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Independent Scientology Success Stories - Life Repair

When I agreed to receive a Life Repair, I wasn't really sure what I was getting into. I have never done anything like that. I just knew that something needed to be addressed, something that Life itself begged me to face. I reached a point where I could no longer ignore this need.

Taking a leap of faith, I jumped, trusting that what was offered could only help me. It did so in a very unexpected way. With question after question, chain after chain, repetition after repetition, something "new" started to form in me. My awareness of Life was becoming gently, but surely—and over time, insistently—stronger. I don't think there has been one major blow of charges happening at a particular time, or anything spectacular; it all happened slowly and internally.

The very last sessions, however, were substantially different. I was listing words, and afterward, I realized they were all connected, and that's when my awareness became even stronger. I realized my perceptions were clearer and sharper. I could feel my thoughts, which now allowed me to "stand up" and reclaim the gift that Life is.

For example, I am able to see one of my major "holes" and am able to fill it up with determinism so that I can "walk over" and go to the other side. Nothing—not even what I felt it was incredibly painful or impossible to deal with—can keep me on that side of Life. Life is mine to live, and now I feel able to do it. -FSE

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About Lisa Burke

Independent Scientologist, artist, blogger and content creator
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