The Ups and Downs Course - Potential Trouble Source Mitigation and Hatting

Through taking the “Conquering Ups and Downs” course, I learned the reason why people can find themselves doing well for a time then suddenly not do well at all. This is called “Roller Coastering” and is the result of being suppressed. With this information I was able to look back on periods of my life and better understand why I had trouble at times. As I learned more, I had a few realizations that were like “A-Ha!” moments for me. Understanding why some things in my past happened the way they did made me feel like I was better equipped to move past them and prevent them from happening again. Thankfully, through this course I was able to rule out suppression as a current factor in my life. I also learned how to deal with suppressive behavior when I am subjected to it. I had heard of suppressive people before, but I had no idea how wide-ranging suppressive behavior was. I learned many different characteristics an SP can have. So far there has been one instance where I was able to notice one of those characteristics in someone and know to be more cautious of them. This is something that could have saved me a lot of trouble in the past! I can now move forward in life more conscious and aware of the people around me and protect myself from anti-social people who could cause me to roller coaster. - M

The How to Communicate Better In Life Course

"The English often talk about the weather, the Japanese sometimes offer a quick bow of the head and maybe an American will greet you with a hearty "Howdy!" - we all communicate differently. However, for any communication to be successful or not will depend upon certain processes. This course outlines how to give and receive communication. It examines all the basic steps required, such as in-flows, out-flows, lines and cycles of communication and looks at the journey they take between terminals. From basic to advanced, if these simple rules are followed correctly, you will be able to communicate better in life." - D

The Personal Efficiency Course

The Personal Efficiency Course was one of the most practical and enjoyable courses that I’ve taken so far. The course offers not only useful instruction on how to approach organization and carrying out routine household and work duties, but also intriguingly (for me, at least) delves into the Scientology religious concept of being and operating as a Thetan in every unit.

Some of the practical points I learned were:

How to determine what is important and what to tackle first when facing several tasks at


  • Why projects are left unfinished or abandoned altogether
  • Why I procrastinate
  • How to set goals
  • What causes misunderstandings and arguments between co-workers
  • What competence is
  • How misunderstood words prevent communication
  • How investigate the reason attempted tasks fail or why individuals don’t do their work
  • Qualities of an effective organization
  • How to approach learning a new subject or job
  • The importance of confrontation
  • How best to contribute to work of a group
  • How to avoid failure and achieve success
  • How to gain confidence in a subject
  • What a professional is
  • Proper steps to rectify a failed situation

Some of the Religious concepts I enjoyed studying were:

  • The definition of an OT- Operating Thetan
  • The gradient scale of being an OT
  • Target attainment as an OT
  • The exploration of what Happiness really consists of
  • Cycles of Action (both a practical and religious subject)
  • Being at Cause
  • The supreme test of a Thetan
  • How a Thatan’s power is measured
  • What causes destruction?
  • What are good control and bad control?
  • What causes war?
  • What makes up good art?
  • and KRC (Knowledge, Responsibility, and Control)

I’d highly recommend this course if one is struggling with organization and setting or attaining goals as well as desiring more knowledge about Scientology concepts in depth. It was also a lot of fun!  - CK

The Data Evaluators Course

1- OMG. The Data Evaluators Course is MIND BLOWING. It started off rough, particularly because I had MUs that I thought I knew, but man, once you get into it and apply it, just... I mean LRH was really undervalued at times and even worse today. He was an absolute genius. If you're thinking about taking this course with me, please know that you need the CORRECT study tech under your belt as it has a lot of word clearing, demos, and drills, and you also need to establish firmly WHY you want to take this course so you don't lose purpose if you do have MUs you've gone over. Absolutely incredible course and more indies need it! - JK

2 - I had a big win today, I’m still trying to make sense of it all. I can’t post the Clear cog, but what I will say is that I had a limited view on being a Clear - kind of like knowing about cupcakes but not knowing about all of the flavours… Today we did some unrelated false data stripping and some service fac stuff, and it blew charge in places I didn’t know existed  

It’s really incredible when you use the tech to solve a problem and you end up solving more than just it. I feel amazing, and I’m ready to take on the world! Thank you to my fiancé and auditor, Jonathan Burke. You’re incredible. -JK

The Class IX Course

I have a win to share..
I have been observing postulates happening lately in a new unit of time.
I would like to mention that this is only my opinion ..but with 100 percent in present time observing life..all that is present in life IS
what I had agreed to or postulated on the track.
The incredible win here is, I notice if I have any counter intention on any dynamic the flows are less easy.
I have been practicing noticing when I have counter intention.
Then I take the counter intention off.
What has been happening is postulates happening are the ones that are very uptone and very pro survival.
Everything in my opinion happens because we have an agreement or postulate on wanting something to be a certain way.
I have practiced living by LRH technology, ethics, references to really assume the essence of what he wanted for us.
It's like staying on top of the mountain in a new until of time each time.
The awareness of what the intention is the part I dig the most..because it is super powerful.
It can make ones most wanted dreams a reality. - JD

This course really gave me all the confidence I needed to audit NOTS. I am pretty much ready to go onto SOLO NOTS. I have no doubt of the results I can get on myself.

Doing this course there is no situation that comes up that I can’t handle. Jonathan has accompanied me all the way through the course, so I actually had the privilege to be supervised by a CLASS XII. It’s amazing the amount of TA (charge) I blow in each session. And I know that this is all due to the depth of this course. It really has all you need to make it to OT. I know I will make it I have no doubt.

I’d like to thank everyone at AOGP for giving me the chance to move all the way up this incredible bridge. - A