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Independent Scientology Success Stories - New OT IV

Independent Scientology Success Stories - New OT IV

I am very happy with the auditing I received on this rundown. It addresses the charge on drugs from an OT viewpoint. I cleaned up a lot of negative influences in my life and feel much cleaner as a being. I removed identities and purposes that were not mine. I feel a heightened cause level and a renewed sense of self. ‌
‌I feel this is a vital action for any being to receive. Clears have increased abilities and stronger postulates, and they can get themselves into trouble with this case unhandled. They can also run into immense difficulty trying to handle this area without the help of an auditor. I encourage all pre-OTs to take this step on their Bridge if they have not done it yet. ‌
‌Many thanks to Jonathan and AOGP for their standard delivery of this action. And thanks to LRH. ‌

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