Part One - The First Dynamic

“Love is that condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own.” – Robert Heinlein, "To Sail Beyond the Sunset"

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Scientology as an applicable subject can be likened to an incredibly diverse palette. Its successful use depends in part on the user's awareness level when introduced to the material, his/her duplication, and ability to apply it to his/her own life and the lives of others.

The Scientology "pallet" consists of such invaluable tools as the tone scale, chart of human evaluation, the incomparable data series policy letters, and most of all the Q's, Logics, and Axioms (both Scientology and Dianetic) that are first presented in Scientology 0-8. In addition to other inital books on the subject written by Mr. Hubbard in the early 1950's, these are the "colors" of the aforementioned artist's pallet.

Using a painting analogy, regardless of the skill of the artist and the vibrancy of the paints, the modifier in the quality of the final image is the cleanliness of the brush. The cleaner the brush (and the liquid or solvent with which you are cleaning the brush), the truer the image's colors will remain. A dirty brush creates dull, muddy-looking colors. - The "solvent" in this analogy in regards to Independent Scientology, is open and honest communication.

In studying Scientology, as with any subject, the "cleaner" your "space," the more true to intent your duplication and understanding of the material will be.

When you read your Independent Scientology materials one time, they may seem to have a particular meaning. As you progress up the Bridge and you read them again, you may gain an entirely new meaning and application. This is because you are reading them with a "cleaner space" that allows the unadulterated meaning to shine through. In fact, for someone to truly duplicate Independent Scientology, one may choose to read the same materials at different points on the Bridge to get the full, intended meaning.

As awareness level increases, so does the breadth and depth in application of Scientology concepts, purposes, and uses of the subject. You are, in a sense, "painting with a cleaner brush."

The more you use the material, the more you positively progress in an exponentially demonstrable fashion. This is especially true when using it to help others (through education and auditing) do the same for themselves. Ultimately, you begin to perceive more, which aides in the ability to grant beingness. In short, you see things as they truly are, without bias, with more fidelity.

This has led me to the following:

As one progresses up the Bridge, cruelty, humor at others’ expense, hazing, individuation, cliques, distrust, spite, and a host of other less-than-savory behaviors fall away. They become alien, reprehensible and intolerable in their use on other beings. This has been one of the benefits of completing OT VII.

For some, this concept falls under the principle of "the Golden Rule", “do unto others as you would have done to you.” There is far more to it than that.

It is one thing to think it, yet quite another to make it a day to day, moment to moment reality in practice. This is especially true if one lacks processing. It becomes significantly easier when one has done as little as one thing to progress up the Bridge… no matter where one is on it.

A key to this is to obtain and maintain this:


This ability, to be honest with oneself, is the clean brush you use in your paintings. The cleaner the brush, the truer the representation, the truer the outcome manifests as you postulate or "paint it." This keeps the end product, your "postulate," clean and clear. Otherwise, the result would be unclear and muddied. It would be entirely something else. Right?

To the degree that you are honest with yourself, is to the degree you are aware. This is to the degree you can have fidelity ACROSS YOUR DYNAMICS.

A corollary could be to the degree that you are aware of being unaware, no matter how far you have come, is the degree in which you are being honest with yourself. This results in you having a huge opportunity for betterment across your dynamics, even if you have achieved a lot already!

There is always more to know, learn, and experience from other people and life forms, as well as from their postulates. This is the game of life we have decided to play.

That means, in order to have a fun game, one must be able to treat oneself and others with full fidelity of the Subject of Scientology. It requires understanding and respecting the subject and its application to everything and everyone. It does not mean to just hobby horse one aspect of the subject and beat your friends and associates over the head with it because it makes you “right” or otherwise benefits you.

Fully perceive the true potential of Ron’s research and apply it to others, as you would have it applied to you. Grant beingness, rightness, awareness, and openness to yourself and others; all the other dynamics will reciprocate in buckets because you have truly granted beingness to them.

All you have to do is just decide; picture yourself doing this habitually. Paint the picture with the cleanest brush possible!

The wins are phenomenal.

~ Jonathan Burke is the Executive Director of The Advanced Org. of the Great Plains and its lead Class VIII/IX C/S and auditor. In addition, he is one of our authors for AOGP online magazine.      Contact: [email protected]

"To thine own self be true, and it must follow, as the night the day, thou canst not then be false to any man." - William Shakespeare
William Shakespeare