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Lectures of 1966


In February L. Ron Hubbard returns to the Canary Islands to continue his advanced research of the spiritual nature of man.

On 18 March he flies to Rhodesia where he investigates the ability of a single individual to single-handedly assist a small country to overcome its problems. He discovers that OTs work better in numbers and that a single OT can be thwarted without the support of other like minded beings.

In July he returns to England and delivers the final lectures of the Saint Hill Special Briefing Course.

He releases the first advanced levels of Scientology auditing which take one beyond the state of Clear originally postulated in Dianetics.

On 1 September 1966, L. Ron Hubbard resigns from all directorships and management of Scientology churches.

He subsequently accepts his third Explorers Club flag for the Hubbard Geological Survey Expedition, which will find and examine ancient Mediterranean civilizations, amplifying man’s knowledge of his history. From these expeditions results will come the book, Mission into Time.

In December L. Ron Hubbard purchases a small sailboat,  The Enchanter (later renamed Diana).

The Saint Hill Special Briefing Course - Year 6

The Saint Hill Special Briefing Course 1966 Lectures

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