AOGP Is Now A Distributor of Theta-Meters In The US!

You have probably heard of Mikhail Federov and his brilliant invention, the Theta-Meter, which is now a well-recognized and used e-meter in the independent field. Mikhail put thousands of hours into testing and upgrading this system, and it shows. The Theta-Meter can effectively replace the old Mark V, VI, and even Quantum Mark VII e-meter.

What Is A Theta-Meter?

The Theta-Meter comes in two parts: software and human interface hardware. The software is available for free as an app from the App Store and Google Play and is activated by contacting the manufacturer with the code provided on download of the app. One needs the hardware portion of the Theta-Meter to use the app. The Theta-Meter is built very sturdily and comes with the router needed to create a network which transmits the data to the application, displayed on an Android tablet, iPad, or iPhone. No router is needed or PC or Mac laptops or desktops. The Theta-Meter hardware and both duo (PC) and Solo cans (40 or 50 mm) can be purchased through AOGP, an official distributor of Theta-Meters. The cans are some of the best-made cans on the market (you can use cans you already have, as long as they have a ¼-inch jack). Setting up the network is easy, and directions and technical support from AOGP upon purchase is available, but the hardware is as simple to use as plugging in the can leads and switching on the supplied router.

There is no need to set the Trim on the Theta-Meter as it is automatically adjusted, a big plus for Solo auditors. The auditor can, with a touch of the display, adjust the controls for sensitivity and body motion detection. The learning curve and adjustment time from analog meters is incredibly short because of the app's intuitive and thoughtful layout.

But Does It Work?

AOGP tested the Theta-Meter and the Mark VII to compare reads and tone arm values. We compared the Theta-Meter with the Mark VII because the Mark VII is the most widely used e-meter. FYI: The Mark VII is made by the lowest bidders and not made with the highest quality parts, so arguments could be made against it being a truly accurate meter for these reasons. We found no delay in Theta-Meter reads in comparison to the Mark VII Quantum; Theta-Meter reads were more prompt and more revealing than a Mark VII by far in every auditing situation, whether with pre-clears or solo.

How Much Is A Theta-Meter?

The Theta Meter Pro costs, at most, 95%+ less than a Mark VII or VIII. Theta-Meter is as economical a meter package as you can get. It is affordable, upgradeable, and hasn't failed once in thousands of hours of use. It is truly a valuable final product worthy of any auditor's investment.

How Can I Get A Theta-Meter from AOGP?

Contact [email protected] for the details and pricing.

We can ship as quickly as overnight (via FedEx) or via USPS Priority Mail.