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4 Jan, 2022
Suppressives and Friends

“And people will defend the most fantastic wrongnesses on the basis that they are being right.” ~L. Ron Hubbard

L. Ron Hubbard made no errors in elaborating clearly that beings are always trying to be right in everything they do - including in their communication.

We see this every day and some people choose professions simply on the basis of trying to be right - such is the case with some psychiatrists, where they can be right in a system that makes others wrong.

The difference between right and wrong in this context, and also between helpful and being critical, is intention. This is why third party rumor is not just dangerous, but also pointless, unless one’s intention is to do harm as it doesn’t aid in anyone’s survival except perhaps the gossiper/third party. Watch out for those people especially - if they are telling you what Jane and Peter and John are doing, they’re likely telling others what you’re doing, and likely the truth is distorted to suit their own aims, which are always in some way destructive.

Being a “concerned friend” can often be the justifier for the gossip, but a concerned friend should be able to have open communication with their friends, not other people. As LRH says, when in doubt, communicate.

I personally don’t pay any attention to gossip and discourage it vehemently when others wish to relay communications of others. There simply is no sane way to handle a situation through third party as adults and it always brings about difficulty.

I admit, in my early days in learning Scientology, I had gone out of personal integrity to remain in ARC with others in social groups. I had even done it within my organization. I have since learned that nothing good comes from it. Two adults should be able to consolidate their friendships or acquaintances when upsets occur, if they’re truly adults.

This is also the reason why I’ve stepped away from the independent social scene on Facebook: actual independent Scientologists get into being there and communicating with third party, making them go mutual out-rudiments as overts, then withholds, and things just get worse and worse from there, leading to the insanity that is “ethics” actions as Knowledge Reports and Conditions assignments which actually, aren’t ethics at all, they’re using the system of ethics to enforce justice upon others. They haven’t a clue on what ethics actually is. Ethics is for survival, not punishment.

Don’t get me wrong, the independent field has some wonderful people in it, willing to make a decent society, a sane community, and ready to build one another up so we can all work towards common goals, but there are a few bad apples. Just as there are SPs in the whole world, so there must be in the independent field. To consider that the Church gets it wrong each and every time they label someone suppressive, is wishful thinking. Thus I think we have quite a few actual SPs amongst ourselves if the Church is spitting them out, to be frank (this is my opinion, not proven factual).

One needs to always look at intention, or at the very least, look at “how does what people do and say influence our survival." One can’t be wrong ALL the time, and if someone points out our apparent wrongnesses ALL the time, watch out for that guy. Even if some of our actions are wrong, are they quick to point it out? Do they ever give praise on things that are right? Do they refrain from complaining on the little things? All things one could observe.

In observing the influence of their communications or actions toward our survival (whichever dynamic), it’s very simple to do. You just look, you use obnosis, there are no assumptions involved. If I’m getting ready to do a Scientologirl video and a friend says I look bloated in my face, that’s being critical as I can’t do anything about it at that very second. If however, the friend offered to give me a hair clip as the hair behind my ears would not stay behind my ears, that’s helpful. If you just bought a new car and your father commented on how much better your brother’s car is, that’s being critical. If your father gave you the number of his mechanic just in case for future, that’s helpful. On a completely unrelated note, if one had financial troubles and one’s friends publicly shamed him, called him a con artist, and set up a campaign to destroy his reputation all in the name of ethics and “help,” that’s being critical. If one on the other hand tried to help this friend per the Code of honor by LRH, and by everything we stand for as Scientologists, by privately encouraging ethics assistance or giving assistance without judgment, that would be help.

Indeed, there are a very many aberrated individuals who practice Scientology Outside the Church for a reason, and for those who have eyes and ears and can even remotely evaluate data, who can recognize outpoints, and who use obnosis to guide them, it’s very easy to differentiate between the ones trying to create a sane future, and the ones trying to crush those around them with misunderstood policy.

One could entirely leave out such things as love, compassion, brotherhood, feelings, and affinity, and simply focus on whether or not the actions and communication were aberrative or not. LRH says, “communication is aberration when the emanating communication was sudden and non sequitur to the environment - here we have a violation of attention and intention.” And this folks, is the crux of the entire problem. We’re too quick to pass judgment and to be critical of others creates, this CAUSES aberration as the emanating communication was sudden and non sequitur to the environment.

Moral of the story: keep your nose out of others’ business unless your intention is to help for the greater good, and if your true intention is to harm in the name of help such as by applying squirrel ethics, remember that is a trait of a suppressive. If you’re going around third partying others, that’s another suppressive trait. If you’re worsening the communication and passing that along as truth, that’s suppressive. If you have people around you who are struggling in life and not succeeding, you may just be suppressive. If you’re selecting the wrong target for, say, ethics actions, that’s suppressive. If you’re raging against and attacking helpful groups, actions or activities, and only approve of destructive actions (such as siding with other suppressive personalities), you might be suppressive. If it drives you crazy to see good people winning and helping others, you might be suppressive. If you believe that nobody owns anything, including owning rights to happiness, beingness, privacy, and prosperity, you might be suppressive. And, if you absolutely don’t think you’re a suppressive despite doing suppressive actions, you very well may be a suppressive as a suppressive has no ability to introspect.

I suppose then, that the above was written for nothing, but at the very least it indicated BPC for me. The real why as to why these things occur at all, and why we can’t just boot the 2%, is because we’re desperate. That is the only rational reason I can come up with on why anyone would stand for such insanity in the field - at the very least why we, as the so-called most ethical and sanest people on the planet can’t simply help each other by using the tech, and need to resort to “unusual actions” against one another.

Bullies exist. They exist larger than ever right on our doorstep, and as LRH says, the people you’d least expect to be suppressive can be suppressives.

But life is not black and white, and more often than not, the people at the forefront are simply PTS and doing the dirty work of those in the background. Where there’s unfounded criticalness in the form of squirrel ethics actions as KRs, Conditions, third party, or public displays of criticism of the person or his creates, there’s overts. That’s a simple rule and it works every time. My criticalness is not unfounded, nor is it so much critical as it is observations based on personal experience and statistics.

All this said, a great comfort one can have is that suppressives can only do harm if one allows them to. Personal integrity and responsibility are senior to anything they can throw at one. Let’s keep our ethics in so they don’t have a fighting chance, shall we?

Let’s all Flourish and Prosper in 2022, and help our friends wherever possible.