My name is Bill Blackford and I was in Scientology back in the 70, 80 and 90’s. The mission I was in splintered from the church in 1983, we knew something was wrong right after DM started declaring people at the mission holders conference and the watch dog committee plus the financial police moved into our mission. We continued with the mission without the COS controlling us, and most of the PCs went up the bridge. I was on the OT levels and got lots of gains. I started my own company and got married to a beautiful woman Mary, as we went on with life I lost interest in the OT levels as life happened, and we lived it with gusto, we had 2 beautiful children and a prosperous business.

I had worked around radiation and other body wrecking hazards in my field, and became sick in my late 60s, with various systems, one of which is arthritis in my knees for which I been taking cortisone shots for the last 5 years and it was just getting worse. My wife is on lines with AOGP and the ED there suggested that I might need a NOTS repair and that indicated to me when I decided to get the repair I could not stand for more than 3 or 4 minutes and could not walk 50 yards without agony. I normally used a cane for assistance. The arthritis in the knees were first the items we went after, and I admit I had a bit of a hidden standard on the whole experience.

Now after the repair I have no constant pain in my knees, and I am able to walk a mile or so without discomfort. I was able to stand at an event I attended just last week for 15 minutes with no pain I am walking better than I have in years. We have addressed many other parts and masses and handled many somatics I was having. Many thanks to my auditor John Nunez and C/S Jonathan Burke for a job well done, and thank you to LRH.


Bill Blackford