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Independent Scientology Success Stories - Original OT IV

Independent Scientology Success Stories - Original OT IV

I was having a few bumps on my Original OT IV Solo Auditing, though on many different levels I am winning. I could feel the case upon me that needed to be handled.

This is a very subtle straight A-B communication seperating "I"-Theta from the composite 'case,' something I had not experienced prior. (Two differnet sources one needing attention, the other not.)

It is a definite JOY that I can acknowledge the composite 'case' and grant beingness while also winning!

Jonathan, my C/S, knew exactly what I needed to handle it and gave me the exact C/S needed I am more in present time!

Much, much gratiitude to you Jonathan for your superlative C/S'ing and purpose.

Thank you so much my friend.


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