I started this repair in rough-ish shape – I felt very bogged, dark, and wondering what deep withholds would be revealed. I was worried that I would be made to feel ashamed, guilty, or wrong for whatever I had done. Ethics...right?

No. Real ethics is not a make-wrong.

The opposite occurred - yes, I had some things to clean up, and the application of NOTS techniques to some areas made it a little challenging. But I gradually came to realize that we as beings are innately ethical - we want to do the right thing, although sometimes we are or have been misguided or confused about what that next right action is.

Ultimately, I never felt made wrong on this rundown. I came away with a new viewpoint on my own responsibility for the effects of my actions, and the comforting thought that I am on my right path and will continue on it. I feel more kind, calm, and relaxed, quite exterior, and with greater affinity, communication, and understanding for all life.

I had the two BEST SESSIONS EVER IN MY LIFE on this rundown, and I feel the best I have in a very long time! Amazing things have started happening in my life already.

So many thanks to my precise, patient, and professional auditor, Jonathan Burke for making sessions safe places to communicate.

Thanks to L. Ron Hubbard too, for figuring out the precise gradient of questions and technology needed to unburden withholds and let PCs and Pre-OTs see the bright truth of their real selves.

So drop that heavy load of withholds. Get your real self shined up! It’s worth it! ARC,