Wow, Amazing. The last Item I ran on OT II, I had a strange feeling of Déjà Vu. I knew something strange was happening.

Then when my C/S  gave me My next C/S (a correction List), I remembered something that happened when I had to do 5 more intensives of NED when I was undeclared clear for a third time. I ran whole track for the whole 5 intensives. Near the middle of the intensives, the auditor started to get impatient with the time it took me to go through an incident. I kept telling her that I had trouble recreating the incident and that I had to create the images every time I had to go through the incident. I don’t know why these words came out of my mouth. She was more perplexed than I was.  Anyways, we finished the intensives and I successfully re-attested Clear again.

Then Last year on my tenth year going through my daily chronological study of Ron’s books and lectures, I ran into this amazing data on an ACC which literally changed my whole life. Ron often comes up with such dramatic statements once in a while: ‘There are no Pictures in the Bank, just mental masses’.

After some of his explanations on this,  I finally grasped what he was talking about, but did not experience it since I haven’t received any auditing until OT2.

A parallel to this is our laptops or cell phones. There are no pictures in them, The CPU has to recreate them and send them to a display screen and somehow a picture pops up. But there are only masses in the computer banks, no pictures.

Well this explained my NED sessions.

And cleared what I just experienced on OT2. I just stopped creating them.  It’s actually easy to confront because of the way Ron set up OT 2.

Thanks to AOGP and Jonathan for spotting it before I did. I think he was a sniper in a past life.

Thanks To Ron for his brilliance.