March 21st, 2023

The Reality of Understanding OT

"Any one of you knows inherently why man’s here, what he’s doing here, who put him here and why he is being held down. Anybody knows this, only they don’t want to know they know it. It’s really, actually, wide-open data - with a lid on it, and it’s a heavy lid. And the first thing you come up against in processing is that iron cover. Try and lift it. Without being able to demonstrate to the individual that it can be lifted and that there is something under it which won’t swamp him, you find it pretty hard to lift on most people. They fight you. They don’t want this lifted. Are they fighting it for themselves? Are they fighting it because of their own self-determinism? Are they fighting it because they actually don’t want to know, basically? What are the answers?

The enormous amount of phenomena that we have uncovered here in the field that is now Scientology - I’ve been working consistently and continually for about twenty-two years to pull an iron cover off. Well, it’s off. And this course is going to give you the complete size, thickness, weight and nature of the handle of said iron cover. It’s a secret. It’s been a secret for a long time." - LRH  Scientology - Milestone One - Wichita, Kansas - March 1952

Awareness is OT

One of the areas that is often misunderstood is the role and state of an OT or Operating Thetan. Despite the fact that Scientology has been around for more than seventy years, many people are still in the dark about what being an OT truly entails. I was a FLAG-trained auditor, and I didn’t have a clue until I had completed the levels myself, in fact.

In this week’s blog post, we'll explore some of the reasons why people don't understand the state of being OT in Independent Scientology and what the remedies are for this conundrum of conceptualization.

To begin with, it's important to understand that Independent Scientology is a complex and multifaceted religion that incorporates various spiritual practices and principles. The concept of the Operating Thetan is central to Independent Scientology, and it refers to a state of spiritual awareness and ability that is achieved through advanced Scientology training and copious Solo auditing. Without training and Solo auditing, the vehicle that gets you there, awareness doesn’t increase. Awareness is what OT is.

The goal of Independent Scientology is to help individuals achieve a state of spiritual awareness, capability through postulation, determinism, and personal freedom for themselves and helping others, as well. It's not just about yourself and what your needs and wants are, physical or otherwise. One won’t stay OT long if they are selfish, nor could they really be OT to begin with if they were selfish at the onset of doing the OT levels, to be blunt. A being is an OT on all their dynamics, not just the first dynamic.

Due to the unfortunate usurping of the Corporate church by the powers that be, that paradigm has created whole generations of selfish MEST-loving non-OTs, giving the state a bad and undue rep. Primarily because they really just weren’t OTs, in this author's personal opinion and experience as a delivery terminal for those wanting to do the OT levels. The title was a misnomer, in other words, for those stuck on their first dynamic’s needs and wants. They will work on the third dynamic as long as it gets them what their first wants. An analog to this would be doing good on the third dynamic (donations) because they should do good or HAD to do good monetarily, not because they really wanted to help others. The sad part about it in the corporate church is that all that money that gets donated doesn’t help the third dynamic. It just lines CST’s and COB’s pockets even more so. - True story.

The argument can also be made that true OTs would know what was going on and leave. I can confirm that is the case, save the ones who really mean well, and they are just too much the effect of their PTS’ness to break free of their friends, family, businesses, debt, blackmail/suppression from the COS, etc. to reach escape velocity, still intact in their lives. There are some really good OTs still in the church under this veil, but not many. Most have left already seeing the writing on the wall as they truly were aware as an OT. They have our postulates in motion that they will get out and are always welcome to be in a fun environment as an OT with AOGP if they do. Thetans definitely work better in numbers, as LRH has stated. But I digress.

Reality Can Be Decieving

One could ask, “What is reality?” A person with a similar viewpoint would reply with a similar reality as an answer to that question. As LRH states in the Scientology and Dianetic Axioms:

Scientology Axioms -



Dianetic Axiom -


And most importantly, in the Scientology Factors -

LOGIC 23. The universes, then, are three in number: the universe created by one viewpoint, the universe created by every other viewpoint, the universe created by the mutual action of viewpoints which is agreed to be upheld -- the physical universe.

I am going to take a step back here and mention the most crucial point from LRH on the Class VIII Course, paraphrased: "The amount of charge removed from the case is to the degree awareness increases."

What that means is, when one takes enough charge off of a case through standard auditing on the Grade Chart, from the bottom all the way to the top into the OT band, one's own awareness increses exponentially both in the physical universe and the Theta universe. That is why there is a chart of awareness right down the center of the grade chart and all the way to the bottom and off to the side at the bottom.

See the Grade Chart below to get a good look at the scale of awareness going up the center of the chart:


Because awarness can be THAT  "unaware" in a being before processing or even during early stages of processing.

The point I am driving at to cut to the chase is simply this. A being doesn't know what tney don't know YET.

That does not mean they cannot know. They just don't know it due to being submerged in a lot of charge in their case that has yet to come off through looking at things as they truly are. this is called as-is'ing case, looking at things in your life AS ythey truly are. it's why auditing works. For more information on this I cannot recommend enough to you our readers to read the Dianetics and Scientology Axioms found in the book, Scientology 0-8, available on our website on the Multimedia Library Page of

Reality is Relative

Ultimately, what the reality is in fact is, is that one cannot have a reality on something they yet have ANY reality on due to the factors of being submerged in a case/and or reactive mind. Their viewpoint will be dictated by whatever their chronic tone level is, due to that case as to whether they can have it at all, per the chart of human evaluation, or not.  This is how you get critics of anything in fact, it isn't real to them, so they criticize just for the fact that they themselves have no perception of whatever it is they criticize.

Different tone levels see things differently due to their grip or lack their of on the literalness of the reality they are experiencing after all.

We will explore this in our upcoming podcast this week. Join us to have your reality improved on what the OT levels really can do and are all about!