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Title:Looking at My Time Track

A little more art, before another Blog Post, promise!

August 18th, 2022

Above is another digital art piece created by the AI art bot with inputs given by me :)~  Great fun!

The Original can be downloaded below if you would like a free copy, just click in the box:

File sharing and storage made simple
MediaFire is a simple to use free service that lets you put all your photos, documents, music, and video in a single place so you can access them anywhere and share them everywhere.


Title: "We Await Your Return to Forget"

Some More Art

August 16th, 2022

Some More Fun with Don't miss the second image below of Scientology Factor 1 too!

The above digital art piece is titled: "We await your return to forget."

Look familiar? :)

The Original can be downloaded below if you would like a free copy, just click in the box:

File sharing and storage made simple
MediaFire is a simple to use free service that lets you put all your photos, documents, music, and video in a single place so you can access them anywhere and share them everywhere.

Scientology FACTOR #1 "Before the beginning was a Cause and the entire purpose of the cause was the creation of effect." as interpreted by the Midjourney Bot "


August 15th, 2022

"The greatest joy in life is creating. Splurge on it! - LRH

Above is a digital art piece I made titled (and inspired by), "The Between Lives Area" using the AI Art tool at What an amazing tool this is! You really should spend some time with this.

The Original can be downloaded here if you would like a free copy, just click in the box:

File sharing and storage made simple
MediaFire is a simple to use free service that lets you put all your photos, documents, music, and video in a single place so you can access them anywhere and share them everywhere.


Hollywood 1991

How Pro TRs Saved My Life

Please feel free to comment at the bottom of the blogs in Discus :)

As an outer Org trainee from Kansas City, I did the Pro Trs course at FLAG in late January 1988. It was the first course I did when I arrived, as it was the first course on the grade chart at the time, even before Student Hat.

I spent under two weeks on the course, which was a harrowing experience for a kid fresh out of High School at 19 years old with a Basic Study Course as my only prior course. I had a fantastic twin on the practical drills, which we will save for another story in the coming weeks. Getting through the "wall of clay" demos on the course was no easy feat and quite an education in itself and a perfect one at that.
My twin and I worked 15-18 hours a day toward the end to complete the TRs practicals by Thursday at 2 pm, and we did get it done that week before 2 pm. At the time, the Senior C/S international was at the base, and he checked out our TR-4 video for a pass; we got it the first time through, thanks to the impeccable course supervisors we had in both practical and theory course rooms.

The end phenomena of Pro TRs being:

From the Original LRH Pro TRs Check of 1983 to 1991

I left Staff with the church in May of 1990 and ended up in LA working for a Scientologist at a digital musical rental firm in Hollywood while my 2D was on course full-time on Key to Life at LA Day Org. I rented and delivered audio gear to recording studios all over Southern California and I had a lot of fun doing it.

Towards the end of August of 91' I got a call for $16K worth of recording gear to be rented in Orange county, an hour away; unusual but not unheard of to go that far out, and it was a BIG rental. So, I packed up the Escort GT with all the gear and headed down 5 Interstate Highway.

I got to the house and walked up to the door, noticing two guys walking down the street in long black coats as I turned up the sidewalk to knock. A lady opened the door, and I asked her where she wanted the gear, and she had no idea what I was talking about and said she didn't order any recording equipment to be rented. Baffled, I turned round to go back to the car and call on the brick of a cell phone over my shoulder and verify the address.

As I approached the driver's door, the two pedestrians I mentioned earlier plopped an M16 rifle over the top of the car from the passenger's side. The guy with the gun was sweating bullets, and his partner was yelling at him to "smoke me" as I was carrying a cell phone. I thought they were joking and asked if they were the guys renting the gear.

The gun holder's partner was becoming frantic, and in my right peripheral vision, I could see a Mexican door-to-door salesman of about 400 pounds jumping a 7-foot high fence a few doors down, no mean feat for his size. That was my tip. It wasn't a joke, and I was being robbed of $16K in recording equipment.

I looked at the barrel of the rifle and remembered what my father had told me about the making of the gun and how it had a notching of sorts to make the bullet fly out end over end as a little spinning cutting machine at the business end of it.

I then looked at the safety, and the safety was off. I was about to have my head removed in a residential neighborhood, I thought to myself.

The gun holder was getting more anxious as his accomplice pleaded with him to kill me. I got in comm with him with a good TR-0 and told him I wasn't going to call the police and that I was going to turn around and walk away from the car (as I didn't want to see him pull the trigger if he did) and throw the keys over my back so they could have the vehicle and gear. By this time, his friend was absolutely beside himself, protesting how dumb an idea this was for them. All the while, I kept my TR-0 in with the possible shooter, using a very high flow of affinity and truth towards him.

I ignored the accomplice and turned around, walking away from the car, throwing the keys over my shoulder as I walked, as I said I would. The shot never came. Instead, a series of car doors slamming and tires squealing with stops and starts as they wrestled with a standard transmission,feeble attempts at trying to get the car in gear ensued as they finally took off.

I turned around, and the car was gone. The Mexican door-to-door salesman ran up to me from the house he had just climbed into the backyard of moments ago and said they had called the police from that residence.

Help Arrives

The Sherriff deputies were in three different cars at the scene two minutes later.

I described the perpetrators. They said I should be dead upon my description, as they had killed two people in a liquor store the prior week and the Sherriff's department was on a search for them. They were incredulous that they were even talking to me, quite literally, telling me over and over how fortunate I was.

A couple of minutes later, another deputy found my car at the corner gas station a block away. The attendant there said they transferred all the gear to a car with covered license plates and took off, leaving my car still running.

The deputies took all my information; that was the last I heard of the incident. I drove away in shock back up the 5 highway to Hollywood, knowing full well that my Pro TRs course had saved my life, whereas the alternative would be a stainless steel slab with what was once my body on it, headless, more than likely.

True story: Pro TRs handled the situation with communication alone.

On two other occasions the Pro TR's Course has saved my life. I cannot recommend it enough and it quite may well be the best course in Independent Scientology.

We deliver the Original Pro TRs course checksheet on our online course room STOSA, and deliver it to 1988 FLAG standards.

You can enroll here with AOGP and get Student Hat free with your Pro Trs course:

The Technical Viewpoints of Independent Scientology Auditors and Case Supervisors - Why Are They are so Radically Different? - PART IV

August 10th, 2022

Modern Day - 2022

In our last three blog installments, we covered the many facets of how a "standard" technical viewpoint in Independent and Church Scientology was created and how it can blossom into an individuated perspective based on when the viewpoint was established through that training.

A stable datum is defined as something that is, in fact, stable. Proper technical training is only as good as it is truly standard and unwavering in its delivery, something challenging to do for LRH AND everyone else in and out of the organization from day one. It's not that it can't be done, but it is tricky. Catching flubbed training in the Qualifications division is more manageable, but as LRH says, "the personalities involved" on technical lines sully technical correction often with their own cases in make wrong while on the Qual correction line for an auditor or case supervisor. It destabilizes an already fragile stable datum that, in many situations, was fleeting on its own, something that has to give for things to truly work as Ron intended.

LRH auditing and admin Tech works if applied correctly every time. The issue doesn't lie with the tech; it lies with the version being used and what the user of that version knows of it compared to another who learned something else, misunderstood words and false data notwithstanding. We're talking just the data learned itself in a standard course and not the pitfalls of poor study being added in as another variable.

Any auditor can create an almost third-party-like atmosphere towards/between other auditors and case supervisors. The third-party law assists arguments due to the opposing stable datums created between the two individuals, leading to the overt motivator sequence and a slippery slope.

What technical terminals SHOULD Know

Scientology/Dianetics and Independent Scientology/Dianetics, as a subject and its application, are crumbling quickly away to the relentless march of time as no one is genuinely putting it there in numbers. Bodies fail and are dropped by us all, which is a given.

Auditors, Case Supervisors, Course Supervisors, ethics officers (yes, they are essential when delivered correctly from the viewpoint of ethics being a personal thing) are the ones holding the line of a "second dynamic" to the tech being around as people come back next life time. The game is over if the correct tech is no longer there when they come back.

We have to PUT IT THERE for something an Independent Scientology to be there in the future for us all.

Over the last year of 2021-2022, our ranks as auditors have dwindled significantly both in and outside the church. Some of the highest trained tech terminals have dropped the body.

Our job is to grow up, get along and set a standard. HOLDING the agreed upon standard for the old guard to come back to and to end the "rugged individualism" of those still practicing this go around and get along with each other. Understanding that we are all on the same side with only slightly different stable datums that can be brought out into the light and agreed upon for the sake of the 4th dynamic, let alone much higher ARC between each other.

AOGP is doing all it can to provide free qual correction, having the correct technology by making it freely available here on the site for download, and so* much more on a FREE basis to all auditors.

We are running out of time before "the shades of nightfall," as LRH spoke of in 1952 on the Philadelphia Doctorate course. Working together is the ONLY option for us all if we are to have a future as Independent Scientologists.

In closing, said with great affinity, what can you do to help your fellow auditors and those who want spiritual freedom for now and when they come back to the physical universe next time round'?

The Technical Viewpoints of Independent Scientology Auditors and Case Supervisors - Why Are They are so Radically Different? - PART III

July 28th, 2022

Whose Stable Datum is the most stable, yours, or mine?

Stable information, or stable data as we call it in Scientology, is one of the essential concepts in any subject, if not life, not to mention Scientology itself. It is the basis of everything one operates off of in life, these stable bits of information.

When one learns to be an auditor, one receives the information they will operate off of in that role and use for wearing that "hat" on their courses that are given at that TIME.

If you're new to Independent Scientology, the subject at large, or you've been in the church and recently got out and landed on this website; you might not know that there have been monumental changes to the technical procedures over the years. All be it incrementally over about 40 years. WHEN one does their training on the time track is the key to their viewpoint and reality on the subject.


Based on almost 20 years of experience in having an external viewpoint outside the church, the indifference, chaos, make wrong, ARC breaks (upsets), third party, and more that these varying viewpoints on auditor education create are unparalleled.


Primarily because these auditors operate off of different stable datums in their training upon which they were trained at any given time over the last 5o plus years. Thus, creating tremendous subdivisions, even cliques in some cases in the independent field and the church. They rarely see eye to eye with each other as their realities are so different in their training! Predisposing them to ARC breaks with each other due to the aforementioned "out" or "no" reality with one another on their training. One would think as an auditor, it would be easy to spot, but amazingly, it follows the LRH concept of "The hardest thing to spot is a missingness" all too well, unfortunately.

For this reason, it may be why one never sees much cohesion in the forming of new organizations in the Independent Field to date. There are so few trained auditors to begin with, not to mention from the same era of stable data in their training to foster agreement as a foundation.

Less than 10% of all church Scientologists get trained modernly, even less so in the independent field. The disparity between training "generations" of auditors is the WHY in the scene of rugged individualism amongst auditors. One could go as far as to say it is a service facsimile amongst our ranks as auditors while the Who's "My Generation" plays in the background.

Until this is confronted and taken responsibility for by a sizeable portion of quickly dwindling ranks of trained auditors left, the future for Independent Scientology as a whole, let alone the subject itself, has a bleak future. We all, as auditors, need to take responsibility for these generational differences and set a technical standard upon which a stable datum can be built, not continually subdivided into oblivion.

How could this have happened?

How could LRH or anyone else have let this happen? Simple, the subject works and does get great results if done correctly. But, those with secrets that don't want them known and who detested able, capable critical thinkers in society scuttled Scientology by altering the technology and auditor's stable data to keep those secrets safe. In our opinion, Hubbard did the best he could with the information he had given him. We must take responsibility for the corruption that occurred when he was cut off from the organization. After his passing, things went into the abyss, and the stable datums changed every time copyright lapsed. Powers that be scuttled the subject "a little bit more" with each new copyright filing creating almost a third-party situation ultimately, and with it, arguments ensued in an almost Machiavellian fashion.

More to come!

The Technical Viewpoints of Independent Scientology Auditors and Case Supervisors - Why Are They are so Radically Different? - PART II

July 24th, 2022

Changes, changes, changes

In my last blog post, we mentioned misunderstood words and False Data—the two most significant issues on varying viewpoints for technical and non-technical Independent and Church Scientologists alike. However, in the church, most of the old guard has long since been deleted in some form or another from the church, making it easier to make changes as there is then no "memory" of how LRH wanted things done per policy. That leaves the balance remaining to be a part of the Independent field if they still practice the subject as the majority. Nearly 90% of the people that DO leave the church leave Scientology entirely within a year. That's an actual factual statistic, but we will leave that for another blog post topic very soon.

The LRH Research Line

Here's where it gets interesting. As LRH continued his research over 35 years, from 1950 to 1985, things were continually changing. Per reports of those who were there in the first 15 years, people left Dianetics/Scientology due to the advances made in the technology as the research line continued. Their disagreement was an ARC break (colloquially, an upset) over new concepts and auditing delivery procedures ranging from minor to fundamentally different ways of doing things in the technology. They knew how to do what they knew how to do. Why fix it? Any trained auditor will tell you from one of LRH's later technical bulletins on ARC breaks that these people had missed withholds that caused the ARC breaks in the first place, and that was why they were leaving. I would agree, but there is a deeper situation to all of this than just missed withholds that create the problem of division between members of the same team having the inability to stick together on such a rewarding subject as auditing, making Clears, and making OTs.

The Stable Datum

A stable datum per LRH is defined as: "A datum which keeps things from being in a confusion and around which other data align."

When a person gets adequately trained, that training creates a wealth of stable data for the student. This data is what the student bases their analysis on when using that subject. Accurate data or not, the information is their comparable magnitude when using it to analyze something on that subject or use it with others as a basis of agreement and to get products with it. At this juncture, it gets complicated for a person when changes are entered down the road or by one or more people after study is complete.

Playing well with others (doing it correctly) or continuing to use the subject at all becomes an issue quickly due to unstable data for most people when this happens and it has happened a lot throughout the course of Dianetics and Scientology.  

We will do a deep dive in our next post to reveal some very interesting phenomena you may have overlooked or oftentimes wondered about...

More to come!

The Technical Viewpoints of Independent Scientology Auditors and Case Supervisors - Why Are They are so Radically Different  - PART I

July 18th, 2022

A question at the forefront of conversation from public clients with AOGP for over a decade is why there are so many varying viewpoints among auditors in the field and why, if they are (Independent) Scientologists, don't they work together better? As auditors, their wealth of information on communication, the mind, personal relationships, and so much more is at their disposal and should resolve pretty much anything.


It's a GREAT question; let's delve into it a bit to find out why this may be...

We've given this a great deal of thought, given that we use the Subject of Independent Scientology on a moment-by-moment basis in doing what we do as a delivery organization with our public. There are a couple of great causes for this phenomenon in the big picture.

Let's start with the most significant and most "obvious" reason and then work into the subtleties after. You're going to say, "Well, I knew they would say THAT!" but it goes far beyond this one thing with excellent reasons beyond its official technical usage, though fully valid itself...

Misunderstood Words and False Data

Supposing you're already an Independent Scientologist and have done a Basic Study Course or Student Hat, you're all too familiar with this concept and what misunderstood words do to a person. When dealing with more than one person, misunderstood words create different realities of the same thing due to the misunderstanding of the actual definition of the concept at hand; this causes disagreements due to varying realities between the two people discussing the concept.

Misunderstood words or not known words are everything to using a subject (incorrectly.) The darker end of the spectrum is altered definitions being passed off to those genuinely wanting to learn a subject as the correct definition when, in fact, it has been altered (on purpose) by an organization or someone for a specific purpose. This phenomenon is known in Independent Scientology as FALSE DATA and can be handled with the action known as False Data Stripping to remedy the conflict of information.

Both of these phenomena above have occurred countless times with technically trained and non-technically trained Independent and Church Scientologists alike, we will get into what can happen as a result in our next blog installment.

Technology and Independent Scientology

June 30th, 2022

Every 15 years or so, a paradigm shift in technology takes place. Independent Scientology is no exception to the benefits of these advances.


The digital meters available outside the Church came on the scene nearly 15 years ago and have made significant advances since their introduction. These meters are higher in quality, sensitivity, privacy, and features than the Church's. LRH would have been proud of the capabilities and doors these meters open in training and auditing over the internet. They are making Independent Scientology available to anyone with an internet connection and a computer without the high prices.

Online Auditing

Once a futuristic dream, online or remote auditing is relatively new to all Scientologists but is a boon if done correctly. Saving travel and travel cost, cost of auditing per hour, time, and so many other factors, online auditing is the way of the future for anyone in the world to get standard tech wherever they are. LRH spoke of this type of technology to friends several times as something he would want to do if the technology existed. We're happy to say we've made it happen and use it daily with our public with copious success stories!

Online Training

Remote learning has exploded onto the scene in the last ten years. New Dianetic Students can take their first PC in session on the other side of the globe at the push of a button. Virtually any Independent Scientology course is available in our online courseroom. Our online courseroom gives the student flexibility, consistency, and social interaction through private social media.

Streaming Lectures and Transcripts

With the advent of streaming audio, the entire LRH audio library is at your fingertips anywhere your smartphone may go, allowing you to listen when and where you can, to over 4600 lectures and transcripts.

Technology has given Indpendent Scientologists the religious freedom to do Scientology without the oppression and suppression of days past. Avail yourself of all these tools, many free from AOGP here on the site, to go OT!

Having the Correct Technology in 2022

June 27th, 2022

Before the advent of the internet, Scientology books and course packs were the exclusive media for learning Scientology; if you wanted to know more about the subject, you bought a book or took a course.

Smartphones, then tablets, quickly emerged in 2006 and 2007 with the advent of the iPhone and iPad. Tablets and smartphones were now the local library and far more current than monthly periodicals in most cases.

As early as 1994, the USENET groups had many of the Scientology technical volumes in text format, most published by The "Freezone Bible Association." Nearly thirty years later, that same data landed on various Torrent sites and a hand full of websites, for better or worse.

Unfortunately, much of the Scientology body of work on the net was in antiquated Microsoft Word formats that no application would now open, and it had reached a dead end. The PDF document format became the format of choice, making tech documents searchable, indexable, and much more.

Something had to be done about the state of the tech online. Having the correct technology is part of Keeping Scientology Working. Standards had to be decided upon on document colors, text size, searchability, and so much more. AOGP rose to the occasion here on this site, and since the beginning of the year, we've been re-establishing tech and admin documents in bulk. Making them downloadable as single documents and eventually in book form once we complete a volume. All the issues are searchable by Google text robots, so they appear on Google when someone looks for a phrase or document title.

Each year of Scientology has its respective web page here on the site and will ultimately be combined with the streamable audio lectures for an accurate written and audio timeline. Something that hasn't existed on the internet to date.

Our goal is to make this site a searchable library of Scientology tech and admin, all cross-referenced and downloadable at the click of a button as PDF documents and audio files. It's a HUGE project, but it's coming along nicely. We hope it helps you learn more about and apply to life the undeniably large body of data and wealth of information Independent Scientology encompasses.

Withholds and such...

June 25th, 2022

Hello, and thanks for reading. We're starting a Scientology Tech Blog as there really isn't any blog like THIS on net in our corner of it. This will be a daily blog, so check back frequently if you find it interesting.

I wanted to chat about withholds. In talking to so many Independent Scientologists over the years, it always surprised me how many people never really understood what a withhold was! The prevalent view is that it was an overt or overts that wasn't disclosed. However, it's a lot more than that, and its balance is this other thing. It's that withholding'ness from life, an area, a person, etc. The not there-ness that goes missed because of the withhold itself. People overlook that there is something they are not doing anymore, which IS the withhold. It's so sublime in nature because THEY are withholding, get it? They don't see what they aren't doing anymore, like being in places they used to, doing things they used to, being in communication with others by BEING there, BEING Scientologists and applying the tech, helping others with it, and so on. LRH states, "The hardest thing to spot is a missingness," and it is so true! NOT being THERE IS the WITHHOLD.
Think of one thing you used to do, and just one day, you dropped it out.

What was it? Behind it was an overt act that made you withhold yourself from the area. This is why Grade II, the L's, prep-checking, and so on are remunerative to a being. They get a being back in communication with areas they have cut themselves off from.

It takes confront to find these withholds, but it really is a matter of just being honest with yourself and looking at them. Write the withhold down and get it out into the sunlight!

If you have loved ones, friends, co-workers, hobbies that you used to be close to you, and you are no longer in communication with them, find the withhold and write it down. That's all it takes to restore communication, reach and affintity to those areas. It is miraculous how quickly ARC can be restored by such a short and simple action of writing it down and getting it out of your universe..

Give it a try!

  • Jonathan - AOGP Exec. Director
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About Jonathan Burke - Executive Director of AOGP

Jonathan is the Executive Director for AOGP and STOSA. His passion is to help people from all walks of life, bringing standard Independent Scientology tech to the homes of all.
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