The following are brief descriptions of the different processing services we provide. Many others auditing actions are available upon request from our FLAG trained technical staff.

Drug Purification Program

The purification program removes the residual street and pharmaceutical drugs, radiation, and toxins in your body through vitamin supplements, niacin, along with exercise, and the use of a sauna to sweat the residuals out, most importantly, daily.  These unwanted chemicals and radiation are purged from the body, leaving the body unhindered from the constant influence of these harmful chemical components found in nearly everything these days. Allowing the body to heal, live healthier, and perceive far better without the unwanted effects caused by today’s drug influences, as well as those in the past left residual in the body over time.

Expanded Grades Processing

The expanded grades are a series of gradient steps in auditing that fully address issues in life. Such as being out of present time thinking of the past, memory or recall, communication, problems, stuck attention, harmful acts, upsets, and destructive behaviour regarding false survival towards others and oneself.  The expanded grades enable one to go release (free) on these topics, feeling more open and at cause over life. Subsequently, freeing you of those influences, through gradient changes in viewpoint, that are subtle at first but, more frequent and significant as one progresses, building on prior realizations and epiphanies in a systematic approach, one by one.

Case Cracking

Case cracking handles those barriers that have been fettering an individual their whole life. Obstacles that are preventing stable gains in life due to persistent conditions that won't change or go away briefly, only to come back with a vengeance, always at the worst of times. Case cracking delves deep into why the individual cannot solve their persistent PROBLEM areas that can't be addressed with standard auditing, or at all to date. Giving life-changing results never thought possible, freeing them from unwanted conditions, permanently.

OT Grades or Levels

The Operating Thetan levels or OT Levels of Independent Scientology are delivered precisely as LRH intended here at AOGP. Incredible gains are gotten on these levels as one Solo audits their way to total spiritual freedom, causation, awareness, and a host of new perceptions and abilities.  Many of these levels are courses where one learns to Solo audit the materials of the level on themselves before proceeding. The best auditors in the world are Solo auditors who then audit others after their incredible gains on these levels.

The L Rundowns

On the L Rundowns, each rundown is designed to terminatedly handle a specific area of a person's case.  The L's are not grades in themselves but incredible boosters to beingness. Doingness, and havingness in life and other universes. Primarily, the tech comes from research into increasing OT powers. They're a particular class of rundown- they increase your ability and effectiveness in life by magnitudes through the use of an auditing tech called listing and nulling. One of the most effective and powerful auditing techniques ever developed.