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Purification Rundown Completion

9 months ago

The Purification program is a program to purify and clean out of one's system the restimulative drug or chemical residues which could act to prevent case gain from Dianetics or Scientology processing. - HCOB Purif. Series No. 1

This rundown was an excellent action for me to do. I needed to detoxify my body in a new unit of time and the purif does just that. I can feel the difference, both mentally and physically, as well as spiritually. My mind has a sharper clarity, less foggy and unclear. My body feels more energetic, healthy and I feel an overall greater sense of well-being. Spiritually, I feel more awake and here.
By sweating out the toxins, one is brought more into present-time and out of the past. It is palpable. I'm glad I did this rundown. I feel more at cause and less at effect. I also feel more in control of my future and the decisions I make.

Many thanks to Jonathan and AOGP for delivering this action to me. And thanks to LRH for developing the rundown.