Even if you know exactly what responsibility means, you may find some other useful data in here. People often have a button on this word because when we’re young, it’s constantly enforced. An angry parent, a strict school teacher, an older sibling, they all say things like “you’re being irresponsible” or “you need to be more responsible” or “your actions aren’t responsible” etc, and it’s sometimes said in an enforcing tone, because of something we did or didn’t do. So we felt bad about it and every time that word was used since then, some of us may have felt a bit of resentment for it.

Well, responsibility is actually a good thing. Most of us would rather be in control of our lives than have someone else be in control of it, and that’s exactly what responsibility is all about. It’s the ability to respond self-determinedly. When we feel like it’s not self-determined, that’s when we get into trouble. When we consider we don’t have a choice, when we blame others or our environment, when we are inactive in making decisions, none of these are qualities of being responsible. There are always choices to make, by doing any of the above, one is basically admitting they were at effect instead of at cause. This is what breeds justifiers, motivators, and overts and withholds.

Responsibility is about doing and not doing. It’s action or inaction. When entrusted with any responsibility that DOES NOT have evil purposes, there’s an unspoken agreement that what one is doing goes toward the greatest good for the greatest number. This is because man is basically good. One is only treasonous to a person, group or activity, when one doesn’t fully understand the role entrusted to them. I mention this because whenever harmful actions or inactions occur that doesn’t go toward the greatest good, one drops down the conditions because to greater or lesser degree, one is being treasonous. A slip up when entrusted with responsibility is always going to happen, even with Scientology, as we are not perfect beings and we live in a tough physical universe that demands you survive. But when one repeatedly falls from the original responsibility entrusted to one, one then becomes a liability. If this persists, and there’s a refusal to acknowledge one’s prior agreement to work towards the greatest good for the greatest number, that’s when one lands up in a treason condition.

This is always accompanied by justifiers, and what the person is actually saying when they’re justifying a treason condition is “you/they/the environment were treasonous to me that’s why I had to do these things to survive.” It is a failure to understand one agreed to be knowing cause of a duty entrusted to them. It is admittance to being at effect so much so, that one couldn’t exercise knowledge, responsibility, and control.

This is where LRH says people land up in hot water, is failing to assign the right condition. As I said, when people assume no responsibility and they’re in a condition of treason, they automatically assign a treason condition to the ones they made an agreement to. If they take some responsibility but not all, they are assigning a condition of liability to the ones they made an agreement to.

This is vital knowledge when listening to the justifiers and motivators of a person, as it gives insight into what the person in treason is saying vs. how they really feel. For example, if someone says “I have never done anything bad towards our agreement, but you broke our agreements” where in actual fact there was numerous acts of treason recorded, the person is assigning a treason condition to the person. This is especially bad when the person in treason says “I will always look out for you even though I’m being treated this way” - because it is pure covert hostility. It’s feigning agreement to work towards the greatest good without any responsibility of the treasonous acts committed, simply for the purpose of manipulation to continue treasonous acts and get away with it.

If the person takes some responsibility for his actions, they are assigning a liability condition to the ones who they made the agreement with, they will say “yes, I did do some of those things, but you didn’t uphold our agreement fully.”

If a person assumes total responsibility over an agreement, the being is then at cause, not effect. They would assign themselves conditions up to liability, with full acknowledgement that they were in a treason condition of their own doing. They could then work on the conditions going up.

The short of it is, anyone who refuses to take any responsibility for harm they caused to a person, organization, or situation that worked toward the greatest good, and that they agreed to, is always in a condition of treason.

Anyone who sincerely takes SOME of the responsibility, is always in a condition of liability. One is only treasonous when no responsibility is assumed.

When no responsibility is assumed for wrongful actions and the person then claims they will be responsible by “always being a friend” or claiming affections that cannot exist due to the failure of acknowledging prior wrongdoing - that is covert hostility and it is the mark of a suppressive person. I’m not saying all covertly hostile actions = an SP, but it sure is evil to harm the greatest good while pretending to work for the greatest good.

Suppressive people get into positions of power by being covert. Their intentions are always hostile and self-motivated, but their actions can never be found out by others because most of us are basically good and we try to work towards survival of the dynamics, so SPs need to be covert in their actions. Suppressive people are in a constant condition of treason with all dynamics, including the first dynamic, as they failed to realise they were basically good as a spiritual being, and constantly need to change the environment around them without ever assuming responsibility over themselves and in so doing, over all the dynamics.

Greed, selfishness, hunger for personal power without understanding full responsibility over the dynamics, gives basically good beings justifiers and motivators to do bad things. If one makes an agreement, and then finds out the ones who they made an agreement to are in a condition of liability, but fails to ACT, to be cause over one’s life, one then automatically assigns a lower condition onto themselves. If one never does a doubt condition as part of this “ACT,” they will sooner or later find themselves in treason. If in the doubt condition they decide on the formula to “harm” covertly, knowing their actions are harmful, they are then in treason. It is especially harmful when being treasonous to the ones that go toward the greatest good.

Many people see the dynamics self-determinedly, but few see it pan-determinedly. My personal opinion is that people are confused on what is for the greatest good. The greatest good isn’t helping others and yourself while pretending to be a friend, and pretending to be in agreement. That simply cowardly and parasitic. One has to evaluate statistics to determine the greatest good, doing anything else is just going off one’s own case, one’s own considerations, and one’s own level of perception/reality according to where one is on the Tone Scale.

The truth is, if your statistics are lower than that of the person/organisation/situation that you harmed, you are treasonous, and you are treasonous because of failure to do the conditions. Anything else is mock-up, case, irrationality, justifiers and motivators.

What statistics are we looking for as Scientologists when determining responsibility and treason? Production, this applies to orgs and people. How much are they helping work toward the greatest good? The people in the organisation, are they upstat? Do they have success stories from others? What length of time have they existed, and even better, despite suppression from those that attempt to harm them? What experience do the people have and how much of their life have they invested in doing what they do?

Irresponsible and unethical conduct always catches up to a person. Just when things might seem like all is going well, when one least expects it, one finds themselves in a treason condition. For those few that can find things he can be responsible for when ending up in this situation, they may begin to progress in their life, their case, their conditions, and their happiness. For those that don’t, unfortunately life will always seem to knock you down, as even help is considered treasonous to you because of who you are and what you are doing.

Thank you to everyone who read this to the end. ~Scientologirl