The Basic Study Course is a must for anyone just getting started with the AOGP courses. It will give you the tools and technology that is absolutely necessary to be able to study effectively. You’ll learn the most common problems that get in the way of studying and how to clear them up the right way. You’ll learn how to use demos with a demo kit, as well as clay demos, to demonstrate and reinforce anything you learn.

Most importantly, you’ll learn how to use conceptual thinking and understanding, which is necessary when studying any of the other courses. You get to practice coaching and checkouts, which are used in all of the other courses, as well. Johnathan is a great coach and course supervisor and makes sure you actually understand what you study - not simply by pointing out your mistakes but by helping you realize where and why you are getting stuck, and helps you quickly but effectively handle it and clear it up.

I highly recommend this course, and Jonathan as a course supervisor.