Original OT V did so much in the areas of granting beingness, sharing space, and being present. It is actually mind-boggling at first, but it is true.

There is this pretty little cat I live with. Her name is Cat Benatar. She's named this because she meows like she's singing like Pat Benetar - a rock and roll singer in the 70s, 80s 90s. The cat also likes to run past me, but not let me pet her very much.‌
‌So today I'm doing these drills, and who shows up? That's right, Cat Benatar.

She stood in front of me, looked me straight in the eyes as she lay down beside me, proceeded to roll on her side, and said to me telepathically, "we can be pals now."‌
‌Then she licked her paws started purring, peacefully and patiently she stayed with me throughout the drills - she just sat there and waited. This level pervades all barriers and grants beingness.

‌We went back in the house, and the cat spoke with me for about 10 minutes and then took me to the door so I would open it, where she happily skipped out into the yard with a sense of oneness for us. It was a moment to moment experience intentionally created by both of us with no words between us, only the tranquility of sharing the same space.

‌Then when I spoke with my boyfriend on the phone after, we were simply present in a soft and quiet space of love and bliss. I then called my son, and the same effect occurred.

‌So much higher self-truth. Thank you, Jonathan Burke, for your continued support, purpose, and love. For your huge beingness of keeping the org here, along with all the AOGP staff, my boyfriend, kids, and humanity.

‌My deepest love,‌