Working aboard the Sea Org flagship Apollo, Ron continued to research intensively in the administrative and technical fields.

Having developed a successful and standard system of organization form and function, Ron turned to streamlining the technology of management. He released the highly workable principles and systems he evolved in the first HCO Policy Letters of the Organizing Series and Personnel Series.

Another brilliant breakthrough was in the area of logic, where Ron made the first significant advances since the ancient Greeks. Releasing his findings in the famous Data Series policy letters, he revolutionized the subject; for the first time in all of
man's history there was an effective and certain means of analyzing data and handling situations.

On the technical front, Ron resolved the mystery of the difficulties sometimes encountered by preclears after exteriorizing and released the technology to handle them -the new Interiorization Rundown.

1970 also saw the release of the first Case Supervisor Series HCO Bulletins, codifying Ron's years of experience in supervising cases and handling auditors. With these issues C/Ses had a clearly marked road to consistent and spectacular results for the auditors and PCs under their care.


27th  HCOB  E-Meter Drill Coaching

31st  HCOB  Withholds, Other Peoples


20th  HCOB  Floating Needles And End Phenomena



22nd  HCOB  Clay Table Demo Checkouts


27th  HCOB  Unreading Questions and Items



3rd  HCOB  C/S'ing 2-Way Comm

17th  HCOB  Let the PC Have His Full End Phenomena




8th  HCOB  Persistent F/N

26th  HCOB  Definition Of A Student

27th  HCOB  The Intention Of A Student