I have just completed my Life Repair with the excellent John Nunez as my auditor at AOGP, and can safely and confidently confirm and attest that it feels like my life has actually been repaired.

I gave John a list of areas of ruin in my life that I would like to be at cause with. John worked through them efficiently, and effectively, giving me some great wins along the way, and leaving me with high Very Good Indicators in all the areas that were previously felt to be a source of ruin.

As regards specific wins, I have had a stutter from early childhood, and that was resolved with the understanding that I will never stutter again if I limit myself to saying 3-4 words at a time (like all fluent speakers do), and I am not consistently doing. I started exercising regularly and enjoying it (versus it being a chore). I got over a sexual addiction, and over my sugar addiction. I am fully completing my to do lists for the first time in my life and got to a level of peace and high ARC, and am much better handling conflict resolution with clients (I work in a section of the service industry with irate, and often abusive clients).

I am journaling morning and evening routines more than ever before. I made a plan for my music and martial arts practice I can be consistent with, a plan for my creative output that's achievable, and eminently sustainable, and moved towards cause with self worth, deservedness and confidence. I got to high Very Good Indicators with issues like dispersion, avoidance, consistency, discipline, routine and focus, and also with my closest personal and also professional relationships.

This is my first experience with AOGP, and I can't recommend them highly enough.