Hi Beautiful Beings,  I just completed New OT V. ‌
‌John Nunez, my Auditor has been the driving force for the compassion, wins and gains I have achieved on this level. ‌
‌As, his presence IS amazing.‌
‌It took much confront to wrap myself around what we are actually ‌
‌achieving on these upper levels. ‌
‌From the depths of my being,‌
‌John, I am forever grateful.‌
‌And, of course, to you, brilliant man - LRH, with much much gratitude.‌
‌My intentions are, ‌
‌every being is loved and that their ‌
‌true desires become a reality.‌
‌That either, in the physical or spiritual realms, they go free. ‌
‌Many magical moments happened during this level as my viewpoint switched from attention on myself ‌
‌to the intention of wanting others ‌
‌to have freedom and abundance.‌
‌At the beginning of this level, the above was not so pure.‌
‌My intentions and postulates now help for the better, ‌
‌A tone level in a person.‌
‌A condition for a person.‌
‌A tone level in a room. ‌
‌More love for ones self through an acknowledgment or comm.‌
‌I purged many agreements of my ‌
‌own inadequacies, body somatics, judgments, blame, below 2.0 ideas valances, viewpoints and opinions.‌
‌ ‌
‌ I, seriously, ‌
‌somedays, was like REALLY?‌
‌I agreed to THAT? ‌
‌Me? ‌
‌Or a somatic would show up and I thought it was me.‌
‌I really struggled at times to get my confront up. ‌
‌And, each time an unwanted anything appeared, is exactly what the next session handled.‌
‌A poem:‌
‌Coincident is ‌
‌more like Kismit‌
‌I did it. ‌
‌My big cognition is all beings‌
‌deserve deserve deserve.‌
‌Sometimes during this the level I really had to confront that which one can not see physically does exist. ‌
‌That compassion, love and responsibility go hand in hand. ‌
‌That the defenses of others are not‌
‌a desire to be harmful. ‌
‌It is a need for Understanding (ARC)  and acknowledgment with kindness and integrity. ‌
‌ARC and KRC go hand in hand.‌
‌I am looking very forward to the next level.‌

‌               All my gratitude and love,‌
‌                                                Jennie ‌