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Independent Scientology Success Stories - Dianetics Auditors Course

Independent Scientology Success Stories - Dianetics Auditors Course

The Dianetics Auditors Course is the first course I’ve completed in over a decade (the first Independent Scientology Online course too) and that in itself is a win. Finally I can audit! The layout of the course was quite delightful and surprising as I was reading things I would otherwise have never found by myself but answered a lot of questions.

I am very happy to have a routine on Dianetics which I feel comfortable with applying and fits perfectly with my understanding of what is a standard application.

When I went into session I didn’t have to think too much or remember some drill as I had the knowledge to just apply it self determinedly.

I can genuinely say that I enjoyed the check outs and supervision I got on this course as it helped me to be able to do it for real. Thank you to AOGP for providing this service which I couldn’t have dreamed possible a few years ago.


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