My Scientology adventure started in my teenage years - I was only 16 when I did my first TRs course, and 17 when I did Basic Dianetics Course, Tone scale, Self Analysis, some more TRs, and started first co-auditing sessions with my friends...

Growing up and learning Scientology in a socialist country like Yugoslavia at the time, where the Church of Scientology never stepped in, was a kind of adventure almost bordering with subversive activity, from the standpoint of authorities. Some of the people I knew, and who actually brought Scientology to Yugoslavia (after being trained in Saint Hill, and leaving CoS afterwards) were called for police interviews and monitored by authorities.

However, it didn't stop us to learn, and to invite some former Saint Hill staff to Yugoslavia to teach us, organize courses, deliver auditing... My lifelong friend was trained as Class V in Saint Hill, and for many years he was mostly our main point of contact for sessions, training and courses. Until the war swept over the country in 1990s and brought an end to many ambitions, endeavors - and lives.

Internet revolutionized and changed everything: suddenly, with my computer at home (and Yugoslavia disintegrated into several small countries), I was able to restart my learning of Scientology and get in contact with many independent Scientologists around the world.

I also did some traveling, some more courses abroad, got some more auditing both abroad and domestically, and started to give sessions on my own too.

As a professional journalist for many years, I used the opportunity to educate the public too, so my feature article on Dianetics was probably the first in-depth and positive overview of the subject ever in Serbo-Croatian language. I also gave few well attended Dianetics workshops in the former capital of Yugoslavia, Belgrade, and at one point had almost regular clients for sessions.

However, the tricky economy situation of Serbia, Bosnia and other former Yugoslav republics wouldn't allow for regular visits abroad and continuation of training and auditing.

Finding AOGP, however, was a true game-changer!

After three years of online experience with AOGP, I think we can positively establish that learning online is not only possible, but also very feasible and convenient! Checkouts and demos online do not lose anything in comparison to doing them in a physical courseroom, and having a virtual Classroom with students who pose questions, post their study points, or do word clearing together (have you ever tried Method 9 over cam? Do it! It's fun!) is a functional and rewarding activity! If Ron was alive, I am sure he would utilize Internet in some useful manner.

Being a Course Supervisor online for AOGP rewards me in so many ways - there is an old saying: if you want to continue learning, start to teach! Of course, we Supervisor don't teach, but supervise, point to source materials, help in word clearing, but also give checkouts sometimes. And it is not by chance that giving checkouts earns you some study points too! It is like going over the important bulletins and materials again, and seeing satisfied students who are winning on their courses is a continual source of inspiration and enthusiasm for me!

AOGP did some serious breakthroughs in online education, and I sincerely believe the public will recognize it soon, and I hope that many will use this amazing opportunity to improve their lives.