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Postulates and the CDEI Scale

October 19th, 2022

Ok, Travolta isn't really joining AOGP BUT, hear me out… (It’s Lisa, Scientologirl, by the way.)

I used your Curiosity (CDEI scale) to get something I wanted  (you to come to the website) as a demonstration of the importance of either BEING Curious or prompting curiosity in others in order to get our postulates to work better for us.

For more on the CDEI Scale from LRH see below or visit The AOGP Qual Library for the entire book: Scientology 0-8.

The scale is as follows: Curious, Desired, Enforced, Inhibited, No, Refused. There are levels above Curious, however it’s beyond the scope of this particular blog post. More on that in a future post, we promise!

Now sure, it was a little manipulative, (everyone loves a good mystery), but don’t let the point be lost on that. Using the CDEI scale with our postulates is incredibly important and our blog post will highlight why.

If you don’t think that your coming here and reading this post was a postulate, please see our earlier blog posts below for more understanding.

Imagine if instead of prompting curiosity in you, I was at Enforced? “Come to our website or else!” - many of you wouldn’t be here.

Obviously we could also be at Refused, and perhaps by reverse vector, some of you would come anyway if it was titled “I don’t want you to read my blog post, stay out!”

Alternatively, at Refused I could just refuse to write a blog at all.

Who do you like talking to, someone being interesting or interested?

On Grade Four, one of my biggest wins that will forever stick with me is that beings are interested in literally everything when they’re actually BEING, which credit goes to hubby for his earlier blog post on beingness and postulates.

So then, if it works on one flow, it surely works on all flows! If we can manage to be interested every day in getting people interested in something, we’ve got it made.

You have to be interested and curious in everything to succeed. If you’re interested in your customers, they’ll throw money your way easily. If you’re interested in your wife, she’ll continue to create a warm home with wonderful meals. If you’re interested in your children, they’ll excel and admire and respect you. In contrast, if you’re interested in negativity, trust that you will get negativity in kind. Therefore it’s necessary to add that when I say "everything," I’m referring to things that promote survival rather than Inhibit it.

We can say with the scale that curiosity breeds curiosity. If you want the best for others, your business, your health, it will be returned back. As an artist, I have had fewer sales when I’ve desired sales than I have when I’ve been curious about people. It’s not even to say the person I’m Curious about is going to pay me, three others that I haven’t spoken to in ages will message me out of nowhere! Thus, being Curious is a Beingness thing, and it works best as such.

Ok, well, how exactly does one become Curious on his/her dynamics?

It’s very simple but it’s a sore point for many. As Jonathan said in a recent blog post, you have to get ethical. When one creates overts, one withholds from areas, and downplays them as no longer important. One literally lies to oneself and creates an alter-is’ed reality to compensate for the is'ness lost.

In other words, one is Enforced about the second dynamic, or Refused about the eighth dynamic, or inhibited on the third dynamic, to the degree that they’ve created overts and withheld from those dynamics.

The fortunate part is that with independent Scientology, one CAN change where they are on the CDEI scale. One could try to wing it and do it on his or her own but as LRH says, the hardest thing to spot is a missingness. He also says if you knew what was wrong with you, it wouldn’t be wrong with you.

We all have these blind-spots in different areas and that’s why we NEED an auditor. I see many people just wanting to read a book or do self-auditing (self-analysis etc) and while these things can be useful early on, eventually one has to make the jump and confront the things that hold one back in life with a trained auditor, so they can help  identify these things.

On the other side of my personal auditing and training, it’s actually quite profound when I consider where I was to where I am. It’s funny to realize that our fears are mostly an illusion, and the fear itself creates the non-optimal survival conditions one was fearing the entire time! Another way of looking at it is through one of my favorite LRH quotes: "Considerations are senior to the physical universe." I use that all the time. We create our own reality, therefore by being afraid, we create a reality based on fear (and usually they come true because we pull them in).

When considering just the CDEI , we can see that in order to drop below Curious into Desired, there needs to be some fear. From Desired into Enforced, there’s definitely fear. From Enforced into Inhibited, yip, you guessed it. What makes one fearful? - Uncertainty, of course. What creates uncertainty? Blind-spots. What creates blind-spots? Withholds. What creates withholds? Overts (see overt act). And finally, overts are created because of a misunderstood concept, word, or symbol. A baby touches a hot plate and burns a finger, it’s an overt as it’s a contra-survival act. He did that because he didn’t understand the concept of heat and pain yet. He also didn’t understand the symbol of a red hot plate means don’t touch or pain will follow.

Now there’s the question of overts done knowingly. There’s still a degree of unknownness about overts. This is where justifiers and motivators are born. Aside from that, full knowingness in an area would prevent someone from creating an overt in the first place. A man might know by societal, lawful and religious standards that cheating on a wife is an overt, so he may feel some guilt before he creates justifiers like "my wife doesn’t respect me" or "she barely does anything around here," but in order to have committed the overt, there had to have been a misunderstanding of a concept, word or symbol. Perhaps he never understood the concept or word of "partnership," where they have agreed to be a team and to fulfill their various responsibilities together as a whole. Or perhaps he didn’t understand the word "agreement" thus their marital agreement was always one-sided. He could have also been given false data from a father-figure who taught him that marriage was a form of owning a woman, and not treating her as an equal partner. Heck, he could even have MU’s (misunderstood words) on what women are, thanks to mainstream media!

Marriage is just one example of an area that could be aberrated by overts, causing great unhappiness. I’ve never heard of anyone enjoying the divorce process. If you’re a decent human, even your wildest justifiers for an affair couldn’t stop you from feeling a bit of guilt for the other person.

In Conclusion

Thus, the happiest, sanest, healthiest and most successful people are those who are Curious and Interested in everything. One gets this way by either getting ethical or staying ethical or both, and the easiest way to do so is by communicating with an auditor about what you do know, so you can discover for yourself what you don’t know.

Antithetically, the unhappiest, unhealthiest and most unsuccessful people are those who are at Refused on the scale about everything. One gets this way by committing overts and staying unethical by continuously committing overts. The easiest way to stay this way is by (quite ironically) refusing to communicate with an auditor about what you do know, so you can discover for yourself what you don’t know.

That’s really all it’s about.

This world, the beings in it, our own lives, - there’s so much to be curious about. We could refuse all of it but then we may as well be dead and without a game.

If you’re here, you might as well get so interested in everything that you become enthusiastic about everything. Enthusiasm is only two points above Strong interest on the Emotional Tone Scale.

How about that! 😄 It’s only up from there!


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Postulates and Beingness - Making Your Postulates Stick

October 12th, 2022

From the Book: A New Slant on Life - Section -"THE CONDITIONS OF EXISTENCE"

"There are three conditions of existence. These three conditions comprise life. They are BE, DO and HAVE.

The condition of BEING is defined as the assumption of a category of identity. It could be said to be the role in a game, and an example of beingness could be one’s own name. Another example would be one’s profession. Another example would be one’s physical characteristics. Each or all of these things could be called one’s beingness. Beingness is assumed by oneself or given to one’s self or is attained, for example, in the playing of a game, each player having his own beingness.

The second condition of existence is DOING. By doing we mean action, function, accomplishment, the attainment of goals, the fulfilling of purpose, or any change of position in space.

The third condition is HAVINGNESS. By havingness, we mean owning, possessing, being capable of commanding, positioning, taking charge of objects, energies or spaces.

The essential definition of having is to be able to touch or permeate or to direct the disposition of.

The game of life demands that one assume a beingness in order to accomplish a doingness in the direction of havingness.

These three conditions are given in an order of seniority where life is concerned. The ability to be is more important than the ability to do. The ability to do is more important than the ability to have. In most people all three conditions are sufficiently confused that they are best understood in reverse order. When one has clarified the idea of possession or havingness, one can then proceed to clarify doingness for general activity, and when this is done one understands beingness or identity.

It is an essential to a successful existence that each of these three conditions be clarified and understood. The ability to assume or to grant beingness is probably the highest of human virtues. It is even more important to be able to permit other people to have beingness than to be able oneself to assume it." ~ LRH

Playing Games Upside Down on the Scale

If you've done anything in Independent Scientology, you probably know our viewpoint on life is a game. A game we are all playing on some level, knowingly or unknowingly, willingly or unwillingly.

The knowingness and willingness part is where everything takes place that makes your postulates come to fruition.*

One can own the game of life, or the game of life can own you. By knowing the tech of something, you cannot be the adverse effect of it. The Be, Do, Have scale above is part of the tech needed to make one's postulates stick. Where the upside-down scale comes in doesn't just apply to Be, Do, Have, though that is a significant part of it.

Let's take a look at the Havingness Scale of 1956

From The Games Congress Series of Lectures:



Contribute to




Waste Substituted

Had Confronted

Contributed to


Its surprising how "Have" falls below the top, coming in at number 4 on the scale, huh?

Why do you think that is?

Simply put, havingness is not everything it is cracked up to be. Havingness and postulates tend to be the same, as they are confused with one another, especially in today's modern Corporate Church of Scientology, but I digress.

As developed by Mr. Hubbard, Scientology the Subject puts an accent on beingness specifically; more on that in a moment.

Postulates Work Both Ways

We all can postulate, as we covered in our last blog post, we do it all the time, and on many occasions, we postulate negatively instead of positively or constructively. We are ultimately having problems more than solutions. - This is where the upside-down part of the scale comes in.

Problems and overts are a sort of degraded havingness, viewed as a "substituted" (see the scale above) havingness. If I can't have a Porsche, I'll have a poorly performing late-model car that spews smoke. That sort of thing, and almost a make-wrong flow to it. When you clean up someone's overts, LRH suggests you run their havingness process afterward, no joke. One's overts are a form of havingness to a thetan.

In short, if you're not postulating in a positive (theta) way and NOT BEING who you truly ARE, you are counter intending and counter-postulating yourself in a significant fashion. Thus, weighing yourself down with unwanted havingness and lots of trouble to deal with in the physical universe so that you can HAVE SOME GAME TO PLAY, which is better than NO game to play at all from your viewpoint as a thetan. A thetan/spirit must always have some game to play per the Scientology and Dianetic axioms. I've found this to be be spot on data.

The primary reason a being fails at postulating the outcomes they want is the fundamental failure to BE themselves. Instead, one gets sidelined playing a bunch of  lower order/echelon games they created because they weren't being themselves and requiring  from themselves excuses or more to-the-point justifiers they manufactured to explain their inability to BE themselves.

BEING is a SUPER simple activity. NOT BEING is a concatenation of  justifiers for overts created as a substitute havingness that's not so simple. - In short, as a being, you're not creating in present time, and you're relying on past overt creates of your own making to explain WHY you can't BE, DO, and HAVE  better. - This is called counter-postulating.

Then How CAN I BE Better?

Here's the tricky part for most beings. You might want to sit down for this if you aren't already.



What I am about to say is almost unconfrontably unpopular with both Scientologisits, Independent Scientologists, and especially non-Scientologists alike on this planet.

This data is super simple if you want to postulate and make it stick to the point of it being scary almost it works so VERY well.

Beingness IS Ethics. It's a personal thing, ethics, and its application towards oneself. If you're doing something you know you shouldn't be, your beingness is said to be OUT, or out of beingness or valence, to get a little technical. You're not truly BEING yourself, you're being someone else. - Not an ethical being to YOURSELF and OTHERS. You definitely know what is right and wrong, true or untrue. You always have.

You just forgot a few things temporarily for a few trillenia to have other games to play. A thetan gets bored, and when you get bored, your ethics go out to play something "new."  It's all about the tone scale and falling down tone on it as a being.

Next thing you know it's a habit of 50 trillion years.

What a universe, right???

I know, I know, ethics, really?

Yep, ethics.

I kid you not, yes, ethics.  You may have gotten beat over the head in the Church with ETHICS and we'd like to indicate more often than not you were maligned by the church on ethics. That was then, this is now. we aren't the church and you're no longer in it if you're reading this article.

So please, for your own sake, listen to what I have to say and don't further withhold yourself from being and having everything you could in life just because someone in your past abused you on ethics unjustly.

That porn habit, out-beingness. Those prostitutes you visit, out-beingness. That money you're skimming at work, out-beingness there too. Whatever it is or those activities are, they are holding you back. If I am missing your withhold, then I am not missing it.

"The gradient scale of BE, then, is the gradient scale of ARC. And a low, low, level of ARC is survive, and a higher level is Beingness." - LRH

"Wavelengths of ARC" - from the Technique 80 / Route to Infinity Lectures

I AM talking to YOU - said very affintively.

These unethical activities are the ONLY thing holding you back from everything you are and can BE. Only then can you DO what needs to be done without the withholds (you holding yourself back so as not to hurt someone, something, or even yourself more than you already have) to make the havingness you truly deserve manifest.

Try it, and watch your life turn around overnight as soon as you have PROVEN to yourself that you've put an end to these counter-postulate activities/lower-level games. Higher-level games will present themselves almost immediately with little communication lag in the physical universe.

You could almost say all those back-dated positive postulates you once made will now come rushing forward to manifest and deliver directly now that you've started BEING the ethical being you indeed are. That is what beingness is all about, without reservation or pulling punches. All beings are basically good. I've seen this in auditing sessions with many, many others to testify to that fact.

Personal Responsibility, Emotional Maturity - you have it

Personal responsibility plays a factor in everything we do. If you can own up to the low-level counterproductive games, you're playing and wind them down, allowing incredibly better games of your postulation will present themselves.

Emotional maturity is the other defining factor. Not everyone can take responsibility for their games (counter postulates), and that's up to you to take ownership of them or not. Some can do it without auditing; others cannot.

Life is simple when a thetan is unequivocally being who they are because they play postulated high-order games of their choosing. Postulates manifest quickly and without effort. After all, that's all a being DOES is BE to play the games of their choosing. it's just a matter of what games. Right?

Life is only complex when you're playing counter creates as a substitute for things you cannot do just yet because you aren't willing to BE, just yet.

You can change that if you genuinely want to. It is only a decision/postulate away.

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Then, listen to the lectures "Decisions" and "Decision: Cause and Effect" and follow along with the transcript from the "Route to Infinity" Lectures at the links below to help you BE who you really are as thetan:

4 - Decision - Song Profile Page - Independent Social Scientologists
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*Fruition: fru·i·tion| fro͞oˈiSH(ə)n | noun - 1) The point at which a plan or project is realized: the plans have come to fruition sooner than expected. • [in singular] the realization of a plan or project: new methods will come with the fruition of that research.


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Postulates, simplifying an explanation of them

October 5th, 2022

This  universe  has  a  law,  it  has  an  interesting  law.  It  says:  If  you  make  a  cause  in  the present  you  cannot  effect  or  make  an  effect  out  of  the  Roman  Empire  because  that  was  2000 years ago and the day you can change the Roman Empire in the past by making a cause in the future,  why  you’re  doing  all  right.  That...  that  would  be  a  reversal  of  the  whole  proceedings. Hmmm. We’ll know much more about this when we get onto time. Just let me say this at the  moment:  There  isn’t  any  past,  there  isn’t  any  future.  And  at  present  time,  this  instance  of awareness in present time might as well be across a period, present time might be 800 billion years long and it might be a sixth of an inch long, and it might be a lot of things which it isn’t. - LRH

From: The Philadelphia Doctorate Course Lecture Series - Lecture  "A Thetan Creates by Postulates"

Streaming Lecture and Transcript are available here:

Over the years, much confusion has been discovered surrounding the Dianetics and Scientology concept of postulates. How they work, when they work, what case level they start working for the being at, and many other questions.

We want to take some time to demystify this for our readers and help them postulate better through a better understanding of the concept as Independent Scientologists. One cannot be the adverse effect of something they truly understand.

What is a postulate? Let's look at the definition:

POSTULATE: (noun) A conclusion, decision, or resolution made by the individual on his self-determinism on data of the past, known or unknown. The postulate is always known. It is made upon the evaluation of data by the individual or on impulse without data. It resolves a problem of the past, decides on problems or observations in the present, or sets a pattern for the future. It is an immediate action in the Theta universe by the one making the postulate upon the Theta universe, the physical universe, other universes, or a combination thereof, based on the originator's intent and domain of the postulate. ~ Source: Scientology Abridged Dictionary - 1971

When was the last time you made a postulate?

Honestly, we find that people don't realize they are constantly making postulates. We've found most people tend to think that postulates are isolated incidents, not regular occurrences. We do this many times daily in everyday living, not just when we WANT something either.

One of the most interesting aspects of postulates we've found to be most familiar with our Scientological counterparts living in the physical universe is how we tend to make postulates only when they want a physical universe object. Isn't that funny? - A sort of "genie in the bottle" and having three wishes vibe.

The apparency is that the physical universe convinces us that having is far superior to BEING and DOING to most people, having drawn us down the tone scale and subsequently in ARC. This "convincing" drops a thetan in tone level enough to convince them the only realm they can reside in is physical and not in the Theta universe or "spiritual universe."

But I digress. Making postulates is something you, as a being, do all the time in a split second, and those are the best postulates.

Not the ones you figure, figure over. Postulates are done with a light touch, and no effort and a dash of pepper (intention) are the best-made postulates.

Postulates towards beingness, then doingness, which results in a possible, but not necessary, havingness are best. Nearly all of us are weighed down by the things we already have in this push-button society. If you want to be happy, empty your storage spaces, basements, and garages. You'll find your postulates now "stick" much better! Postulate towards beingness always is our best advice.

When you decide to go grocery shopping and DO go grocery shopping, that's a postulate. When you choose to mow the lawn and DO, yup, that's a postulate. When you decide to take courses or go to college and DO, that's a postulate in action.

Many (Independent) Scientologists think that a postulate is this airy-fairy ability to make things happen - it isn't. We postulate all the time, make things happen, and don't recognize that we do. The difference between those who make their postulates stick and those who don't is the doingness behind them, at least in the beginning.

Lower on the Bridge, there are communication lags between intention and the physical universe manifesting your "want." Sometimes these lags between postulating and the result manifesting can be interminably long, auditing fixes this, but we will get into that in a later blog post. What aids postulates on the lower end of the Bridge is the intention behind them. Both the thetan's intention in the Theta universe and what they DO in the physical universe to make things happen! Hard work and organization go a long way to aid postulates at this level.

Waiting for something to happen just because of a postulate without doingness is folly. Stating to yourself that you need groceries but NOT going to get them is a good example and leaves the refrigerator empty.

The same goes for loftier postulates.

If you want to succeed at anything in life, BE then DO, and you will HAVE. Making postulates about being a doctor by being an excellent student with excellent study tech, keep doing that, and you will BE a fantastic Doctor.

It doesn't mean you have to toil away for years to make your postulates come true, either.

Ultimately, you don't necessarily have to BE OT to postulate, and you already ARE OT to a great degree and have just convinced yourself you aren't currently. Just widen your scope of what you're willing to confront, BE OT, and see those postulates through to fruition on a grander scale.

We hope these viewpoints aren't lost on you. They are viewpoints from an OT's perspective.

Our website has many references about postulates and all that goes with them for more infomation on them.

We hope you find this helpful and rewarding.


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Complexity, Confronting, and Nuclear Dramatizations

September 28th, 2022

"Processing is a series of methods arranged on an increasingly deep scale of bringing the preclear to confront the no-confront sources of his aberrations and leading him to a simple, powerful, effective being." - LRH

I wanted to spend some time on one of, if not my most used LRH policies of all time, second only to the Data Series of policy letters.

That reference is dubbed "Complexity and Confronting." (The full policy is available to read or download in PDF format from our reference library at the end of this blog post. I cannot recommend reading this enough, many times over.)

The Complexity of Today

As beings on this planet, we find the complexity of the fundamental drive to "SURVIVE!" first mentioned in LRH's "Dianetics - The Original Thesis" in 1948 on our minds more than ever.

Many of the things LRH warned of have come to pass in one form or another. Inflation, drug addiction, invasive personal monitoring via smartphones, artificial intelligence and robot factories, and even cyborg implant technologies are being used on the unknowing masses via forced injections and their so-called boosters to update the software as part of the grand ruse. Suffice it to say, things have gotten pretty complex since Dianetics, then Scientology came on the scene in mid-1951.

This blog post is by no means a replacement for all of the provable facts, from reliable sources, of all that is going on that you as a being need to know about right now and up the track. The number of provable situations and departures from the ideal scene is there for everyone, given a small amount of novice research.

This is where "Complexity and Confronting" arrives on the scene. As the tool of choice for "SURVIVE!" to be executed for you and those you love. We'll get back to it in a moment.

What? Me, Confront? Yup!

LRH had a severe concern in the mid to late 1950s about the use of Nuclear Weapons as the Cold War progressed and got much colder. You can find some of these lectures below here from our Qual Library. Brushing up on them would be a great thing to do over the next few weeks. Education on a subject enables one to confront an issue by putting them at cause. Taking a being from not knowing they don't know about a topic. Starting from unconscious incompetence to conscious competence on that subject once educated from a reliable source.


Please watch...

Two months ago, the New York City city hall issued a video Public Service Announcement on what to do in the event of a thermonuclear attack in or near the New York City area:

Around August 1st, 2022, Ventura County California made their own Thermonuclear Threat PSA done to music:

This is where "Complexity and Confronting" arrives on the scene. As the tool of choice for "SURVIVE!" to be executed for you and those you love. We'll get back to it in a moment.

What? Me, Confront? Yup!

LRH had a severe concern in the mid to late 1950s about the use of Nuclear Weapons as the Cold War progressed and got much colder. You can find some of these lectures below here from our Qual Library. Brushing up on them would be a great thing to do over the next few weeks. Education on a subject enables one to confront an issue by putting them at cause. Taking a being from not knowing they don't know about a topic. Starting from unconscious incompetence to conscious competence on that subject once educated from a reliable source.

This raises the following questions:

Why now?

and or more so,

Why at all?

If there is no threat on the horizon?

Complexity and Confronting, Knowledge, Responsibility, and Control meet here for all of us. There is a string here that needs to be pulled in our opinion to get to the bottom of the clues we are being given.

I'd like to ask our readers to look into this for themselves on the internet and elsewhere, educate themselves on LRH's still wholly valid viewpoints on the matter by listening to the above lectures and decide to confront the current dramatizations head-on. One cannot be the adverse effect of that which they understand, per LRH.

Do we think something is going to occur???

These types of dramatizations have occurred on the backtrack so many times it isn't funny. We're not saying YES! something is going to happen; however, luck favors the prepared, and as an Organization, we think the next 8 years in the long term and the following year, especially in the short term, need to be confronted fully by OT's in NOTS/Excalibur sessions down to the very bottom of the Bridge with raising awareness at a minimum.

What needs to be confronted is that the current political scene is a dramatization of many earlier past incidents rolled into one on purpose from where we stand as OTs.

Now go get some data, educate yourself, and confront this scene so we can all as-is it together and get back to the joy of creating!


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Comparable Magnitudes

September 20th, 2022

"Of course, you yourself should be in a condition whereby you simply say "That is important" or "That isn't important" and that could then be the evaluation of any single datum. But you would no longer be human. You are aware of the fact, by the way, that you cannot be human and be right-that is not possible. I have mentioned that before. Now here we have, then, a necessity to have evaluation by others.
-LRH - Professional Auditors Bulletin 126 (Available at the end of this article below.)

Today in the third decade of the 21st century on "Earth" we find ourselves lacking in comparable magnitudes as Independent Scientologists.

We come from, in nearly all but not every circumstance, a prior system of belief in the COS that someone was there to tell us what to do. We could trust their judgement and their evaluation of what was right for us as a third dynamic endeavor at the same time in that judgement. (That's where the belief part comes in.)

At some point we stopped believing our best interests were what the church had in mind for any number of reasons based on comparable magnitudes. My comparable magnitudes were what LRH said in policy and in technical references compared to what the Church "said" and then DID. Being trained at FLAG left me no mystery to blame it on in the hopes there was more hidden data by some fluke (or on purpose) somewhere else.

Nope, there wasn't. I had gotten all the data that LRH had made available and issued. At some point I realized this and matured to the idea that the scene with the church had taken a hard left turn and I needed to jump out of the car before it went over the cliff.

(In many cases there were three comparable magnitudes , what the "church" said, then did, and what others did after being told what to do in carrying out their orders as staff in the church.)

Contrary facts were primary the outpoint in this comparison of these two to three magnitudes. So, I left, as LRH wins everytime (for me.)

Since leaving in 2004, I've seen the need in many others to be evaluated for and have "something/someone to believe in and who will tell them what to do" and that's why they stay in the church beyond all the ties they would lose if they left such as friends, business ties, money, status and a host of other havingnesses that burden everyone at that crucial juncture. Some beings just can't get past being other determined and stay no matter what the consequences and are reasonable, at least from my standpoint.

The reason I wanted to write this blog post was not get into why I left or how bad the church is. What I wanted to convey was that things are far better for those who have left as a comparable magnitude than they might think and time is wasting in the opportunity to rehabilitate your failed purpose of doing Scientology while you still can.

Does that sound bleak? It might. But for a very, very good reason.

You've seen these commercials for rehab clinics if you live in America that state "If you don't get help with us, get help somewhere." There are many reasons they state this, some of them probably shameless PR purposes but it's true for us to say also in the fact this isn't an ad for AOGP. This blog post is far more a commentary and push in the direction of 4th dynamic survival completely.

Compare where you were in the church in the beginning and look at why you wanted to do "Scientology the Subject." Not to have status or be part of a group where he who has the most MEST wins. Which is where the COS is at these days if I may evaluate just this once. It's being objects on the tone scale for them unfortunately. That's not what LRH intended by any means.

What did you get into Scientology to solve?

Everyone does Scientology and Dianetics because they have something they want to solve.

What was it?

Improve conditions in life? Be happier? Love others and yourself much more? Something else?

What specifically? Take a couple minutes to write these down on a fresh piece of paper, post-it note, or a reminder of some sort on your smart phone to view daily for a few days.

Remember the hope and excitement you felt at that time? All the things you felt both spiritually and physically?

Did you know that those feelings and emotions are only caused by you as a being and nothing else?

You make those happen and you can create them again any and everytime you like just like you do when you hear or see something nostaligic or of great importance to you.  Nothing has changed except our consderation of something changing for the worse, cutting that excitement and feeling off by our own change in viewpoint.

The comparable magnitudes in the goal of doing the subject of Scientology are as follows from where I/WE stand as an organization and we would like you to take a look at them.

Scientology and Dianetics WORK amazingly if applied correctly.

There are those beings who want you to BE HAPPY and survive to the best of your ability and conception through self betterment and help from others known as auditors AND ultimately through you being the best auditor you can have, which is you, yourself.

I and those who I work with, are here so very briefly to help you achieve the GOALS you orginally established for yourself as a being. The data is there and all you need to do is rehabilitate your GOALS you set out to do by looking at them and making them happen in Independent Scientology while you can this lifetime.

Procrastinating isn't an option. Your path may not come this way again nor may the opportunity.

Again this isn't a push to do services nor do I want to get in to Earth politics and all the drama that goes with it. There are those of you who KNOW why you wanted to DO Dianetics and Scientology and get what you came for. I am here to tell you that you still can and there are those beings who are here across the planet that want to HELP you get there.

In Closing

Compare where you were and what you wanted to achieve when you started on your Scientological journey. Rehabilitate that, START and do something everyday, weekends included, to achieve those goals.

BE, DO, and HAVE what you KNOW is there for you. There is nothing that smarts more than having an opportunity that you let pass by, it just takes the decision to confront and START DOING something with that opportunity and achieve the postulates you set out to manifest in this universe, and maybe others as well.


Title: "Oracle" - Created with AI Art (Beta) Software

What I have Learned Since Leaving the Church - Part III (Final)

September 13th, 2022

There comes a time in the life of every human when he or she must decide to risk "his life, his fortune, and his sacred honor" on an outcome dubious. Those who fail the challenge are merely overgrown children, can never be anything else.

- Robert Heinlein from his novel "Stranger in a Strange Land"

Continuing from the last two week's blog posts, here are some more observations since leaving the COS in 2004 while delivering auditing and training in the Independent Field at AOGP. Warning: Some of the viewpoints in this post may not be popular. Popularity is a transitory thing, it's not what we are driving for in communicating; as-is'ness through is'ness IS.

The Survival Rundown

About ten years ago, the Church released the Survival Rundown as the new next best thing for everyone to do. In many cases, forcing the public to redo their entire Bridge in the process.

This made the list of topics because too many people are dying from this rundown, and it isn't anything that LRH ever created. LRH canceled the original SRD in the late 1970s as he found another had published it and his name put on it.

Decades later, it reappeared as the next big thing to sell more courses and repair auditing hours. In the process, it overruns a case with objectives. So much so that we know of 5 people who died on the rundown due to this overrun. In many cases, hundreds of hours were being used to deliver simple objective processing running these people into the ground, quite literally. The objectives were never meant to be run that long, ever. Instead, they should be run to an end phenomena of a floating needle, cognition, and very good indicators.

The out tech involved in this has pushed many public out of the Church and into the field due to these massive overruns in processing. In every case we handled in a metered session, the person was rehabbed on their wins and release point long ago passed by the Church -no longer protesting but breathing a massive sigh of relief on what they had been put through was now over. In every case, they wanted to return to advancing up the Bridge standardly without the arbitraries of the Church to slow their progress, which is why Independent Scientology is so essential in this day and age. Who would help these folks otherwise with these out tech overruns on their case?

Post-Covid Apathy in the Field and what comes next

Maybe you have noticed, perhaps you haven't, but the engagement in posts on social media in the Independent field is at an all-time low now that the pandemic "narrative" has passed. One could say the covid "narrative" did its job in driving people apart as part of one of its designed purposes, and this is something we need to remedy. The solution to a problem is further communication, not less; you've probably heard that a few times.

The fantastic thing is, hard right turn here for a moment with us, we could avert this phenomenon if we trained more people with the tech to know why these things are happening on this planet and to stay at cause over them. That said, that doesn't help us now, as things are in full swing with a new narrative being pushed every few days via the now wholly locked down media channels.

In 1952 LRH said the following about the "Shades of Night," or, more simply put, a lockdown of communication lines followed by totalitarianism befalling humanity:

"We wouldn't  have a ghost of a chance right now unless homo-saps actually had slugged up from the mud to a point where he had a little leisure time.  We happen to be going  through a period when Man has made himself relatively free by the use of the machine - just after a period when he was terribly enslaved by the machine, the early days of industrialism, and just before the machine is employed for his utter enslavement.
The reason you've got Scientology is, to a large degree, right here there's a little breathing period on Earth.  I don't know how many years it is from here to the other, but you've already seen the slavery state start with Hiroshima.
It became dangerous for knowledge to be disseminated.  It became terribly important to them to shut all the boundaries on knowledge.  You've seen those curtains shutting down.  Those are the Shades of Night falling.  The whole  nonsense of  Thought Police is moving right straight in, the Shades of Night.
We've got a very short time.  It isn't the destruction of civilization by the atomic bomb.  It's "let's shut down the communication lines of knowledge."  Here,  for a brief moment, we have them free and open.  There's a tremendous urgency against that.  It is real.  It is going to happen here on Earth."

This might ring more than true given the past two and a half years we have experienced together on the fourth dynamic. Ron wasn't far off the mark by any means, and this was in 1952!

Maybe the apathy in the field comes from our constituents knowing the actual score in this drama, but we don't think so. We'd love to be wrong on this, by the way. Being driven into apathy by false data narratives and all of their trappings is likely the situation. In 2009, the Social media groups were vibrant and opinionated, maybe too much. so but there was true discourse happening; just the opposite is happening now. Many things have happened between then and now, but this last foray into heretofore unseen manipulations worldwide was the nail in the coffin for discourse on these communication lines—something we cannot allow to happen, nor will we stand for it.

We will be releasing a public solution to this in the following week to remedy this problem of magnitude. *

Final Note

We'd loved to have a bunch of beautiful things we've learned to share with you and that they all be peace, love, flowers, and beads in the never-ending unity of eternal oneness. Unfortunately, a being doesn't learn from what they do right most of the time, but the hard knocks seem to be the best teacher more often than not. Especially if you write policy on them to avoid them in the future or, write policy AND adapt successfully to those things you can't change.

The tales we've shared here are from exhaustive and we will share more of them in future posts.

Technically speaking, it's been an unbelievably incredible adventure traveling tens of thousands of miles, having a brick-and-mortar organization pre-covid, and turning it into a virtual global org. We wouldn't change anything, good or bad, and what we have learned not only helps us but may put Independent Scientology there for us all when we come back next lifetime.

That's our goal—creating something sane, safe, and technically accurate to come back to. Someone(s) to come back and do it with and share this fantastic technology up the time track.

We love LRH's tech and can't imagine a world or a life without it in our everyday lives.

How about you?


Title: "Everlight Valley" Created with AI Art (Beta) Software

What I have Learned Since Leaving the Church - Part II

September 5th, 2022

"It has forever been thus: So long as we write what we think, then all of the other freedoms - all of them - may remain intact. And it is then that writing becomes a weapon of truth, an article of faith, an act of courage."

- Rod Serling

Continuing from last week's post, here are some more observations since leaving the COS in 2004 while delivering auditing and training in the Independent Field at AOGP. Warning: Some of the viewpoints in this post may not be popular. Popularity is a transitory thing, it's not what we are driving for in communicating; as-is'ness through is'ness IS.

Upper-Level Materials

Nearly 90% of the auditing we have delivered has been to Pre-Clears knowingly looked at the upper-level materials before taking services at some point. This situation is a bit tricky mainly because LRH left no references on how to handle it technically when or if it did occur. But it is a handleable proposition; we've had to develop proper handlings and have been happy with the outcome of these handlings, as has our public. On nearly every occasion, it created problems for the person and was why they sought help from an auditor in the first place.

Many withhold that they have looked at the materials, waiting to have it found in the session, through a correction list, or in rudiments at session start. And for many, the problem manifests immediately after looking at the materials, causing them issues case-wise, necessitating the need for repair auditing in the first place. It can be a very daunting experience for many.

The best practice by far is for a PC to keep their ethics in and not make themselves a bypassed case (the definition is in the Scientology Technical Dictionary if you need it.) Looking at upper-level materials before one is ready for it is just a horrible idea, to be painfully blunt. Don't do it if you want the gains you deserve on the OT levels.

Who Isn't Clear?

Over the years, we have had many, I mean MANY - as in dozens, darkening our door, stating they were Clear and had no folders to verify the claim with. Fortunately, several precise tests can be done using a meter to verify the state beyond the Clear cognition or Tone Arm state of needle and value.

Unfortunately, many a being want to cut to the chase and get on with the show, depriving themselves of the hefty benefits the expanded grades can give a person. Ultimately, it's a losing proposition to falsify your case state as you're really depriving yourself of a great setup to the OT levels, and that's not fair to you as a PC by any means. We have never seen a true OT that didn't have their lower grades in, in, in before going Solo. The gains on the OT levels are unimaginable until you get there.

Despite all the guff on the internet and in "Hollywood" about the state of Clear, if the auditing is done correctly, the gains are nothing short of miraculous to one's life and future existence. Don't believe the counter-hype. Whatever you do, find out for yourself. You deserve it done correctly. Don't cheat yourself or let an "auditor" cheat you out of all the gians to be had on the lower levels.

Sexism and Faux-Scientology

One of the things that has blown us away more than anything else is the rampant sexism in Scientology and Independent Scientology. (I told you there were going to be some unpopular opinions...)

It would seem even to a noobie that Scientology, the subject, and sexism are diametrically opposed concepts, but this is not the case. The influence of dopamine and/or dopamine addiction on the body and beings inhabiting bodies cannot coexist rationally in religious philosophy, even Scientology in many cases. The impact of bodies and aesthetics is just too heavy a burden to bear, all of the other forces of bias, overts, upbringing, and media propaganda notwithstanding.

This manifests in many ways. Many husbands have inquired about auditing for their wives as they were just no longer controllable, not making them meals, speaking their minds, and much more. One for one, it was the husband who needed the auditing. So much so that we have made it a policy to ensure this happens. You've been warned, lol! Imagine that: "barefoot and in the kitchen" enforced by auditing in the 21st century!

We've seen a C/S hired on in remote locations only to sleep with the PC as a withhold for months. Violating the Auditors code, let alone HCOPL "Executive Behavior."

Other Orgs harassed female clients only because the org was a sausage fest, and it was "fun" to do so being out mutual rudiments. The list of observations is endless and a sad state of affairs, to say the least.

Clearly to us, the influence of society and its second dynamic degradation has permeated all the way to the top of the church, and the same can be said for the independent field, for the better part of it. Ultimately, the gender of the body one inhabits has no bearing on anything a person is or does. These guys need some clean-up on their dynamics to indeed be able to truly love the opposite sex, let alone themselves.

  • More to Come next week in Part III!


Title: "Getting Exterior to the Problem" with AI Art Software

What I have Learned Since Leaving the Church - Part I

August 29th, 2022

Since leaving the Church of Scientology in October of 2004, I've gathered a lot of data while living as an Independent Scientologist auditor outside the Church. Some of the info might surprise our readers, and some might not, depending on how new they are to the paradigm of Independent Scientology.

Flypaper - Ops

Everyone knows how flypaper works. It attracts flies, there is a sticky substance that glues the flies to the paper, and there they stay to die. We've used this analogy many times with the public over the years as we witnessed similar phenomena repeatedly occur in the Independent field. A new person from the Sea org would "escape" to attract followers through a blog or social media account. Or, on several occasions, some other type of novel "Scientology" personality would arrive on the scene. Maybe they would audit a few of them on some new "processes" or infect them with some left-of-center ideas, whip them into a frenzy, and the whole thing would implode, taking the followers with them. Most new followers would give up as the last straw in a series of losses (read secondaries on the subject of Scientology or something like it) or be spun in on whatever unusual auditing or unusual ideas they received.

In the field, this flypaper phenomenon has occurred many times over the last 40 years and likely even longer if you talk to some old timers, ultimately taking many a being with them. The field would be a much larger thriving place than it is if it weren't for this curious repetition of events. We won't mention any names as this furthers the aberration of these blokes.

Maybe it is just coincidence, but we tend to see it as a pattern of an operation of long duration to devitalize the field repeatedly, dropping its numbers drastically for decades, one after the other. We consider it a covert operation spun over, again and again. You be the judge, though. Watch for the next one if enough souls are left to follow anyone. More on that later in this article, though.

Rough Cases or Plants?

Any auditor in the Independent Field will raise their hand when asked if they ever thought there was a PC or Pre-OT they had once that they thought had been sent to them to cause trouble; this has been done by the Church on more than a few occasions. But more often than not, what has happened is they have barred the door to many a rugged case because they couldn't or wouldn't handle them technically for one reason or another. So, they want help and land in the chair with one of us in the field. These PCs can be tricky to help with in some cases if helped at all. Due to the prior betrayals, they have received in the Church or other field auditors, from their viewpoint. Most field practices have but one auditor, so this can be a real drain on the auditor if it persists.

The critical point here is that many people are being cast away from the Church, more and more, wanting help and not getting it. As LRH says, there are no dog PCs, and all cases can be resolved unless they are truly insane. The Church has strayed so far away from the original tech that people have left in droves. In most cases, new people don't stay in for long before looking for a more rational alternative in the Independent field.

"The Hidden Data Line"

As time has gone on over the last 18 years, we've seen the tech being manipulated, evaporated, twisted, and just plain removed inside the Church. The reasons for this are many and go outside the scope of the article, but we will cover them in future installments. More importantly, we've seen people coming from the Church knowing less and less about the auditing and admin technology looking for answers that are no longer found in the Church. With the Class 8 and Class 6 courses shuttered, there are very, very few tech personnel to point people in the right direction. And if they do, there isn't a direction, technically, at least. Now that the Technical volumes have been taken out of the Orgs. It's far easier to manipulate a mind when they have no data to compare.

Whereas in the independent field, we have nearly everything for free that LRH created. So much has been changed and omitted in the Church, it's honestly mind-blowing having known what once existed in Scientology.

Our next Blog post will cover the Survival Rundown and a few other hot topics to continue with what we've learned.


Title:Looking at My Time Track

A little more art, before another Blog Post, promise!

August 18th, 2022

Above is another digital art piece created by the AI art bot with inputs given by me :)~  Great fun!

The Original can be downloaded below if you would like a free copy, just click in the box:

File sharing and storage made simple
MediaFire is a simple to use free service that lets you put all your photos, documents, music, and video in a single place so you can access them anywhere and share them everywhere.


Title: "We Await Your Return to Forget"

Some More Art

August 16th, 2022

Some More Fun with Don't miss the second image below of Scientology Factor 1 too!

The above digital art piece is titled: "We await your return to forget."

Look familiar? :)

The Original can be downloaded below if you would like a free copy, just click in the box:

File sharing and storage made simple
MediaFire is a simple to use free service that lets you put all your photos, documents, music, and video in a single place so you can access them anywhere and share them everywhere.

Scientology FACTOR #1 "Before the beginning was a Cause and the entire purpose of the cause was the creation of effect." as interpreted by the Midjourney Bot "


August 15th, 2022

"The greatest joy in life is creating. Splurge on it! - LRH

Above is a digital art piece I made titled (and inspired by), "The Between Lives Area" using the AI Art tool at What an amazing tool this is! You really should spend some time with this.

The Original can be downloaded here if you would like a free copy, just click in the box:

File sharing and storage made simple
MediaFire is a simple to use free service that lets you put all your photos, documents, music, and video in a single place so you can access them anywhere and share them everywhere.


Hollywood 1991

How Pro TRs Saved My Life

Please feel free to comment at the bottom of the blogs in Discus :)

As an outer Org trainee from Kansas City, I did the Pro Trs course at FLAG in late January 1988. It was the first course I did when I arrived, as it was the first course on the grade chart at the time, even before Student Hat.

I spent under two weeks on the course, which was a harrowing experience for a kid fresh out of High School at 19 years old with a Basic Study Course as my only prior course. I had a fantastic twin on the practical drills, which we will save for another story in the coming weeks. Getting through the "wall of clay" demos on the course was no easy feat and quite an education in itself and a perfect one at that.
My twin and I worked 15-18 hours a day toward the end to complete the TRs practicals by Thursday at 2 pm, and we did get it done that week before 2 pm. At the time, the Senior C/S international was at the base, and he checked out our TR-4 video for a pass; we got it the first time through, thanks to the impeccable course supervisors we had in both practical and theory course rooms.

The end phenomena of Pro TRs being:

From the Original LRH Pro TRs Check of 1983 to 1991

I left Staff with the church in May of 1990 and ended up in LA working for a Scientologist at a digital musical rental firm in Hollywood while my 2D was on course full-time on Key to Life at LA Day Org. I rented and delivered audio gear to recording studios all over Southern California and I had a lot of fun doing it.

Towards the end of August of 91' I got a call for $16K worth of recording gear to be rented in Orange county, an hour away; unusual but not unheard of to go that far out, and it was a BIG rental. So, I packed up the Escort GT with all the gear and headed down 5 Interstate Highway.

I got to the house and walked up to the door, noticing two guys walking down the street in long black coats as I turned up the sidewalk to knock. A lady opened the door, and I asked her where she wanted the gear, and she had no idea what I was talking about and said she didn't order any recording equipment to be rented. Baffled, I turned round to go back to the car and call on the brick of a cell phone over my shoulder and verify the address.

As I approached the driver's door, the two pedestrians I mentioned earlier plopped an M16 rifle over the top of the car from the passenger's side. The guy with the gun was sweating bullets, and his partner was yelling at him to "smoke me" as I was carrying a cell phone. I thought they were joking and asked if they were the guys renting the gear.

The gun holder's partner was becoming frantic, and in my right peripheral vision, I could see a Mexican door-to-door salesman of about 400 pounds jumping a 7-foot high fence a few doors down, no mean feat for his size. That was my tip. It wasn't a joke, and I was being robbed of $16K in recording equipment.

I looked at the barrel of the rifle and remembered what my father had told me about the making of the gun and how it had a notching of sorts to make the bullet fly out end over end as a little spinning cutting machine at the business end of it.

I then looked at the safety, and the safety was off. I was about to have my head removed in a residential neighborhood, I thought to myself.

The gun holder was getting more anxious as his accomplice pleaded with him to kill me. I got in comm with him with a good TR-0 and told him I wasn't going to call the police and that I was going to turn around and walk away from the car (as I didn't want to see him pull the trigger if he did) and throw the keys over my back so they could have the vehicle and gear. By this time, his friend was absolutely beside himself, protesting how dumb an idea this was for them. All the while, I kept my TR-0 in with the possible shooter, using a very high flow of affinity and truth towards him.

I ignored the accomplice and turned around, walking away from the car, throwing the keys over my shoulder as I walked, as I said I would. The shot never came. Instead, a series of car doors slamming and tires squealing with stops and starts as they wrestled with a standard transmission,feeble attempts at trying to get the car in gear ensued as they finally took off.

I turned around, and the car was gone. The Mexican door-to-door salesman ran up to me from the house he had just climbed into the backyard of moments ago and said they had called the police from that residence.

Help Arrives

The Sherriff deputies were in three different cars at the scene two minutes later.

I described the perpetrators. They said I should be dead upon my description, as they had killed two people in a liquor store the prior week and the Sherriff's department was on a search for them. They were incredulous that they were even talking to me, quite literally, telling me over and over how fortunate I was.

A couple of minutes later, another deputy found my car at the corner gas station a block away. The attendant there said they transferred all the gear to a car with covered license plates and took off, leaving my car still running.

The deputies took all my information; that was the last I heard of the incident. I drove away in shock back up the 5 highway to Hollywood, knowing full well that my Pro TRs course had saved my life, whereas the alternative would be a stainless steel slab with what was once my body on it, headless, more than likely.

True story: Pro TRs handled the situation with communication alone.

On two other occasions the Pro TR's Course has saved my life. I cannot recommend it enough and it quite may well be the best course in Independent Scientology.

We deliver the Original Pro TRs course checksheet on our online course room STOSA, and deliver it to 1988 FLAG standards.

You can enroll here with AOGP and get Student Hat free with your Pro Trs course:

The Technical Viewpoints of Independent Scientology Auditors and Case Supervisors - Why Are They are so Radically Different? - PART IV

August 10th, 2022

Modern Day - 2022

In our last three blog installments, we covered the many facets of how a "standard" technical viewpoint in Independent and Church Scientology was created and how it can blossom into an individuated perspective based on when the viewpoint was established through that training.

A stable datum is defined as something that is, in fact, stable. Proper technical training is only as good as it is truly standard and unwavering in its delivery, something challenging to do for LRH AND everyone else in and out of the organization from day one. It's not that it can't be done, but it is tricky. Catching flubbed training in the Qualifications division is more manageable, but as LRH says, "the personalities involved" on technical lines sully technical correction often with their own cases in make wrong while on the Qual correction line for an auditor or case supervisor. It destabilizes an already fragile stable datum that, in many situations, was fleeting on its own, something that has to give for things to truly work as Ron intended.

LRH auditing and admin Tech works if applied correctly every time. The issue doesn't lie with the tech; it lies with the version being used and what the user of that version knows of it compared to another who learned something else, misunderstood words and false data notwithstanding. We're talking just the data learned itself in a standard course and not the pitfalls of poor study being added in as another variable.

Any auditor can create an almost third-party-like atmosphere towards/between other auditors and case supervisors. The third-party law assists arguments due to the opposing stable datums created between the two individuals, leading to the overt motivator sequence and a slippery slope.

What technical terminals SHOULD Know

Scientology/Dianetics and Independent Scientology/Dianetics, as a subject and its application, are crumbling quickly away to the relentless march of time as no one is genuinely putting it there in numbers. Bodies fail and are dropped by us all, which is a given.

Auditors, Case Supervisors, Course Supervisors, ethics officers (yes, they are essential when delivered correctly from the viewpoint of ethics being a personal thing) are the ones holding the line of a "second dynamic" to the tech being around as people come back next life time. The game is over if the correct tech is no longer there when they come back.

We have to PUT IT THERE for something an Independent Scientology to be there in the future for us all.

Over the last year of 2021-2022, our ranks as auditors have dwindled significantly both in and outside the church. Some of the highest trained tech terminals have dropped the body.

Our job is to grow up, get along and set a standard. HOLDING the agreed upon standard for the old guard to come back to and to end the "rugged individualism" of those still practicing this go around and get along with each other. Understanding that we are all on the same side with only slightly different stable datums that can be brought out into the light and agreed upon for the sake of the 4th dynamic, let alone much higher ARC between each other.

AOGP is doing all it can to provide free qual correction, having the correct technology by making it freely available here on the site for download, and so* much more on a FREE basis to all auditors.

We are running out of time before "the shades of nightfall," as LRH spoke of in 1952 on the Philadelphia Doctorate course. Working together is the ONLY option for us all if we are to have a future as Independent Scientologists.

In closing, said with great affinity, what can you do to help your fellow auditors and those who want spiritual freedom for now and when they come back to the physical universe next time round'?

The Technical Viewpoints of Independent Scientology Auditors and Case Supervisors - Why Are They are so Radically Different? - PART III

July 28th, 2022

Whose Stable Datum is the most stable, yours, or mine?

Stable information, or stable data as we call it in Scientology, is one of the essential concepts in any subject, if not life, not to mention Scientology itself. It is the basis of everything one operates off of in life, these stable bits of information.

When one learns to be an auditor, one receives the information they will operate off of in that role and use for wearing that "hat" on their courses that are given at that TIME.

If you're new to Independent Scientology, the subject at large, or you've been in the church and recently got out and landed on this website; you might not know that there have been monumental changes to the technical procedures over the years. All be it incrementally over about 40 years. WHEN one does their training on the time track is the key to their viewpoint and reality on the subject.


Based on almost 20 years of experience in having an external viewpoint outside the church, the indifference, chaos, make wrong, ARC breaks (upsets), third party, and more that these varying viewpoints on auditor education create are unparalleled.


Primarily because these auditors operate off of different stable datums in their training upon which they were trained at any given time over the last 5o plus years. Thus, creating tremendous subdivisions, even cliques in some cases in the independent field and the church. They rarely see eye to eye with each other as their realities are so different in their training! Predisposing them to ARC breaks with each other due to the aforementioned "out" or "no" reality with one another on their training. One would think as an auditor, it would be easy to spot, but amazingly, it follows the LRH concept of "The hardest thing to spot is a missingness" all too well, unfortunately.

For this reason, it may be why one never sees much cohesion in the forming of new organizations in the Independent Field to date. There are so few trained auditors to begin with, not to mention from the same era of stable data in their training to foster agreement as a foundation.

Less than 10% of all church Scientologists get trained modernly, even less so in the independent field. The disparity between training "generations" of auditors is the WHY in the scene of rugged individualism amongst auditors. One could go as far as to say it is a service facsimile amongst our ranks as auditors while the Who's "My Generation" plays in the background.

Until this is confronted and taken responsibility for by a sizeable portion of quickly dwindling ranks of trained auditors left, the future for Independent Scientology as a whole, let alone the subject itself, has a bleak future. We all, as auditors, need to take responsibility for these generational differences and set a technical standard upon which a stable datum can be built, not continually subdivided into oblivion.

How could this have happened?

How could LRH or anyone else have let this happen? Simple, the subject works and does get great results if done correctly. But, those with secrets that don't want them known and who detested able, capable critical thinkers in society scuttled Scientology by altering the technology and auditor's stable data to keep those secrets safe. In our opinion, Hubbard did the best he could with the information he had given him. We must take responsibility for the corruption that occurred when he was cut off from the organization. After his passing, things went into the abyss, and the stable datums changed every time copyright lapsed. Powers that be scuttled the subject "a little bit more" with each new copyright filing creating almost a third-party situation ultimately, and with it, arguments ensued in an almost Machiavellian fashion.

More to come!

The Technical Viewpoints of Independent Scientology Auditors and Case Supervisors - Why Are They are so Radically Different? - PART II

July 24th, 2022

Changes, changes, changes

In my last blog post, we mentioned misunderstood words and False Data—the two most significant issues on varying viewpoints for technical and non-technical Independent and Church Scientologists alike. However, in the church, most of the old guard has long since been deleted in some form or another from the church, making it easier to make changes as there is then no "memory" of how LRH wanted things done per policy. That leaves the balance remaining to be a part of the Independent field if they still practice the subject as the majority. Nearly 90% of the people that DO leave the church leave Scientology entirely within a year. That's an actual factual statistic, but we will leave that for another blog post topic very soon.

The LRH Research Line

Here's where it gets interesting. As LRH continued his research over 35 years, from 1950 to 1985, things were continually changing. Per reports of those who were there in the first 15 years, people left Dianetics/Scientology due to the advances made in the technology as the research line continued. Their disagreement was an ARC break (colloquially, an upset) over new concepts and auditing delivery procedures ranging from minor to fundamentally different ways of doing things in the technology. They knew how to do what they knew how to do. Why fix it? Any trained auditor will tell you from one of LRH's later technical bulletins on ARC breaks that these people had missed withholds that caused the ARC breaks in the first place, and that was why they were leaving. I would agree, but there is a deeper situation to all of this than just missed withholds that create the problem of division between members of the same team having the inability to stick together on such a rewarding subject as auditing, making Clears, and making OTs.

The Stable Datum

A stable datum per LRH is defined as: "A datum which keeps things from being in a confusion and around which other data align."

When a person gets adequately trained, that training creates a wealth of stable data for the student. This data is what the student bases their analysis on when using that subject. Accurate data or not, the information is their comparable magnitude when using it to analyze something on that subject or use it with others as a basis of agreement and to get products with it. At this juncture, it gets complicated for a person when changes are entered down the road or by one or more people after study is complete.

Playing well with others (doing it correctly) or continuing to use the subject at all becomes an issue quickly due to unstable data for most people when this happens and it has happened a lot throughout the course of Dianetics and Scientology.  

We will do a deep dive in our next post to reveal some very interesting phenomena you may have overlooked or oftentimes wondered about...

More to come!

The Technical Viewpoints of Independent Scientology Auditors and Case Supervisors - Why Are They are so Radically Different  - PART I

July 18th, 2022

A question at the forefront of conversation from public clients with AOGP for over a decade is why there are so many varying viewpoints among auditors in the field and why, if they are (Independent) Scientologists, don't they work together better? As auditors, their wealth of information on communication, the mind, personal relationships, and so much more is at their disposal and should resolve pretty much anything.


It's a GREAT question; let's delve into it a bit to find out why this may be...

We've given this a great deal of thought, given that we use the Subject of Independent Scientology on a moment-by-moment basis in doing what we do as a delivery organization with our public. There are a couple of great causes for this phenomenon in the big picture.

Let's start with the most significant and most "obvious" reason and then work into the subtleties after. You're going to say, "Well, I knew they would say THAT!" but it goes far beyond this one thing with excellent reasons beyond its official technical usage, though fully valid itself...

Misunderstood Words and False Data

Supposing you're already an Independent Scientologist and have done a Basic Study Course or Student Hat, you're all too familiar with this concept and what misunderstood words do to a person. When dealing with more than one person, misunderstood words create different realities of the same thing due to the misunderstanding of the actual definition of the concept at hand; this causes disagreements due to varying realities between the two people discussing the concept.

Misunderstood words or not known words are everything to using a subject (incorrectly.) The darker end of the spectrum is altered definitions being passed off to those genuinely wanting to learn a subject as the correct definition when, in fact, it has been altered (on purpose) by an organization or someone for a specific purpose. This phenomenon is known in Independent Scientology as FALSE DATA and can be handled with the action known as False Data Stripping to remedy the conflict of information.

Both of these phenomena above have occurred countless times with technically trained and non-technically trained Independent and Church Scientologists alike, we will get into what can happen as a result in our next blog installment.

Technology and Independent Scientology

June 30th, 2022

Every 15 years or so, a paradigm shift in technology takes place. Independent Scientology is no exception to the benefits of these advances.


The digital meters available outside the Church came on the scene nearly 15 years ago and have made significant advances since their introduction. These meters are higher in quality, sensitivity, privacy, and features than the Church's. LRH would have been proud of the capabilities and doors these meters open in training and auditing over the internet. They are making Independent Scientology available to anyone with an internet connection and a computer without the high prices.

Online Auditing

Once a futuristic dream, online or remote auditing is relatively new to all Scientologists but is a boon if done correctly. Saving travel and travel cost, cost of auditing per hour, time, and so many other factors, online auditing is the way of the future for anyone in the world to get standard tech wherever they are. LRH spoke of this type of technology to friends several times as something he would want to do if the technology existed. We're happy to say we've made it happen and use it daily with our public with copious success stories!

Online Training

Remote learning has exploded onto the scene in the last ten years. New Dianetic Students can take their first PC in session on the other side of the globe at the push of a button. Virtually any Independent Scientology course is available in our online courseroom. Our online courseroom gives the student flexibility, consistency, and social interaction through private social media.

Streaming Lectures and Transcripts

With the advent of streaming audio, the entire LRH audio library is at your fingertips anywhere your smartphone may go, allowing you to listen when and where you can, to over 4600 lectures and transcripts.

Technology has given Indpendent Scientologists the religious freedom to do Scientology without the oppression and suppression of days past. Avail yourself of all these tools, many free from AOGP here on the site, to go OT!

Having the Correct Technology in 2022

June 27th, 2022

Before the advent of the internet, Scientology books and course packs were the exclusive media for learning Scientology; if you wanted to know more about the subject, you bought a book or took a course.

Smartphones, then tablets, quickly emerged in 2006 and 2007 with the advent of the iPhone and iPad. Tablets and smartphones were now the local library and far more current than monthly periodicals in most cases.

As early as 1994, the USENET groups had many of the Scientology technical volumes in text format, most published by The "Freezone Bible Association." Nearly thirty years later, that same data landed on various Torrent sites and a hand full of websites, for better or worse.

Unfortunately, much of the Scientology body of work on the net was in antiquated Microsoft Word formats that no application would now open, and it had reached a dead end. The PDF document format became the format of choice, making tech documents searchable, indexable, and much more.

Something had to be done about the state of the tech online. Having the correct technology is part of Keeping Scientology Working. Standards had to be decided upon on document colors, text size, searchability, and so much more. AOGP rose to the occasion here on this site, and since the beginning of the year, we've been re-establishing tech and admin documents in bulk. Making them downloadable as single documents and eventually in book form once we complete a volume. All the issues are searchable by Google text robots, so they appear on Google when someone looks for a phrase or document title.

Each year of Scientology has its respective web page here on the site and will ultimately be combined with the streamable audio lectures for an accurate written and audio timeline. Something that hasn't existed on the internet to date.

Our goal is to make this site a searchable library of Scientology tech and admin, all cross-referenced and downloadable at the click of a button as PDF documents and audio files. It's a HUGE project, but it's coming along nicely. We hope it helps you learn more about and apply to life the undeniably large body of data and wealth of information Independent Scientology encompasses.

Withholds and such...

June 25th, 2022

Hello, and thanks for reading. We're starting a Scientology Tech Blog as there really isn't any blog like THIS on net in our corner of it. This will be a daily blog, so check back frequently if you find it interesting.

I wanted to chat about withholds. In talking to so many Independent Scientologists over the years, it always surprised me how many people never really understood what a withhold was! The prevalent view is that it was an overt or overts that wasn't disclosed. However, it's a lot more than that, and its balance is this other thing. It's that withholding'ness from life, an area, a person, etc. The not there-ness that goes missed because of the withhold itself. People overlook that there is something they are not doing anymore, which IS the withhold. It's so sublime in nature because THEY are withholding, get it? They don't see what they aren't doing anymore, like being in places they used to, doing things they used to, being in communication with others by BEING there, BEING Scientologists and applying the tech, helping others with it, and so on. LRH states, "The hardest thing to spot is a missingness," and it is so true! NOT being THERE IS the WITHHOLD.
Think of one thing you used to do, and just one day, you dropped it out.

What was it? Behind it was an overt act that made you withhold yourself from the area. This is why Grade II, the L's, prep-checking, and so on are remunerative to a being. They get a being back in communication with areas they have cut themselves off from.

It takes confront to find these withholds, but it really is a matter of just being honest with yourself and looking at them. Write the withhold down and get it out into the sunlight!

If you have loved ones, friends, co-workers, hobbies that you used to be close to you, and you are no longer in communication with them, find the withhold and write it down. That's all it takes to restore communication, reach and affintity to those areas. It is miraculous how quickly ARC can be restored by such a short and simple action of writing it down and getting it out of your universe..

Give it a try!

  • Jonathan - AOGP Exec. Director