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Last year I experienced the depths of Independent Scientology and I really got to have at least some understanding of the very many challenges independents face. I don’t really consider myself “coming from the Church” so I feel it necessary to separate myself from everyone who was.

For the longest time, I have been begging, pleading, reminding, working through the night to try and make a difference in the field. I naively thought that I could achieve what was not done before, that I could unite all of us.

I fought for the longest time, and some of you may have witnessed me change my viewpoint from “wow, these people are awesome” to “wow, these independents just don’t give a crap at all, what happened to everything LRH said about help, working together, we will win if we aren’t  a bunch of small groups” etc. I was mad at everyone. I saw all of you in apathy. I never really took the time to build any understanding.

Now, we have a group of new people in Scientology at AOGP. These guys along with me, are driven and enthusiastic about Independent Scientology, and I asked myself, what makes these new guys and myself any different from Indies? Well, I think there are several reasons.

I know Scientologists are supposed to be strong, responsible, able, capable, confront anything, avoid sympathy, etc. And when I say what I’m about to say, my intention is not sympathy, but rather empathy.

You probably thought you were fighting an incredible cause - saving mankind. How noble and sacrificial that was. Some of you endured really bad things, some of you may have had hard choices to make like disconnection or witness things that weren’t right but you tried to see the greater good for the greatest number. Some of you may have spent thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands, or some of you may have worked long hours for little reward. I don’t know your story, nor do I want to assume. I’ve watched some documentaries that lead me to believe that some of these things are possible.

But, that’s in the past, and perhaps many of you have repaired that stuff already, regardless, I am sorry that stuff happened, for what it’s worth. Fast forward to today, life as a Scientologist is hard. Life as an independent is harder. Some of you only have skills in Scientology, without any backup, like being an auditor. Those who become interested in Scientology don’t know independents exist, at much fairer rates than the Church, without altering Scientology. The well is drying up and it is increasingly more difficult with all the media out there on Scientology to make an income. Financial stress is just one aspect, but of course it’s one of the biggest.

After that, you get OSA, you get Indies fair gaming each other so they can also survive from the dried up well, you get people calling us scam artists or crazy or cultish at every turn. Religious freedom seems to exist to everyone except independent Scientologists. Perhaps that’s a generalisation, but it certainly is observable.

You guys may be able to handle most of this stuff, but one of the worst things I’ve observed, and experienced for myself, is the prejudice both inside and outside of Independent Scientology in the form of status. If you’re at the bottom you’re too new to understand, too new to contribute efficiently, too new to have a voice. If you’re OT and make a mistake, you should know better, you should be, do and have more, you should be near perfect because you’re up the Bridge.

Perhaps the above IS true, but when we begin to point these things out in tones below 2.0, and publicly for that matter, it harms more than just the person we are pointing fingers at. It harms our reputation as independents, it harms ourselves as basically good beings, and it harms the person receiving the negative communication. It is never “for the greater good” to operate this way. These are things we do in fear tones.

I have read, seen, and heard some really awful things last year in 2020. From an OT getting cancer being labeled as “irresponsible,” trolling about a suicide with insinuations, to of course my own situation of being belittled because “she knows nearly nothing in Scientology.” I don’t take the stance of a victim in this. In fact, I turned that hate around and created Scientologirl, my “basic understanding” of Scientology is in fact pulling in new people.

I may not know much, but what I do know is that you have hate on one side, and you have love on the other. Scientology to me is a subject of love, decency, tolerance, acceptance, understanding and compassion. I know we have a propensity to use other words for these, to think in terms of logics such as what is pro-survival vs. what isn’t, but at the very foundation you will find these words if your tone permits it. Something to consider, how can we be so nice to our PCs and so harsh with other Indies?

But, this letter is less about the things we do than the things we experience. This letter, again for what it’s worth, is for those that are being made wrong by society, by the Church, by the fair-gaming of a very few select individuals who are ego driven in independent Scientology who are making us independents look bad, it’s for those who have failed purposes, and most importantly, it’s for those who have to pretend to be fine when they’re really not. No matter the abilities, the policies, lectures, books, courses, etc on who we should be at whatever level on the Bridge, love, compassion and understanding are the basic rights of everyone who are on this planet - if Scientology disagrees with that, then I would gladly denounce myself as being a Scientologist.

I’m not talking socialism, I believe everyone should be responsible for their own lives, and I do believe we should help those who help themselves, but I also believe that decency, compassion, and understanding goes a hell of a lot further than making others wrong.

So for this new year, I propose we think before we speak, and we think before we accept any prejudice, judgment, and make-wrongs from others with present-time down-stats. Their stats are down for a reason. Let’s not let them drag us down to their level. I once asked “what are your stats” and I got years’ past statistics, they do not even know what statistics are. If all a being can do is make others wrong and be covertly hostile with the rest, that’s a down-stat. There is no help involved. There is the intention to harm in the name of help. Their “up statistics” aren’t even up in harming because they cannot finish a cycle of action.

Do I hate them? I came close to it once. Even though a Clear, I can still find the situation irritating because of the levels of toxicity they are presenting independent Scientology to have to the broad public. To be frank, it’s a shit show with some of these online groups and I am absolutely certain that if our presentation was better as independents, we would have more new people interested. This is not just my opinion. Our new people have told us how much more they prefer our private group to other online groups because we have isolated ourselves from the entheta and fair-gaming from Indies.

But no, I do not hate them. If I could help them, I would, GLADLY I would. As LRH says, “They act the way they do because they are all subject to the same cruel pressures of this universe.”

“Why should one change and begin to hate just because others have lost themselves and their own destinies are too cruel for them to face?”
“When cruelty in the name of discipline dominates a race, that race has been taught to hate. And that race is doomed. The real lesson is to learn to love.”

For those that don’t know, the above is taken from “What is greatness” by L. Ron Hubbard. Every time I have been tempted to drop into lower tones I remember the above.

All I really want to see from my fellow independents if I can expect so much, is just more tolerance and more decency. We should use the free platforms to get people interested, not to tear each other down for the world to see. The orgs and auditors that harm more than help will eventually destroy themselves without our input. Let us focus on haves more than not haves. Let us focus on all of the good and if we are to focus on the bad, let us make very sure we have all of the facts or we may sink our own ships as some are doing.

Perhaps clearing the planet is too great a task, but if we can work together by simply cleaning up our presentation online, I firmly believe not only will we bring in new public, but we can perhaps start being more appreciative, respectful and compassionate towards one another. Let us isolate counter-intentions and redefine the word “independent.” Let us move forward through love and kindness.

Thank you for reading this, to those of you who have made it to the end. I wish you all a wonderful, prosperous and happy new year ahead. As always, much love, ~Scientologirl.