My first experience of OT 2 Tech was that I suddenly started feeling clearer space around me, as if I somehow got "purified aura", or was at the top of some mountain, or somewhere where there is clean, pure air. Eventually, after several such experiences it turned into an experience as if I suddenly got more space around me! It resulted that I felt somehow clearer, so to speak, more free, independent...

At one point I suddenly realized the existence of what's called "R6 bank!" It was in my plain sight, so to speak, and I realized how homo sapiens all around me are being moved, conditioned, controlled by it in various ways... I started feeling more self-determined and independent again.

It's not just my individual Track, but really the whole Track of life, so to speak, the whole of existence, from unbelievable long periods of time... I suddenly got more reality on Time Track itself, and how is this that we are aware of and call "ours" just a tiny, tiny fragment of the vastness of the totality of it! Wow, it's something that must be personally experienced, viewed, can't be understood just by reading about it.

And all this is beyond words! Items worded in GPMs may be in English for practical purpose, but their power, meaning, intent... it's all beyond our current language, what probably adds to the difficulty that somebody discover it on one's own.

This made me in complete awe as how LRH came to this, and I simply must - take my hat down to the brilliant guy who was able to plot this! Thank you, Ron! And thanks to all the wonderful staff of AO-GP who helped me in this important spiritual adventure!