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Purification Rundown Completion

23 days ago

"Just finished my Purif and feeling on top of the world!"

Just finished my Purif and feeling on top of the world!

Started a new job that's going far better than I could have envisoned. My salary doubled, and I got a £1600 a month raise After the doubling. I've been betting the last few months, and been 30% in the green, and this is getting better by the day (£2000 in the past week).

Moved into a fantastic new home. Consistent morning and evening routines. Working for 2-3 hours in the mornings which I have Never done before. I realised my deepest weaknesses in absolute clarity and have a plan to demolish them.

Next two weeks: Signing up clients at £3-5k a pop. Starting a thrice weekly functional fitness and meal planned 6 week transformation programme.

Signing up for MMA twice a week and ukulele coaching. Basically every area of my life is getting kickstarted and feel better than I have in a long time!!

Thanks to Jonathan for being an absolute star on the Purif, gentle, firm, clear, encouraging, supportive and a source of strength and inspiration!!