The Basic Study Course

"The course was very rewarding.I learned a lot of things that I had never really thought about to improve my learning skills.I wish I had this information many years ago when I was in high school and college.In the future,I will have a systemic guide to follow to continue learning through my life.” - GH

Ups and Downs in Life Course

“It’s sad to acknowledge that suppression is real as outlined in the course, and I realize I have had suppressive friends in the past.  Knowing about suppression puts me at cause to handle it." - HG

“Great course, very informative and I feel like I better understand SP's and how to handle them!”  - A

“My life really has been defined by a series of ups and downs. I’d make some changes to try to improve my conditions but I’d always end up back in it. It seemed that nothing I did mattered. This course, however, showed me that one consistent factor through all of this was suppression. A series of people in my life are SPs. I now have the tools to not only identify them; but also to handle them.

Thank you AOGP and thank you LRH!” -ED

“I found the Ups and Downs course very informative as to the dealing with the problems we face in our everyday business and personal relationships.Particularly helpful is the role of suppresive people and how they affect our lives in  a negative way.I better understand how they create "roller coaster" situations by their behavior.This course will certainly be helpful to others in better recognizing these types and their negative effect on our lives.” - GH

The Original Dianetics Course

"I first studied Dianetics many years ago as a student in London and often used the Book One processes with success as a Volunteer Minister. In fact, these therapeutic sessions were so helpful I would eventually take them out into local church outreach and rehab facilities. Here they provided a workable and effective treatment springboard for seemingly hopeless addicts, or alcoholics, who would frequent these last chance drop-in centres. One to one processing really was a game changer. Traumatic emotional charge of years standing could be erased. With the Original Dianetics Auditor Course we are given a welcome refresher into the simplicity of the source materials and we are able to examine carefully curated evidence of L Ron Hubbard's pioneering research in this field. Truthfully, anyone can practice Dianetics and this course will show you how." - D

How to Communicate better in Life Course - (Basic TR’s Course)

I have gained new insight into communication in general.Not enough(actually vert little)is taught about the basics of communication in our society or educational system.A course like this should be a part of any education,and would benefit society a great deal. -GH