For myself, L11 was magical. The magic IS, my perceptions have become more powerful, synchronizing with the (Theta) universe vibes on the dynamics. I postulate, I receive. - Sometimes there is a physical universe comm. lag.

It's a little shocking to get used to because it happens with everything. I will know I need to do something or communicate something beforehand (before it happens). Or, there is telepathy with my boyfriend, kids, family, friends. I'll get a comm. which was needed for myself or the reverse flow happens. I don't always say to them in words, then I wonder how they got it. Well, words are only a carrier of intention - Beings know.

This is also true when I need to remedy a lower tone situation or person into a high tone of happiness & survival. I truly know any situation or person responds to theta, that theta will disinturbulate. It is just a viewpoint from cause and a loving intention. I am not saying it is always comfortable to do, it is as well a conscious confront level of awareness to intend the highest good, to be there and communicate with presence.

This is my new viewpoint as a being.

L11 subtly cut through layers of my  case that I truly needed to be happier & with more integrity. I am talking ruins in life.

To go along with the above wins, I understand why The Ls are their own case gain not like any other bridge step. It has freed up areas of life & dynamics which were being ruined because of my reach & integrity. I know this because everything has changed in my life. I am in the middle of the most stellar plans...

Before L11, there was seemingly much effort in certain areas of reach. But through L11, I realized the effort was of my own creation.

These wins would have never been possible without the most awesome Auditor, Johnathan Burke. The smoothness of his Auditing and presence is truly amazing.
His ability to create a safe space for one to purge travails of the track to bring one  new beginnings, has my eternal gratitude & respect and I am eternally grateful for you Johnathan, and LRH.

Much Much Love,