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AOGP Tech Blog 22 - Your Identity is a Lie - From Scientologirl

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This is just a reminder that your current identity is not who you really are. Our experiences in this universe, this life, all lives - are just experiences. We are often prone to do things, or not do things, to hold on solidly to our identities. Which, unfortunately, brings us no closer to who we really are.

Not only do we hold onto these identities, but we are also encouraged by seemingly everyone else to hold onto them. Our race, religion, political status, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, age - I could go on and on, but all of these identities keep us very solid and at war with the people outside of these identities. I have news for anyone who thinks they’re better than anyone else: you’re not. You’re a basically good thetan just like your allies and your foes. You’re made of the exact same stuff every other being is made of, and thus we are connected. The next time you feel like evaluating negatively for another being, just know that it is no different than evaluating negatively for a boil on your arm without the intention of putting salve on. The salve, by the way, is the responsibility and true help offered.

Likely one of the most aberrated agendas the System has exploited in us is our own egos - and egos are purely an identity issue.

  • I must have a better car than Jane
  • I must have better abs than Luke
  • I must cook better than Jessica.

And so the capitalists make bank off our egos.

We could think of any activity and somehow tie it to our identities and egos. It’s no wonder that the 7th and 8th dynamics are so far from the 1st - spirituality means dropping that identity and ego and being who one really is.

But why, if we’re here to experience life? To BE things and DO things and HAVE things? We all know how LRH felt about the Buddhists - that they were close but no cigar, therefore our identities are important, surely?

Well, truthfully, as I’ve said before, life isn’t so black and white. If we relinquish all desire to be, do or have anything, we become quite apathetic. Even Buddhists want to Be Buddhists, Do meditation, and have more spirituality. You can still be a mom without forgetting you are first and foremost a being. You can be a salesman, a dog groomer, a dentist, or anything, but that is just the identity within the game. The more solidly and fixed you hold onto your identity, the more you fight, deny and don’t grant beingness to anyone or anything that opposes that identity, and that’s where the insanity comes in. Extremists, terrorists and even your local drug addict is 100% convinced he’s just a no-good drug addict who is insane even if it isn’t immediately obvious. Thus they do insane things and have insane things -all because of holding on solidly to an identity.

So, if anyone has ever labeled you as anything, or has thought of you as an enemy, know that reality is relative, and what we see in ourselves is what we see in others, and you have probably simply gone against what their identity stands for.

How does one change or start to be less reliant on this identity? Well, think of the dynamics kind of like a ladder. The more you can take responsibility for all your dynamics, the more you drift away from the ego -this is also ethics.
How do you take more responsibility for your dynamics? You have to get rid of your excuses as to why your life is the way it is, and the best and most workable way to do that is by getting auditing. Consider how far you’ll come if you only think of yourself as that neglected kid who had to try so hard to make mama and papa proud, and now think how far you’ll go if you consider yourself an infinitely capable big being -quite a difference.

The more auditing I do, the more I KNOW I have absolute power over my life, not just physically but spiritually as well. It can sometimes scare me how I get what I want so often, how my reality is literally being created every second of every day, by me. It’s hard not to have an ego - when things go right so much of the time, it feels like superpowers ! However, why should I have an ego when I know my allies and my enemies also hold this power, they just don’t know it - they, along with my old self, barred their way a long time ago, I was just fortunate to find Scientology again.

To wrap this up, the entire point is that identities can be fun, but we need to remember them for what they are, and not as who we are. If I am a basically good being, I will always do basically good things, and thus have good things. If I’m anything else, I can run into trouble if I insist my identity is solidly right and not-is any opposing reality. So the next time something or someone opposes your earth identity, remind yourself of who you really are. This is a quick fix, and you might forget it eventually, but through getting auditing, you live it and realize the validity of living as a being and playing as an identity.

Have a good game today! <3

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