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Scientologirl - Season One - Episode One

"I am a girl. I am also an independent Scientologist - basically, that means I am not affiliated with the Church at all and get my training and auditing from independent Scientologists, namely: AOGP and STOSA. Follow my journey up the Scientology Bridge in a NEVER BEFORE SEEN recorded journey of someone going up the Scientology Bridge! I'm excited to debunk many myths surrounding Scientology and I guess just to learn along the way as well. The actual subject of our "cult" as many would call it ("did she really just say that?!!") is slowly but surely dying because the subject can be SO confusing and well, anything that seems too strange or different from our reality has ALWAYS gotten bad flack because: "what man fears, he tends to destroy." ~ William Butler. Basically, everything seems "crazy" until it doesn't, and living in the 21st century, independent Scientology is a new-age religion that everyone could use, and with my channel, I intend on showing everyone how! Please Subscribe! :)" ~Scientologirl

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