On communication - WOW!! Either you make an impact or you don't. I used to wonder what was at the root of success. Mine for one, and others'. Well, how about one's ability to Confront communication? In this processing I was able to observe degrees of communication and its influence on achievement. The lower one's communication level; the longer it takes for things to happen. Someone with HIGH communication is bound to move the air, disturb the peace; but find his answers. Also funny how a communicator is higher toned than someone who doesn't express himself. The guy at the raw bottom of the tone scale is out-of comm even with himself.

So why is communication so important and what can it do for you? It can give or procure you help. It can organize information, it can teach, it can understand. And the greater your ability to UNDERSTAND someone, the more luck you will have in being IN-communication with him. So communication IS a key. Litterally a key to life. It's the movement of flows that enable growth. And I mean communication on ALL dynamics. If only 1 is in, then you will reap the results to that degree; when you go up; so does your living; your impact on the lives of others too.
So ultimately; if you do actions that will lead to communication; you will improve on the subject. The more communication is done; the more things are shared, despatched, even get the possibility to come to life. It's like an engine; it empowers, it motivates, it nourishes life. 🙂

~ C