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Independent Scientology Success Stories - Post Survival Rundown Objectives Rehab

Though it was a a short action, having my Objectives EP rehabbed was nice and very simple to do. I went from being overrun on processes to the point of dreadfully falling asleep MULTIPLE TIMES per objectives session to the point of actually looking forward to receiving more auditing. It actually didn't occur to me before today that I had already EP'd Objectives! Freeing up that stuck point in my universe makes me feel like I can do more in my environment! I'm very glad that there's an alternative way to receive auditing and go into session regardless of location.

Jonathan is a great man and he has helped me out so much that I realized that THIS is what Scientology should feel like; a session with an Auditor is just like a normal conversation, something I haven't experienced in a while (in the church.)

AOGP has my gratitude!


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