Another fantastic auditing cycle!

L11 is different than anything I’ve ever done in session. I wish I could describe how easy this magic auditing cycle takes place - so simple to get such huge gains that I have had in such a short period of time! I can’t imagine all the work Ron put into figuring this all out, and then getting us onto the next step and so on: amazing!

The greatest gain is getting my true self back: who I am and cleared of others personality traits with the resultant here and now of full beingness going into the future. While I do this, I am on the Solo 1 course and loving that about as much! I hope things are good for you too!

“Scientology does not teach you. It only reminds you. For the information was yours in the first place.” ― L. Ron Hubbard, “Scientology, the Fundamentals of Thought”