Wow, this was a tremendous joy ride. I was keyed out through the whole OT I level. One of my biggest realizations was that I am not the ONLY ONE.

There are many thetans out there and I was amazed at the amount of ARC I have for every single one of them. Many are sad, many are lost, but we are all part of them. I was amazed that not one of the nearly a thousand people I saw had a smile on his face, … Really, not even one. Most had masks, but you could see through their expressions in their eyes that they were stressed. Even people talking to each other had no smiles.  It’s a serious world out there. My ARC for my family and groups just went out the top. I seemed to have regained my power to grant or imbue life. My surroundings are much more brighter and enthusiastic. The magic seems to have returned. I usually have success in whatever I undertake and I think it is all coming back.

I want to thank Jonathan and the AOGP Staff for being there as the terminals for OT. This is my third try to get onto the levels and thanks to him and his team I finally got there, and I know now that it was not my case stopping me from being there, but just a series of arbitraries after each of the two times I got through OT eligibility. (example:  having to redo student hat, having to do KTL, or having to do Life Orientation course). (I did not see me having to go through the whole series of Solo 1 to OT Eligibility for a third time).

Thanks again Jonathan and all the staff at AOGP. I see a bright future for you guys too.