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Independent Scientology Success Stories - New OT V Success

Independent Scientology Success Stories - New OT V Success

I have been on New OT V for a few weeks now. In many sessions a body somatic - blows. An attitude or viewpoint changes to a very high tone. I am so much more in PT.

The ability to confront matter, energy, space, and time and cycles of action with complete calmness is always present even in a back log!

Creative flow is SO-happening. I am finding answers.

Where ideas, confusions, concepts, life choices, attitudes, tone levels, opinions, decisions are based from.

It is very stabilizing for myself and others in my environment,

The amazing concept here is, and, where my biggest wins are, is in the lives of others. Their tone levels and lives change for the better. - like “Oh my god!”

I know it isn’t coincidence. My intention is with compassion for high toned lives of havingness for all of us.

If I have an intention, the cause point receives and respond. It happens with everything.

If there is a moment where my operating intention level goes down because I'm out of present time, there isn’t much of a ridge to pin me. I just change my viewpoint.

Choice at cause for a higher purpose and havingness.

That is the beauty and ability of what this level is giving me. - Because (of) you John Nunez, my Auditor.

You are so in comm, with so much ARC, Auditor presence and purpose to free beings, that all the training I lack, I conceptually duplicate the command forward to a done to achieve what we are doing. It overflows into my life and others.

It is super amazing.

I look very forward to moving up the cosmos and do more training along the line. My undying gratefulness to you LRH.

Lots of love,


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