To Know Life

To really know life you’ve got to be part of life. You must get down and look, you must get into the nooks and crannies of existence. You have to rub elbows with all kinds and types of men before you can finally establish what he is.” —L. Ron Hubbard

Here at the Advanced Organization of the Great Plains, we started delivering Independent Scientology after many years of living Scientology within the Corporate Church of Scientology and watching it fade and crumble from the original tenets postulated by Ron Hubbard. Becoming a mere shell of what it once was in delivery, in honesty, and in integrity. We saw “the nooks and crannies” and decided to BE what Ron originally wanted in a TRUE and free-thinking Independent Scientology, free of the yoke of the Corporate Church’s suppression of communication, thought, and most of all, an affinity for one another and the subject of Scientology itself.

Man needed a hand

We knew man needed a hand when we left the Corporate Church of Scientology. A subject as rich and as beneficial as Real Scientology, unaltered, had to be kept in the forefront, as man needed a hand in this everchanging and more difficult world we face, every day. We were just the group to do it! Having left the Corporate Church, man needed a hand in leaving it behind to use the REAL technology, un-subjugated by greed and “False Profits,” pun intended.


With “SURVIVE!” being a Scientologist’s view of life, and a successful one, we set out to deliver Independent Scientology to add individuals, adults and children alike from all walks of life, and religions. Independent Scientology is multi-denominational and benefits and enhances every religious view. Many religions, you will find, have many of the same tenets as Independent Scientology, which is itself original Scientology, the way it started in the early 1950’s with Ron Hubbard at the helm. It was also when Original Scientology enjoyed its greatest successes and explosive growth in numbers as it continued to SURVIVE! In these days of viruses and climate change, “SURVIVE!” has more meaning and importance than ever. We strive to exemplify this state of great survival as staff and with our families and help to educate and elevate the ability to SURVIVE! Not only well, but on a higher plane of QUALITY OF LIFE for all, using the Independent Scientology technology to the fullest in application.


In this workaday world, with the constant tug and pull by organizations, software to think and almost breathe for us, painkillers that literally take over lives, and remind us what not to do, where does the buck stop?

At AOGP, we help restore responsibility and remind ourselves that the only dangerous environment is the one we believe to exist and is the one we manifest and put there.

Generally, this is from a lack of understanding of how to handle social and personal situations and crisis by NOT taking responsibility and NOT confronting that which is complex, for what the situations(s) consist of in their entirety. One cannot be the adverse effect of that which they understand.  Understanding a situation or crisis requires the ability CONFRONT it and its parts, in short taking more responsibility, not less. AOGP can help you raise that ability markedly through the study of our courses and through counseling, or auditing, meeting with an Auditor, one who listens. We use only the original auditing techniques originated by Ron Hubbard to bring you relief of the most stressful and painful situations we face in life and social situations. Much like driving in a storm, being the driver instead of the passenger is always more soothing. Living life with the correct tools and knowledgeability to apply to it, gets you to your destination happily, and stress free.

Accent on Awareness and Ability

Everyone enters this world with a certain level of awareness. Some have more, some have less. But that doesn’t mean it cannot be improved given the information to do so. This is something we excel in using Independent Scientology and the tools we have to do so in it. Gradiently, we improve awareness, knowingness, emotional resilience, handling and strength of character in times that tend to want to reduce these abilities on a constant basis.

We train our public in Independent Scientology based on the viewpoint of “power is the ability to hold a position in space.” For one to do this one needs accurate data in an accurate amount for the situation needing handling, to be able to hold any position regardless of the stress in the social situation, no matter how rough. These tools are invaluable in life when applied correctly. Our success stories tell that tale.

Every Area of Life

Life consists of areas of life, or what we call Dynamics. These dynamics consist of you and your body, your significant other (kids, and family too), groups, the world, and people at large, objects and items, animals, and more. Each of these dynamics has its own condition day to day, and we teach you about these conditions to bring them into the light, expand and enhance them, and GET them in communication with YOU and your other dynamics. This is something that is sorely missing from today’s look at a screen lifestyle. Disconnection socially is a real problem for many generations. We use our Independent Scientology courses and auditing to reinvigorate and rehabilitate the innate abilities we all have, just dormant from bad habits and self-invalidation of these abilities. There is no situation or area of life too great that we cannot help a person improve upon remarkably.

And that is my wish for you, flourish and prosper. - LRH