March 29th, 2023

Where Do We Go From Here?

I've had a really trucky time coming up with a blog post/podcast topic this week. its always difficult to feed the monster weekly. The muse was escaping me. Then, I had an idea. Something that has been at the forefront of my attention for over a year. I promise I won't get preachy about this topic or where it leads. This is basically going to be some insight into MY thoughts, and then we will do the podcast later in the week, which will give us a lot more room for discussion and sid rails to visit. Sometimes the siderails can be terribly interesting in and of themselves in a podcast.

Let's talk about the state of Scientology - Outside the church, from one organization's viewpoint.

Where would you rather be? - Anywhere, Anywhere But Here.

As an organization, we have been delivering auditing and training for a dozen years now. Amazing to say it, but it's been that long. That's over 4,300 days. In that period, nearly all of the original cast of auditors who were delivering auditing in the field and worked directly with LRH passed away. There are a couple still around, however, they are not practicing or, sadly, have decided to denounce the topic and have become antipathetic to it in their old age, in my opinion. Which I've seen happen all too often since leaving the church in October of 2004.

And, another half dozen auditors practicing in the field have died, just in the last year and a half alone, due to natural causes or co-morbidities PLUS Covid.

For a grand total of over a dozen auditors no longer auditing in field practices outside the church.

It's true the biggest boom in auditing and training occurred in the mid to late 1970s, so that's about right on the timing side of things, 70s pushing 80 for some in regards to body age.

I'd be lying if I said I liked being alone when it comes to having other auditors as piers or, in some cockeyed viewpoints, competition on a planet that has over 200,000 new inhabitants per day. I don't like it one bit, feeling like one of few and having next to no one to talk to about our craft of Independent Scientology auditing and training. Let alone being OT with other OTs. It's lonely at the top if you wanna rock and roll, apparently these days.

One of the most dismaying things is that no one new is joining our ranks. This is likely the most troubling aspect of this disturbing course of things for you and me.

When is the last time you've seen a new auditor on the scene promoting themselves and winning or their PC's success stories? What are the top five places you've postulated going to and getting trained on Solo auditing and above after going Clear from a great field auditor? - Hard to think of five isn't it?

Do you have a choice?

It is incredibly hard to hold a position for long and have integrity in so doing anything in this universe. It is doubly hard to deliver Independent Scientology to others. The reasons for this are many and go beyond the purpose of this article. I have mentioned many of them in past blog posts, so check there for more information on that.

I can't say that the difficulty of starting your own field practice or, for those who think big like ourselves, an organization, is something a person would know early on. So that isn't what is stopping them from opening a practice. I'd do it all again if I knew how hard it was. It is that rewarding.

The point being, as LRH says, if a stat isn't going up, it is going down. In this case, the stats of options to do Independent Scientology are shrinking super fast with no new people to keep it going and putting it there into the future.

Market competion is a healthy thing and leaves people the option to have "freedom from and freedom to," with different organizations. Personalities clash, jobs change, economies change, the more the merrier. But, this isn't the case anymore.

When you can count them on on one hand, we have something that needs to be confronted, and definitely in more ways than one.

Having Something To Come Back To

The state of the Indpenedent field as I've mentioned in recent blogs is one of apathy and little if any two-way flow of communication, post covid drama. I feel the events of the last couple years have driven people to individuate/isolate. Independent Scientologists aren't dummies in seeing the writing on the wall, or they would still be in the church. But they aren't doing much if anything about it for themselves or their fellow man either, so what's up? We would see it if someone or some one(s) were kicking ass and taking names as an Independent organization beyond the usual holdouts, and we aren't. Why is that?

Join us for our podcast coming up late this week for an indepth discussion with solutions and a ton of insight to what's happened to the field recently, why, and what the solutions are to it. There are great ingenious solutions coming, I might add! See you on the podcast!