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OT Phenomena

November 8th, 2022

When I was a kid, I couldn't wait for the Advance! magazine to arrive in the mail from the Advanced Organization of Los Angeles (AOLA). Some of you likely remember it yourselves.

The magazine almost always had an "OT Phenomena" section in it, which was always my immediate go-to as my first-read section in the mag. In it, people would share their experiences of really cool phenomena they had experienced while doing Dianetics and Scientology auditing or sometimes after or even in session with their pre-clears. Some of them were on their OT levels others were not, but the phenomena were always definitely in the OT band of theta experiences.

We thought we would share some here starting with one from Scientologirl to get the ball rolling, enjoy!

It’s funny but, the most OT I’ve been has always been when I’m working on my ethics. “The right path” to my goals (small and big) just kind of opens up and I’ll have an absolute knowingness about what would happen if I did x and so on. It’s kind of like peering into the future where you can see multiple outcomes based on what your next move is.

It might be definable as clairvoyance, but the funny thing is, unlike with the mediums you see on tv, it’s not vague, it doesn’t require a lot of mental focus, and it doesn’t “run out.” It’s instant as if someone were to ask you “what color is the sky,” your answer (without overthinking it) would be blue in an instant, and the longer you stay on the ethical path, the longer your abilities last.

In essence, what one is doing is decluttering the pathway to knowingness when being ethical. LRH says that aberration is a deviation from a straight line. That straight line IS knowingness. When learning a subject, you have to actually give yourself new data. With this ability, it’s data you already KNOW, but because of overts and withholds, we occlude that knowingness, but as seen, the good news is it can be rehabilitated with ethics.

When I say ethics, I don’t just mean writing up overts and withholds or doing conditions (those are excellent jumping-off points though). I mean literally putting order into aberrated areas. Therefore, getting in session, albeit tech, IS ethics too, (pointing this out in relation to “ethics, then tech, then admin” as the order of operation).

Other forms of putting in order into aberrated areas are cleaning things, putting admin in work areas, becoming healthy again, working on your marriage, etc. however, auditing is the best bet because “if we knew what was wrong with us, it wouldn’t be wrong” - paraphrased from LRH.

The kicker though is that no matter how perfect we wish things to be, we will always create our own games of resistance/barriers because a thetan needs a game. In terms of black and white, we could think “all I need to do is be the most ethical person ever and I’ll be almost god-like!” - which wouldn’t technically be incorrect, however, the unhappiest we can be is when we don’t have a game, when there are no barriers, and when we know exactly how the game plays out every time. What can I say? We enjoy a challenge.

What then, is the goal of being OT from a pre-OT perspective, if we can’t even enjoy our superpowers? For me, it’s always been about balance, and I know that’s anticlimactic but I really believe that our greatest goal in life is to find balance and that being OT brings us closest to that goal.

Every game has balance. If barriers are too great, we succumb. If freedoms are too great, we succumb. Therefore, if a game has freedoms, barriers, and purposes, I think the sanest thing to concentrate on isn’t barriers, nor is it freedoms, but instead, we should focus on purposes.

Getting back to being OT, I think you can really only understand what your true purpose is, on the OT levels - when you’ve decluttered the reactive mind(s), removed implants, and now have the tools to live more ethically.

This may seem like a hard left turn from OT phenomena to purposes, however, I think the most powerful thing you could gain on the OT levels isn’t the ability to Do powerful things, or Have special powers, but rather, to Be, and that, my lovelies, is purpose, and living with purpose IS an ability. I've found this to be very much the truth for me.


"I have always done well as a teacher, but two new phenomena now enhance my work. First, when I ask a student to spot a misunderstood word, I often get the word before the student does. Second, when a student asks me a question, she often gets the answer before I say anything. sometimes before she says anything!

Individuals who otherwise do poorly elsewhere seem to flourish in the space of an OT."

- L.D.

"In my last few weeks of Audited NOTS, I was informed that my mother was dying. She took a sudden turn for the worse, and I flew back home. She had slipped into a coma and was only expected to last hours or days. When I arrived, she was in intensive care, with tubes coming out all over, and a mass over her body.

"With my best Auditor's intention, I simply told her to come up to present time. The amount of her mental mass that blew in a matter of seconds was amazing, even to me. I repeated this several times daily, and much to the surprise of the doctors she began to recover. She was out of intensive care in a few days."

- J.H.

"I rounded a corner on the freeway at about 50 miles per hour and saw that all traffic was stopped in my lane. I applied the brakes, but they failed. One wheel locked up and my car went into à skid. My car was crosswise in the traffic, skidding toward the stopped car ahead. There was a concrete wall on one side and three lanes of fast-moving traffic were on the other. Ordinarily, there would have been no hope of avoiding a smashup. "I decided that everyone would be all right. Then I slowed down time. I turned around in my seat and gave hand signals to the driver in the next lane, and he stopped safely. Then I skidded my car to a stop beside the car that had been in front, and allowed time to flow again.

The big win for me was that it was all so casual. Being OT is natural!"

- N.T.

"One evening, on a visit to upstate New York, I took a walk down a back road. After about half a mile I approached a dense part of the forest. As I began to enter it, I was immediately hit with a huge force of energy. The source of the energy was some disembodied persons who had been murdered in the area. They had rounded up the forest's energy and used it to hide so as not to be spotted.

I came to a bridge over a stream and sat down, and began to clean out the forest area of bad flows and pictures. Those persons left. As I continued to put my anchor points out, I finally spotted a picture there had been a witch burning there in 1724.

This blew most of the remaining charge in the area. Then I spotted the basic: an Indian massacre in the same spot in 1204. That blew the rest of the charge. The area is now clean again. I'm looking forward to seeing its progress."

- B.J.S.

"I was looking out from a couple of galaxies away, and I was moving the time track  back from before Scientology forward to 1950, 1955, 1960, and so on up to present time. I saw the gradual progression of the blackness of Earth's mass getting grayer. I could visually see the mass lessening.

Now that is truly a win for theta! What you do in the application of the Scientology tech DOES have an impact, a far greater impact than one might suppose."

- E.R.I.