“School did not help me to be successful. Even when I went back all the way to postgraduate school and took more courses, I was not any happier or any more successful than I had been at the start. Playing by society’s rules, I realized that those rules were the wrong things to follow – they did not make me happy. Enhancing my skills, freedom, and creativity did.”
-The Superhero Lifestyle For Teachers

Do I need to say more? Obviously, this is LRH’s tech in action.

“Enhancing my skills" - communication, for example. Coming from a chronic introvert who ends up sharing her life in a book to the world, it’s a lot to say! There’s always an odd one out in the family –you should know the feeling, right? In this case being me, I struggled with it until finding LRH’s technology. That is, until the age of 48 – quite a long wait! It is not that I was just sitting there waiting for answers, I looked everywhere: Catholicism, Christianity, Buddhism, Philosophy, Siddha yoga, Hinduism, Lakota “Medicines,” you name it. But as my auditor once said, "it was just a matter of time before you would be here."

As time passed, I realized that there were people following my steps, people observing and listening to me; there were people improving their lives thanks to what I was sharing – even if unintentional. This was happening basically in three ways: 1. Directly: sharing the technology with coworkers, family and friends. 2. Indirectly: applying it in schools (nearly 60 different schools), mainly to teachers and students. 3. Unintentionally: strangers following my lead in some way.

Inspired by Ruth Minshull’s book How to Choose Your People, I decided to share what I’ve learned in an easy and digestible way for those that, for what I see, are not very likely to dive into Scientology directly. I choose teachers because of the importance of their work on our fourth dynamic. Although it is important to consider that parents teach, brothers and sisters teach, friends teach, bosses teach –so it is not exclusively for teachers at school.

I believe that we teach what we need to learn. Therefore, here I am, learning; this time at the AOGP. What an awesome finding! Who would have thought that here I would receive the final (and so necessary) push to publish my book? I was going through hard times when I joined this group. Right away they were there to help me. Thanks to their encouragement, guidance and Dianetics auditing; I got back on track, overcame every barrier, and finally uploaded the book to Amazon!

I’m so grateful and happy to have found my tribe!