I thought Dianetics was old fashioned. That after the e-meter, it had become a kind of introduction only. How wrong I was!

A few days ago, a troubled dog broke the screen door and killed my most precious cat Kyō. That’s the straight, unemotional fact. The big mess after the struggle (cat and dog) and the fear of not finding my other beloved cat, while holding dying Kyō´s body in my arms; and the dog still unleashed; can give you an idea of the feeling.

I needed help!

I though I would be able to handle it by myself. After all, it won’t be the first time I had to do it. But I had just joined the Standard Tech Academy Student Union group on Telegram, and I felt compelled to share it there. I don’t think that’s the group’s purpose, still, I did it.

I’m so happy I did! The simple fact of doing it, and feeling the support of likeminded people, started making a difference.

Long story short, I ended up having two Dianetics sessions with Stan. Woooow! I am a different person now!

In the first one, we went trough the loss of Kyō; which was a big relief. Although, I knew that it had been the drop that made the cup run over. In the second session, I put on the table an old and repetitive issue that had been bothering me for about 8 years; a problem that showed up again after the loss. Honestly, I wasn’t expecting much.

If it hadn’t been solved before in auditing sessions (on an e-meter), I was prepared not to have it solved with Dianetics. Just having a terminal to handle the re-stimulation would have been good for me.

There is a long story full of details to understand the size and importance of this; but for the purpose of sharing my wins, it should be enough to know that once I ended up in a hospital with a severe haemorrhage and severe pain because of that.

IT WAS MINDBLOWING. To start, Stan’s presence is impeccable! His guidance couldn’t be better! I got to a point that started having cognition after cognition, to higher and higher levels that at the end, I didn’t have to wonder again if this was finally it. I knew it was it!

What a lesson it was to me! Of course, I’m aware that not having the support of my previous auditing sessions I may not had been ready to solve it now. But little had I imagined that it would be a Dianetics session where the last layer would be removed.