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A library of unaltered Scientology Tech for Students, Interns, Pre-Clears, and Pre-OTs alike. Here you will find all available books, volumes, lectures, etc.

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Scientology Technical and Administrative Dictionaries

1991 Technical Volumes

Research and Discovery Series Volumes

ABILITY Magazines 0-152

Organization Executive Course and Management Volumes

Dianetics and Scientology Hardback Books (First Printings) - Chronologically

Digital Auditing Library for iPad Pro

Digital Auditor Admin PDF References for iPad Pro

Auditor and Auditing Essentials PDF References for iPad Pro

All available lectures and their transcripts - Chronologically

Indexed Compendium

All Lectures From 1950-1975



Los Angeles Lecture Series: August 1950

Oakland Public Lecture Series: September 1950

The Dianetics Professional and Standard Procedure Lectures: November 1950


Theta-Mest Theory (Science of Survival) Lectures: May - June 1951

Special Course in Human Evaluation Lectures: August 1951

October Midwest Conference Lecture Series:  September and October 1951

Foundation Auditors Congress: October 1951

Professional Course Lectures - Wichita, Kansas: November - December 1951

Second Annual Conference of Hubbard Dianetic Auditors - Wichita: December 1951


Summary Course Lectures - Wichita: March - April 1952

Technique 80 Lectures: May 1952

Technique 88 Lectures: June 1952

Standard Procedure for Theta Clearing Lectures: October 1952

London Professional Course Lectures: November 1952

The SOP of Theta Clearing Lectures: November  1952


Philadelphia Doctorate Course: December 1952 - January 1953

The Factors Lecture Series - London, England: March - April 1953

1st Advanced Clinical Course (Exteriorization and Space): October 1953

2nd Advanced Clinical Course: December 1953

1st International Congress of Dn. and Scientologists: September - October 1953


3rd Advanced Clinical Course: January - February 1954

4th Advanced Clinical Course - Phoenix Arizona: February - March 1954

5th Advanced Clinical Course: March 1954

6th American Advanced Clinical Course: May 1954

Universe Processes Congress: June 1954

7th Advanced Clinical Course: June - July 1954 (Needed)

8th Advanced Clinical Course: October - November 1954


9th Advanced Clinical Course: December 1954 - January 1955

The Phoenix Lectures: July 1954

Communication, Freedom, and Ability Congress: December 1954

Hubbard Professional College Lectures: - Phoenix, Arizona: March - May 1955

Spirit of Man Congress - Washington D.C. : June 1955

Washington Academy Lectures: July-September 1955

London Hubbard Professional Course: November 1955


London Auditors Meeting: December 1955 - February 1956

Hubbard Professional Course: February 1956

The Professional Course Lectures: August 1956

Games Congress Lectures: August - September 1956

15th Advanced Clinical Course: October - November 1956

The Organizational Series Lectures - Washington D.C.: October - November 1956

Congress On Anti-Radiation And Confront Lectures Wash. DC: December 1956


16th Advanced Clinical Course - Washington D.C.: January - February 1957

17th Advanced Clinical Course Washington, D.C.: -  February to March 1957

Communication Course TR's Lectures: May 1957

The London Congress on Nuclear Radiation Control: April 1957

The Freedom Congress Lectures: July 1957

18th Advanced Clinical Course - Washington, D.C.: July - August 1957

The Ability Congress Lectures: December 1957


19th Advanced Clinical Course - Washington D.C.: January - February 1958

The Clearing Congress - Washington, D.C.: July 1958

20th Advanced Clinical Course:  July - August 1958 (Needed)

5th London Advanced Clinical Course: November 1958

Washington Staff Talk: December 1958


Success Congress: January 1959

Special Professional Auditors Course: April 1959

Responsibility Congress: November 1959

21st Advanced Clinical Course: January - February 1959

Theta Clear Congress: July 1959


State of Man Congress: January 1960

London Congress on Dissemination: June 1960

1st Saint Hill Advanced Clinical Course: August - September 1960

Anatomy of the Human Mind Congress Lectures: December 1960


22nd Advanced Clinical Course - Washington D.C: January 1961

South African Anatomy Congress - Johannesburg, SA: January 1961

3rd South African Advanced Clinical Course - Johannesburg, SA: February 1961

The Saint Hill Special Briefing Course: 7 May, 1961 - 13 December, 1966

The Clean Hands Congress - Washington D.C.: December 1961- January 1962


Professional Auditors Conference - East Grinstead, Sussex, England - April 1963


The Class VIII Course - September 1968 - Available upon request and verification of case level.


Grand National Convention - Dianetics 20th Anniversary -  L.A., CA. - June 1970


Flag Executive Briefing Course - January - February 1971


LRH Model Session Demonstrations - March 1972

Establishment Officer Lectures - March 1972

Expanded Dianetics Lectures - March - April 1972

All available lectures in order of appearance on the Scientology Grade Chart


Student Hat Lectures

Pro TRs Lectures

Academy Level Zero Lectures

Academy Level One Lectures

Academy Level Two Lectures

Academy Level Three Lectures

Academy Level Four Lectures

Academy Level Five (New Era Dianetics) Lectures

Saint Hill Special Briefing Course:  7 May, 1961 - 13 December, 1966

The Class VIII Course - September 1968 - Available upon request and verification of case level.

Specialist Courses

PTS/SP Lectures

NOTE: Confidential Upper level lectures and the KTL materials (in PDF file format) can be aquired from AOGP upon email request and verification of case level with written C/S okay at the e-mail address below.

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