While continuing his work at Saint Hill and on the Briefing Course, Mr. Hubbard conducted photographic shoots in the surrounding area. At the request of a well-known local event promoter, he carried out a study of promotional actions.

In June, L. Ron Hubbard began a series of lectures in which he unraveled the complexities of study and education. With this, he provided a technology that anyone could use to improve their study of any subject.

This became study technology, which is used around the world today, both in Scientology churches and in private and public education systems.

38 lectures were delivered to the students of the Saint Hill Special Briefing Course in 1964.



Technical Bulletins for 1964 can be found at this link in chronological order here on the site in PDF format and are downloadable. - (Under construction and usable)


The Saint Hill Special Briefing Course - Year 4

Saint Hill Special Briefing Course - 1964  January to the end of June

The Saint Hill Special Briefing Course - 1964 Lectures June to August

The Saint Hill Special Briefing Course - 1964 Lectures Sept. to December

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