much gratiitude to you Jonathan for your superlative C/S'ing and purpose.

Thank you so much my friend.


Purification Rundown

Just finished my Purif and feeling on top of the world!

Started a new job that's going far better than I could have envisoned. My salary doubled, and I got a £1600 a month raise After the doubling. I've been betting the last few months, and been 30% in the green, and this is getting better by the day (£2000 in the past week).

Moved into a fantastic new home. Consistent morning and evening routines. Working for 2-3 hours in the mornings which I have Never done before. I realised my deepest weaknesses in absolute clarity and have a plan to demolish them.

Next two weeks: Signing up clients at £3-5k a pop. Starting a thrice weekly functional fitness and meal planned 6 week transformation programme.

Signing up for MMA twice a week and ukulele coaching. Basically every area of my life is getting kickstarted and feel better than I have in a long time!!

Thanks to Jonathan for being an absolute star on the Purif, gentle, firm, clear, encouraging, supportive and a source of strength and inspiration!!


Original OT IV

My first communication is a great big Theta love, hug and appreciation with so very much respect and reverence to all of you whom are supporting this, my journey of freedom.

This level cut through many confusions on the Dynamics. For myself, this level was very powerful on the 3rd, 4th and 7th Dynamics.

I notice mainly, with presence, granting of beingness, communication,and most of all love, the use and understanding of the above pervades all. Which became the main factor to shedding much unwanted case.

My postulates have much more intention, clarity and flow to happen. I do most everything conceptually and using obnosis.*

My Pan Determination is/was very high during this level, its like, I let the soul guide, and Pan Determination appeared.

KRC was key in keeping most importantly, the Auditing Comm Cycle in. Jonathan Burke's comm, C/Sing, and keeping the Tech pure and his unconditional love is so very, very valuable and needed in these times -I am eternally grateful. I feel the beauty of the sea in me - the flow of the universe, so peaceful and calm. This may seem all spiritual and woo woo, because the wins and gains are pretty amazing and wow.Thing is, it took much discipline and intention to switch my viewpoints out of the mest universe to get to this point. I am happy I did, because I have arrived. I know the next level will be even more spectacular and full of adventures.MML!


The Basic Dianetics Auditing Course

The Basic Dianetics Auditing Course was my first with the AOGP. I was impressed with the amount of information available to me in the online course room. I have dictionaries, references, and materials all available instantly.

As to the course itself. I did the Hubbard Dianetic Auditor Course in the Church and it was alright but a little confused. The material was drawn from Book One and a series of lectures introduced before Science of Survival.

What the AOGP does is to show the Standard Tech References that show that LRH had made later refinements to Book One Auditing. It was a revelation to discover the true LRH Basic Dianetics Auditing.

I want to thank Jonathan Burke for setting up the AOGP LRH for Blazing the path, and everyone else involved in KSW in the Field. - JR

Mid-Original OT IV

I am Mid-original OT IV it IS magical!

The presence of myself is shining through, each moment is joy. I postulate effortlessly. I create in present time, without the mass of so much thought, it's conceptually to the terminal or being.

There is a lot of present BIG love in this level for me, and I am only half through!

The tech only arrives with having the right terminals on the Journey- Jonathan, AOGP, and LRH.


Post "SRD" Objectives Rehab

Though it was a a short action, having my Objectives EP rehabbed was nice and very simple to do. I went from being overrun on processes to the point of dreadfully falling asleep MULTIPLE TIMES per objectives session to the point of actually looking forward to receiving more auditing. It actually didn't occur to me before today that I had already EP'd Objectives! Freeing up that stuck point in my universe makes me feel like I can do more in my environment! I'm very glad that there's an alternative way to receive auditing and go into session regardless of location.

    Jonathan is a great man and he has helped me out so much that I realized that THIS is what Scientology should feel like; a session with an Auditor is just like a normal conversation, something I haven't experienced in a while (in the church.)

    AOGP has my gratitude!


Life Repair

My big win, or wins, as it would turn out, came yesterday during auditing the O/W section of Life Repair. During a particularly emotionally pernicious section regarding a major ARC-break, or falling out, that occurred between myself and a few other people--my only friends who were pro-Scientology--I had several cogs.

The central one involved postulates and counter-postulates. While making what was for all intents and purposes a postulate--though at the time, I regarded it as a mystical process--to “will” the girl in this friend group who was behaving suppressively to “go take a walk,” one or two of the people I enlisted for help had counter-postulates and counter-intentions. Since one--or both, as it turns out--are very hostile towards Scientology and my involvement therein, we had decided to work towards our agreed-upon goal of solving the interpersonal problem via what was coined under our only mutual reality: a “banishing spell.” (I did not know they were so antagonistic at this time).

Ultimately, what I concluded in a serene moment of clarity was that through my unbeknownst practice with an SP (and therefore the other being a PTS), I had inadvertently and permanently banished myself from the friend group (and thus from my de jure involvement with Scientology for a longer time period than what might have been otherwise). This resulted in the dissolution of the group and respective ARC breaks with each of them, and their ARC breaks with Scientology itself. Eventually, this included my long-ish time Indy Scientologist friend (he has not become anti-Scientology but has fallen out with me), someone I regarded as rather close.

I also concluded that this postulate backfiring had fundamentally caused another girl I knew--my former compatriot--to fall out of love with the whole thing and blow to the “other side.” Until my cog, this had caused me a degree of bewilderment. It was a sincere “ouch” moment, but at the end of this realization, it was something I could just admire and even laugh at. At the end of the day, it was her decision, but I had lined up the necessary conditions by my poor judgement of the characters I asked for help from and affiliated with.

This win has allowed me to more closely inspect my past interactions, my reactions to them, and the people I choose to associate with. There is a good degree of parasitic behavior from people around me, and I have become far more able to connect the dots regarding cause and effect and identify suppression. Don’t get me wrong; I still have a lot to learn. That said, I’ve learned a lot from just this win, and all that has led up to it. I’m becoming more adept at detecting covert hostility without becoming an utter cynic, something I thought was the black-and-white "whole of the law" prior.

The second major cog occurred during the same kind of process but on the subject of my mother. While in this part of the session, I had thought “Oy vey! We’re never gonna get through this one.”, I blew a lot of charge on the cognition that we have had so many problems with communication and such a tumultuous relationship because I felt constantly invalidated by her. I began to exteriorize. The auditor looked at me and asked: “Did something occur?” Despite being an open and proud Scientologist in a safe and respected space, as I had every time before, I had a hard time relaying non-euphemistically that I had exteriorized. This was because, even with my auditor, I was self-conscious despite feeling comfortable around him.

After assessing it, I realized these two things were related. This has been the consistent theme throughout my entire life since quite literally day one: invalidation. That’s why I have a hard time, and that’s why I’m so uninterruptedly enturbulated. I have dealt with a lot of invalidation.

This is an amazingly big win for me. I realized that I don’t need to be ashamed of being myself and being open and honest. I say what I mean, and mean what I say but I’m beginning to get that even all my politeness-driven (or otherwise) white lies are not necessary, I don’t need everyone to like me, and I have been at-effect for a long time. I need to put on my own oxygen mask before I help anyone else with theirs. Being real is self-care, and self-care is necessary to my survival.

I’ve had my share of epiphanies, but nothing quite like the ones I’ve had since beginning my relatively short involvement with Independent Scientology. As one who was never in the "Church," there’s a degree of skepticism that rolls around my proverbial head from time-to-time. But for one: I’m approaching this adventure with a totally open mind, and for two: the reason I went from quasi-critical watcher to jubilant Scientologist is that the tech proves itself and demands nothing be taken merely on faith.

So, is that religion, is that philosophy, or is that truth? If you ask me, it is "D. all of the above." I look forward to the rest of this road with AOGP.

New Era Dianetics for OTs Repair Auditing

A session I had with Jonathan at AOGP blew years of bypassed charge, literally.
This was on the 2nd Dynamic and finances, these weren't horrible things that had charge, but so much bypassed charge blew, I realized how little things can stick a being too.

Change occurred into my boyfriend's universe as well. Tone level, love, create and flows became clean and fresh.

Thank you so much Jonathan for your care, love and purpose.

So valuable.

Many many blessings,



Hi Beautiful Beings,  I just completed New OT V.

John Nunez, my Auditor has been the driving force for the compassion, wins and gains I have achieved on this level.
As, his presence IS amazing.
It took much confront to wrap myself around what we are actually
achieving on these upper levels.
From the depths of my being,
John, I am forever grateful.
And, of course, to you, brilliant man - LRH, with much much gratitude.

My intentions are,
every being is loved and that their
true desires become a reality.
That either, in the physical or spiritual realms, they go free.
Many magical moments happened during this level as my viewpoint switched from attention on myself
to the intention of wanting others
to have freedom and abundance.

At the beginning of this level, the above was not so pure.

My intentions and postulates now help for the better,
A tone level in a person.
A condition for a person.
A tone level in a room.
More love for ones self through an acknowledgment or comm.

I purged many agreements of my
own inadequacies, body somatics, judgments, blame, below 2.0 ideas valances, viewpoints and opinions.

I, seriously,
somedays, was like REALLY?
I agreed to THAT?
Or a somatic would show up and I thought it was me.
I really struggled at times to get my confront up.
And, each time an unwanted anything appeared, is exactly what the next session handled.

A poem:

Coincident is
more like Kismit
I did it.

My big cognition is all beings
deserve deserve deserve.
Sometimes during this the level I really had to confront that which one can not see physically does exist.

That compassion, love and responsibility go hand in hand.

That the defenses of others are not
a desire to be harmful.

It is a need for Understanding (ARC)  and acknowledgment with kindness and integrity.
ARC and KRC go hand in hand.
I am looking very forward to the next level.

              All my gratitude and love,

OT III Completion

This level was an amazing discovery for me, and the wins I had seemed like a kind of magic! I understand why OT levels are confidential, as nobody who is not trained and ready for the level could ever grasp how important and miraculous it is, less go through it!

I somehow entered into a state of peace with the physical universe and all life forms. I know that nothing and nobody can influence me without my agreement; my thoughts are always and only my thoughts, and others’ charge is not my charge! Yes, return of self-determinism described as an E/P for this level is a very precise and true wording for this!

I simply gained a new level of freedom, a new level of what does it mean to be myself, to be free, to have the power of choice and not to be re-stimulated by others and by the physical universe.

Occasionally, it was tough – I had short periods of feeling overwhelmed, irritated, nervous, and so called “freewheeling” – and I understand why this level was nicknamed “wall of fire!" But, on the other side of the wall is – laughter! Laughter and freedom!

Usually, people like to thank Ron at the end of their testimonies. Truly nobody, but really nobody, could have these gains and insights without Ron plotting this first, which was a remarkable achievement in itself! So – thank you Ron, sincerely! And a big Thank You to my C/Ses and to all AOGP staff – the best Org in the Americas!


New OT V Success

I have been on New OTV for a few weeks now. In many sessions a body somatic - blows. An attitude or viewpoint changes to a very high tone. I am so much more in PT.

The ability to confront matter, energy, space, and time and cycles of action with complete calmness is always present even in a back log!

Creative flow is SO-happening. I am finding answers.

Where ideas, confusions, concepts, life choices, attitudes, tone levels, opinions, decisions are based from.

It is very stabilizing for myself and others in my environment,

The amazing concept here is, and, where my biggest wins are, is in the lives of others. Their tone levels and lives change for the better. - like “Oh my god!”

I know it isn’t coincidence. My intention is with compassion for high toned lives of havingness for all of us.

If I have an intention, the cause point receives and respond. It happens with everything.

If there is a moment where my operating intention level goes down because I'm out of present time, there isn’t much of a ridge to pin me. I just change my viewpoint.

Choice at cause for a higher purpose and havingness.

That is the beauty and ability of what this level is giving me. - Because (of) you John Nunez, my Auditor.

You are so in comm, with so much ARC, Auditor presence and purpose to free beings, that all the training I lack, I conceptually duplicate the command forward to a done to achieve what we are doing. It overflows into my life and others.

It is super amazing.

I look very forward to moving up the cosmos and do more training along the line. My undying gratefulness to you LRH.

Lots of love,


Life Repair

Today I attested to the completion of my Life Repair program. I am elated to say that this cycle helped move me to a better place of independence and gave me a greater peace of mind as to my future!

I'd like to thank my auditor, John Nunez, for doing a great job getting me through this as well as my father, Jonathan Burke, and grandfather Carey Burke, for making it go right to get me in session.

I'm excited to reach new goals in this improved state of mind. Thank you!

Autumn Burke

New OT lV Drug Rundown

This action has freed me of old connections that have held so much of my attention for way too long. Old connections to the end of my previous life, connections that held me captive in my own body, connections that bound me to others I had long known but who were too close to differentiate from myself.

The auditing, programming, and C/S-ing at AOGP are spot-on, and strictly by the book—just as LRH intends them. With absolutely no alterations in tech, delivery or handling. I recommend this org to all of you, wherever you may be on the bridge. This is the safe space you’ve been looking for to reach the great heights available.

My heartfelt thanks to my auditor, Jonathan Burke, my C/S, the staff at AOGP, and to LRH, for caring so much, with a full heart, as to make the true bridge available here and now.

I love this place.


New OT IV Drug Rundown Win

I thank LRH for this tech.

This Level opened me up to the understanding of knowingness,duplication and compassion of true self.

I know it is only the beginning.

I would not have come to this point if it wasn't for the precision, care, ARC, KRC and Auditing comm line of my Auditor John Nunez. This is a whole new viewpoint and life for myself and all the dynamics. It was a catalyst to my confront level. John has so much presence, ability and duplication that I understand now the art of knowingness over thinking. I am just so grateful.

As an example, when an item read it was duplication in 3 places or more instantly. And acknowledged by John from a higher view of intention to free brings. It was quite profound. Sometimes when an item read, I would laugh. But my knowingness was like 'confront it', It was way beyond think. I couldn’t believe what true source knows. Then, I started to get the hang of it thru John’s presence and the processes.

I am grateful for all the training I have done as only a Level 0, Auditor and all the tech, with especially the PTS SP tech, as it gives me ability to operate, obnosis and perceive

from a higher love and viewpoint.

I am still processing the charge blown in OTIV and the power of what drugs on an OT can do.

I feel sparkling inside. This is very, very, subtle and very, very, powerful tech.

As a body worker, when I massage, I feel I help others heal thru their true selves, so the spirit can heal the mind and body. Profound conversation is expressed from clients to me, from this.

It was not like this before.

I want to thank Jonathan Burke for the same love, care, ARC, and KRC. The service at AOGP is amazing-amazing-amazing.

All my love,


Class IX Course

I really enjoyed doing this course in a new unit of time with a standard checksheet in the AOGP academy. The tech contained on this course is both extensive and powerful. There is a lot to it with many points to apply while auditing the procedures. I appreciate having had the experience and know-how of Jonathan available as my supervisor while training on the material here.

I have a better understanding of the rundown as a result. It's great to have done this course with a checksheet and I'm looking forward to delivering more NOTs in the future. It is an important step on the Bridge and it is important to do it right. The gains from this level are truly miraculous. Thanks to AOGP and LRH.  

- JN

Original OT IV

If doing the Bridge is a journey, this level is one that consolidated much of what came before. There's much more of ME here in present time, much more ME. (I've long been collecting various parts of me that had been misplaced along the track.)

I'm much more on purpose, my personal purposes as I see them across the dynamics, not someone else's. More determined and driven (for my own reasons.)

I thank LRH and Jonathan for insisting I make this happen and that it be done "by the book."

I love you guys at AOGP. Looking forward to my next steps and responsibilities.


Life Repair

I have just completed my Life Repair with the excellent John Nunez as my auditor at AOGP, and can safely and confidently confirm and attest that it feels like my life has actually been repaired.

I gave John a list of areas of ruin in my life that I would like to be at cause with. John worked through them efficiently, and effectively, giving me some great wins along the way, and leaving me with high Very Good Indicators in all the areas that were previously felt to be a source of ruin.

As regards specific wins, I have had a stutter from early childhood, and that was resolved with the understanding that I will never stutter again if I limit myself to saying 3-4 words at a time (like all fluent speakers do), and I am not consistently doing. I started exercising regularly and enjoying it (versus it being a chore). I got over a sexual addiction, and over my sugar addiction. I am fully completing my to do lists for the first time in my life and got to a level of peace and high ARC, and am much better handling conflict resolution with clients (I work in a section of the service industry with irate, and often abusive clients).

I am journaling morning and evening routines more than ever before. I made a plan for my music and martial arts practice I can be consistent with, a plan for my creative output that's achievable, and eminently sustainable, and moved towards cause with self worth, deservedness and confidence. I got to high Very Good Indicators with issues like dispersion, avoidance, consistency, discipline, routine and focus, and also with my closest personal and also professional relationships.

This is my first experience with AOGP, and I can't recommend them highly enough.



I am very happy with the auditing I received on this rundown. It addresses the charge on drugs from an OT viewpoint. I cleaned up a lot of negative influences in my life and feel much cleaner as a being. I removed identities and purposes that were not mine. I feel a heightened cause level and a renewed sense of self.

I feel this is a vital action for any being to receive. Clears have increased abilities and stronger postulates, and they can get themselves into trouble with this case unhandled. They can also run into immense difficulty trying to handle this area without the help of an auditor. I encourage all pre-OTs to take this step on their Bridge if they have not done it yet.

Many thanks to Jonathan and AOGP for their standard delivery of this action. And thanks to LRH.



My first experience of OT 2 Tech was that I suddenly started feeling clearer space around me, as if I somehow got "purified aura", or was at the top of some mountain, or somewhere where there is clean, pure air. Eventually, after several such experiences it turned into an experience as if I suddenly got more space around me! It resulted that I felt somehow clearer, so to speak, more free, independent...

At one point I suddenly realized the existence of what's called "R6 bank!" It was in my plain sight, so to speak, and I realized how homo sapiens all around me are being moved, conditioned, controlled by it in various ways... I started feeling more self-determined and independent again.

It's not just my individual Track, but really the whole Track of life, so to speak, the whole of existence, from unbelievable long periods of time... I suddenly got more reality on Time Track itself, and how is this that we are aware of and call "ours" just a tiny, tiny fragment of the vastness of the totality of it! Wow, it's something that must be personally experienced, viewed, can't be understood just by reading about it.

And all this is beyond words! Items worded in GPMs may be in English for practical purpose, but their power, meaning, intent... it's all beyond our current language, what probably adds to the difficulty that somebody discover it on one's own.

This made me in complete awe as how LRH came to this, and I simply must - take my hat down to the brilliant guy who was able to plot this! Thank you, Ron! And thanks to all the wonderful staff of AO-GP who helped me in this important spiritual adventure!



Super Power - Step One

I started this repair in rough-ish shape – I felt very bogged, dark, and wondering what deep withholds would be revealed. I was worried that I would be made to feel ashamed, guilty, or wrong for whatever I had done. Ethics...right?

No. Real ethics is not a make-wrong.

The opposite occurred - yes, I had some things to clean up, and the application of NOTS techniques to some areas made it a little challenging. But I gradually came to realize that we as beings are innately ethical - we want to do the right thing, although sometimes we are or have been misguided or confused about what that next right action is.

Ultimately, I never felt made wrong on this rundown. I came away with a new viewpoint on my own responsibility for the effects of my actions, and the comforting thought that I am on my right path and will continue on it. I feel more kind, calm, and relaxed, quite exterior, and with greater affinity, communication, and understanding for all life.

I had the two BEST SESSIONS EVER IN MY LIFE on this rundown, and I feel the best I have in a very long time! Amazing things have started happening in my life already.

So many thanks to my precise, patient, and professional auditor, Jonathan Burke for making sessions safe places to communicate.

Thanks to L. Ron Hubbard too, for figuring out the precise gradient of questions and technology needed to unburden withholds and let PCs and Pre-OTs see the bright truth of their real selves.

So drop that heavy load of withholds. Get your real self shined up! It’s worth it! ARC,


Super Power

I have had so many amazing sessions, from my co-audit days to audited actions to Solo, but I just had the most profound win of my Scientology life thus far. (Yes, including OT III.) I have regained integrity as a being that I lost long ago. By addressing a “mere” out rudiment at session start, I eliminated a long-standing problem that had been caving me and all my efforts in repeatedly for…oh, a VERY long time.

The symptoms were so subtle…but this problem of mine had been affecting multiple dynamics adversely at a high cost to my own happiness. As I realized what had happened and exactly what I had done, I could perceive lightning-like charge dispersing along all my dynamics and into present time.

Great big “Thanks!!!” to Jonathan Burke at AOGP for his excellent TRs and metering, for making a totally safe auditing space in which to unload “this weird little thing that keeps bugging me,” and asking precisely the right questions at precisely the right time. Spot-on tech is how this win happened. I also want to thank LRH for developing the concepts, materials, training and processes that made this particular miracle possible.

This is the Scientology I was looking for. This is the Scientology that everyone can have. I wish everyone similar amazing wins.

Super Power

There are many Rundowns on Super Power, all rehab an ability that is essential to becoming more aware. I actually feel lighter now and brighter, with a clarity of mind that is remarkable. I was just outside on a beautiful day here and just enjoyed looking for a four leaf clover. The worries of the world were not on my mind what-so-ever. This rundown is subtle and kind of sneaks up on you, and I feel I got a lot of case gain in doing so. I owe it all to the excellent auditing here at the Advanced Org of the Great Plains.

Thanks to my auditor and C/S.

Ethics Repair Rundown

I just attested to my Ethics Repair Rundown, it was great to finally be forgiven for my sins and overts in my life and on my track. I feel calm and have a serenity of spirit that I have not felt before. The idea of having a safe terminal to talk to is a great thing. I am a recovering and the best thing I remember about that was that confession was good for the soul. I recommend it highly and have supreme confidence in the tech at AOGP and their staff. Thanks to all, Bill Blackford

NED for OTs Repair


My name is Bill Blackford and I was in Scientology back in the 70, 80 and 90’s. The mission I was in splintered from the church in 1983, we knew something was wrong right after DM started declaring people at the mission holders conference and the watch dog committee plus the financial police moved into our mission. We continued with the mission without the COS controlling us, and most of the PCs went up the bridge. I was on the OT levels and got lots of gains. I started my own company and got married to a beautiful woman Mary, as we went on with life I lost interest in the OT levels as life happened, and we lived it with gusto, we had 2 beautiful children and a prosperous business.

I had worked around radiation and other body wrecking hazards in my field, and became sick in my late 60s, with various systems, one of which is arthritis in my knees for which I been taking cortisone shots for the last 5 years and it was just getting worse. My wife is on lines with AOGP and the ED there suggested that I might need a NOTS repair and that indicated to me when I decided to get the repair I could not stand for more than 3 or 4 minutes and could not walk 50 yards without agony. I normally used a cane for assistance. The arthritis in the knees were first the items we went after, and I admit I had a bit of a hidden standard on the whole experience.

Now after the repair I have no constant pain in my knees, and I am able to walk a mile or so without discomfort. I was able to stand at an event I attended just last week for 15 minutes with no pain I am walking better than I have in years. We have addressed many other parts and masses and handled many somatics I was having. Many thanks to my auditor John Nunez and C/S Jonathan Burke for a job well done, and thank you to LRH.


Bill Blackford

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