My most recent win on Grade II was that we all come from the same source, which means we are all created equally. Proving this, LRH says we’re ALL basically good beings, and that the SP is not inherently evil, he is simply in the wrong valence to who he really is.

Where problems come from, is when we view others as entirely different from ourselves - they’re brighter or more stupid, they’re bigger or better or smaller etc. It is also a component to the reactive mind.

We consider that these differences must mean the being is less than or more than in some way or another. If someone went to college and then became a very rich man, we consider he was more responsible, or he had more skill, or perhaps he was even lucky. And when we see a man who is struggling in life, where he has to beg for his meal everyday, we consider he is flawed, he didn’t work hard enough, he must have been a high school drop out.

Those two people are exactly the same. We are confusing a person’s spiritual reality with his physical reality. His physical reality is determined by what he has experienced in life. He makes choices based on the circumstances he is in, and this goes all the way down the time-track. If he is attractive but was not brought up with responsibility or self-care, he may find himself sleeping with a lot of people and then dying young from a disease.

If that same spirit were to grow up in a family with parents who compulsively took responsibility over him, he may be too afraid to ever actually talk to the gender he is interested in.

We are all spiritual beings. It is easy to hate the murderer, to hate the rapist, to hate Hitler - but even they are spiritual beings trapped in their own nightmare. If any of us were placed in the same life as they were, with the same experiences, same parents, same friends, we would have been exactly as they are. I know that can offend people, but our experiences determine our choices in life, this is a scientific fact.

It may seem like I am pardoning the evils of the world but I assure you, I despise the actions, not the being. The less we confuse the spiritual self with the physical self, the happier we will be and the happier others will be around us.

Knowing yourself means you know who YOU really are. You are not Jane the baker or Paul the guitarist - you have had many identities over this lifetime which are simply viewpoints, points to view from, you experiencing life from the viewpoint of your experiences, unique to you.

Who you really are can only be found out and experienced by you, and helped along by your auditor.

So many questions can arise if one truly accepts and takes on this viewpoint of who we really are, such as “well does that mean I can’t actually be proud of anything I do because I am just my experiences” or “how do I learn to not hate the guy who did me or my loved one in,” - when we are ready to accept this viewpoint as truth, that’s when all of that falls away.

You realise that when you understand who you are, you understand who others are, and you have some understanding with their circumstances. You also learn that pride and love are different things. You can love who you really are and love your creations, but pride is simply a construct designed for this physical reality to set us apart from one another.

This was my win with auditing, and I never thought it would be possible to get here. I don’t even know how much better things can get but I am excited, humbled, and grateful for this journey, so so grateful.

This win has helped me in so many ways. Firstly, I know who I really am, therefore anything anyone says to me that is not kind or helpful, is a projection of who they THINK they are and who they THINK I am, so I don’t hate them and I don’t hate myself either.

I am also more certain, and all of those people who I was PTS to in the past no longer affect me as much as they did, I can grant them and myself beingness on their actions and my roles in it.

I have also forgiven myself for my shortcomings in life - it is such a waste of time to hang on to guilt and self-loathing when I am HERE NOW and ready to just live this beautiful life, love unconditionally, and laugh uncontrollably. I don’t have a perfect life, but my viewpoint makes it perfect for me.

Lastly, I am not afraid anymore to be who I really am. There were always these two dominant valences around while going through life: one was my gentle, soft, and loving nature, the other was this cold, angry, resentful one that would come out whenever my loving side was invalidated. I have a superpower now, one that I have longed for since I was a little girl: to remain kind and loving without allowing anyone to ever invalidate it again. I always felt like I was exposed for being who I really am, so I hid under all those invalidating valences of others to protect myself. I am free to be ME now. I guess this actually resembles the CDEI scale if I think about it!

Final thoughts on this win, I just love all of you big and beautiful beings and my biggest wish is to have all of you experience this win too, so you can experience life without being controlled by the reactive mind. Hate, fear, anger, jealousy, grief, apathy, - they’re all unnecessary. They all serve to enslave us in a system where we THINK those are self-determined states of being. They are not.

You are not your case. You are not your tone level. You are not your circumstances. You are not your choices. You are YOU.

Thank you so much LRH, if I could hug you, I would, I hope my theta hugs reach you. Thank you to my wonderful auditor Jonathan Burke on your excellent work on being an auditor - I am so blessed and grateful to have found YOU to be my auditor. To everyone else: thank you for being a part of Lisa Kemsley’s book this lifetime, and my new chapter on the time track. All of you have provided me with an experience and a game to play, you’ve agreed in greater or lesser degree to be cause and/or effect and while it sometimes left me either speechless or in tears, it left me able to experience something nonetheless!

So thank you once again to all of you, for making life worthwhile and fun, I hope you all are living your best lives. ❤️

ML,   Lisa